Teach Me How To Love You

Annabelle Rouse was assigned to look after and protect One Direction after someone attempts to shoot them at one of their concerts. The five boys doubt that this one girl could kill a grown man, so she tells them.
She has no emotions, she has never needed nor had the time for them.
So when Niall Horan, the boy that rarely finds a girl he adores, falls for her...
Can he teach her how to love him?

Cover BY: Paper Mahogany Heats


2. Chapter 2 ~ The One

"Hello, Annabelle!" Paul chirped happily. He hugged the girl and kissed her cheek. "How was your flight?" He asked.

"It was okay I guess, there was a baby a couple of seats in front that I could've murdered." She hissed slightly on the last few words.

"Anna, be nice," Paul whispered.

"I am being nice, I didn't kill it," She whined.

"Okay fine, these are the boys, Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Harry," Paul introduced us. "Guys, this is my amazing cousin, Annabelle," Anna rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"I'm not that amazing, don't get excited," She muttered, looking at me. I instantly blushed and looked down.

"Anyway," Paul cleared his throat. "Since the shooting, management and I have decided that you are going to have a body guard," He explained, pointing to his cousin. "She will act as if she is one of your friends Liam, you met when you were younger," Liam nodded.

"Excuse me Paul, I don't want to sound rude or anything, but she's a... a girl," Harry chuckled, causing Annabelle to glare at him.

"I could kick your arse any day," She snorted.

"Well, to be honest, I'd feel safer with a hamster protecting me," Harry replied, Anna glared at him and started to make her way towards him.

"NO! Anna, we have to be nice, remember?"

"But Paul, he said that I couldn't protect them," Harry should've left it, but he didn't. He had to go and say something else to annoy the poor girl.

"It's alright Paul, I can handle a little beating, which is what I'll get from her,"

"Anna," Paul grabbed her arm, making her look at him. "Just him," He smiled and she grinned at him, like saying thank you. She then walked over to Harry, who was stood with his arms protecting his face in a mocking way. She didn't hit him, or punch him, she stood and stared at him for a few seconds before taking his arm, and pushing him to the floor. She then continued to fight him, holding him down as if he was nothing.

"Fuck, I'm sorry, I can't breath," Harry muttered, causing Anna to giggle, which made me blush harder.

"I thought you could handle it," She whispered before standing up. "I'm going to a room, I'll sleep on the floor," She announced, and then left the living area. Harry sat up and growled, his forehead had a slight cut and you could see the red marks on his arms and legs.

"I'd tell her off, but you kinda asked for it," Paul laughed, helping the curly haired lad up. "Don't piss her off boys, she's a special one, I won't go into much detail but she struggles with emotions," He sighed, looking at his feet. "I'm sure she'll tell you later," He then smiled at us all and told us to go and rest. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. My mind was racing, thinking about Anna. Her hair, her eyes, her sass, everything about her was beautiful, and it made me want her. I wanted Annabelle Rouse, but I wanted to change her last name to Horan.

"Li, I think she's the one," I mumbled, even though I knew Liam was asleep.







Well hello there, over a year later! It's updated! I'm going to start all my stories again! I'm hoping to finish them within the next few months!


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