The Day of the Empty Hearse

Hailey is woken one night by a knock at the door. Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor are stood on her doorstep. She is caught between which one to go with- solve murders with Sherlock, or travel through space and time with the Doctor? Hailey can only choose one and this seems to be the greatest decision of all before a lifetime of adventures.


6. Stranded

"Come on, pick up, pick up." Hailey murmured into the phone's speaker. "Doctor! Crying out loud! Pick up the phone you stupid being!"

She cancelled the call angrily, glaring at the hard rock beneath her, before she dropped back onto the floor and hugged her knees to her chest. She blinked furiously to clear the tears from her eyes. They weren't tears of sadness, they were tears of pure frustration. Hailey took a deep breath and considered what her options were. The first one was obvious: stay on the rock. The rock in question was the one that she was currently sat on, and was made out of a mineral unknown to Hailey. It clearly wasn't from Earth, because they were millions of miles away from Earth, and it seemed to have the strange feature of gravity. It was strange because the rock couldn't have been more than a few metres in diameter, and yet, it still had gravity. Option two was to jump off the rock and float around in space for a while until she met another lump of rock or sign of life. Chances were, however, that her head might explode from the pressure, or she will suffocate due to lack of oxygen.

Hailey concluded after much thinking that it would probably be best if she just stayed on the rock and waited for something to come to her. There was, however, something that she had been pondering on for a couple of hours: how was she breathing? Obviously, there is no oxygen in space (or it is so minute that a human couldn't possibly use it to breathe) and she didn't have an oxygen tank. It was another thing that she mentally noted down to ask the Doctor if he ever picked up his phone.

Hailey pulled her phone out of her pocket again, speed-dialling the Doctor.

"Oh, come on, please answer." She muttered.

"Hello?" a voice answered from the other end of the line.

"At last! Do you know how many times I've tried to contact you? Too many, I might mention, too many." Hailey cried, her voice being a mixture of relief and annoyance.

"Oh, it's you! Where are you?" the Doctor replied.

"I'm on that rock that you and the TARDIS abandoned me on!"

"What?! You're still there? Why didn't you say something?" the Doctor said, his voice sounding slightly panicked.

"Why didn't I say something? I banged on the door, I screamed at the top of my voice for you to let me in, and then you abandoned me! I've also been trying to ring you for the last five hours!And, yes, I'm bloody here." Hailey said angrily.

There was silence on the other end for a moment. "What have you been doing for five hours?"

"Well, let me tell you, this rock is quite interesting you know. I can currently see about three hundred and forty two stars, a couple of the larger ones, I believe to be planets. I have achieved a high score of ninety-three on Flappy Bird, and I have read twelve chapters of a book on my phone. Yes, it was a very interesting five hours." Hailey replied, rather snippily.

"Oh, holy..." the Doctor's voice trailed off with horror.

"What have you been doing for five hours?" Hailey asked.

"Running around the TARDIS, looking for you!" the Doctor said, with a tone that clearly told her that it should have been obvious.

"What? Explain."

"After you left me and the TARDIS alone, we sorted ourselves out and said apologies, but then, I went to get you so that we could sort out our next destination. I wasn't entirely sure which stairs you had gone down-"

"Hang on," interrupted Hailey, "Wouldn't it have been obvious that I'd have gone to my room?"

"I didn't think of that, and I thought that you'd maybe gone down to the swimming pool again. So, I went down there, but of course, you weren't there. I tried to go and look for you in another room, but the TARDIS wanted to play a game, and locked me in one of the changing rooms. What felt like hours later, she let me out. I had literally just entered the control room when the TARDIS decided to fly off by herself. I just heard you banging on the door, before we had completely gone. I'm so sorry." The Doctor generally sounded extremely apologetic.

"But what I don't understand is why you didn't call." Hailey said.

"Like I said, I was running round the TARDIS looking for you, and the phone is in the console room. As if the TARDIS wasn't already being a nuisance, she also turned it onto silent, so I wouldn't have heard it even if I was near it." He replied.

Hailey waited in silence for a moment, the only sound being the slight crackle from the waves transmitting across space.

"What now?" Hailey interrupted the silence.

"Um... I'll come and find you, and you wait there until we get there."

"Don't be long. I have a gazillion questions, and I'm cold and hungry." Hailey demanded.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming. Just tracking your location." There was a series of buzzes and beeps from the background. "Ah-ha! Found you. Won't be long now."

"See you in a bit." Hailey said before ending the call.

Exactly seven minutes later, the TARDIS appeared right in front of Hailey's face. Letting up a cloud of dust when it landed.

"Ah, hello." The Doctor said, bursting dramatically out of the door.

"Hi." Hailey answered, standing up and brushing the dust off her trousers.

"How are you feeling?"


"Does that mean that you feel like a peach?" the Doctor asked, a very confused expression on his face.

"No, no, it's just an expression." Hailey replied, rolling her eyes a little. "What took you so long?"

"Come in and see." The Doctor replied, mysteriously.

He beckoned her into the TARDIS with his finger, Hailey followed, incredibly intrigued as to what he had done.

He had redecorated. There were banners strung up along the railings and banisters, little bunches of flowers tied at the corners, and colourful spot lights flashing from the floor and ceiling. Each of the staircases had calligraphy writing on the top step to tell you where it led, and her stairs had quotes written on each step. It smelt of baking and delicious food, and she was just about to ask what he had been baking, when she spotted a set of stairs that read "if you're hungry, step this way" along the top step. When she reached the bottom of the said stairs, she couldn't believe her eyes. The room was lavishly decorated with rich red wallpaper, smooth tiles on the floor, and soft lighting mounted on the walls. There were photographs and paintings hung on the walls and a closer inspection of the labels showed that they were all places that the Doctor had been to in this regeneration life. At the centre of the room was a long table laden with all different foods, this table being the source of the smell that lingered in the air. Around the room were a couple of squashy sofas, a couple of dining tables with comfy chairs accompanying the tables and even a few beanbags piled in the corner.

"Wow. Just wow. Did you do all this?" Hailey asked, amazement lining her features.

"Of course I did, me and the TARDIS did it for you." The Doctor grinned at her in such a way that he looked like a child who'd just done a drawing that they were proud of.

"Thank you so much." Hailey could feel herself turning a little pink at his generosity.

The Doctor also turned a little pink. "It's no big deal, because we already had the room and the furniture, I just cleaned up a bit and got some food. The decorations in the control room were done by the TARDIS herself."

"Well, thank you anyway."


"Goodnight Doctor." Hailey called out several hours later, she was getting tired, and they weren't going to land anywhere any time soon.

"Goodnight Hailey." He replied, with his head under the console.

A shower of sparks rained on top of his head, and he pulled his head out quickly, cursing under his breath. Hailey laughed and turned to go to her bedroom.

"Goodnight Hailey." The TARDIS said, releasing more sparks on top of the Doctor.

"Goodnight." She replied, her bed was beckoning.


Hailey was about to drop off to sleep, when The Lonely Mountain sang from her phone's speaker, she sighed angrily, reaching over to answer it.

"What?" She snapped.

"And hello to you too."

"Sherlock! What are you doing? I was just about to go to bed."

"At this time? Why?" Sherlock asked her, shock in his voice.

"What time is it in England?" Hailey asked.

"I wouldn't know, I'm not in England." Sherlock answered.

"Where are you?" Hailey questioned, sitting up in bed.


"Amsterdam! Why?" Hailey said.

Sherlock was silent for a moment, while there were traffic sounds and beeping horns on his end of the line. "Working on a case."

"Right, okay then." Hailey paused for a moment, twiddling a strand of hair round her finger, "What sort of case requires you to go to Amsterdam?"

"A murder. The murderer ran away to here, and I think I know where he is."

"Of course you do."

"Why are you in bed?" Sherlock reverted back to the original topic.

"Because I'm tired, and I don't know where we are!"

"Well, if you're tired, I'll let you sleep, and we can talk some more tomorrow. I've got to go anyway, I've just arrived at our murderer's house."

Sherlock hung up, and Hailey, exhausted, fell back on to her pillows, reminiscing the weird first day with the Doctor.

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