The Day of the Empty Hearse

Hailey is woken one night by a knock at the door. Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor are stood on her doorstep. She is caught between which one to go with- solve murders with Sherlock, or travel through space and time with the Doctor? Hailey can only choose one and this seems to be the greatest decision of all before a lifetime of adventures.


7. Phone Call

Sherlock's P.O.V


Sherlock stared out of the plane window, wondering what other people were doing at that moment. What sort of mindless task was Hailey doing with the Doctor? Why did she choose him anyway? He was so much more interesting than the Doctor.

"Sherlock? Sherlock Holmes?" A voice said from the aisle next to Sherlock.

Sherlock turned to see John Watson staring at him in wonder.

"What are you doing here?" Sherlock asked.

John perched on the empty seat next to Sherlock. "I'm going on a trip. What are you doing?"

"I'm on a case."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?" John asked with a hint of disappointment and hurt in his voice.

"I didn't think you needed to know."

"Why not? We're partners aren't we?" John said, with even more hurt in his voice.

"Yes, but I thought you wanted a holiday?"

John frowned, "I never told you that I was going on holiday..."

"It wasn't hard, John. You've had a suitcase on your floor for the past couple of weeks and you kept going shopping a lot, including for products one would need on a holiday." Sherlock said pointedly.

"Oh right. Of course you knew."

"Who are you with?" Sherlock asked. He had scanned over everyone on the plane and none seemed likely to be with John.

"Nobody." John said.

Now it was Sherlock's turn to frown. John never travelled any great distance alone. He dismissed the thought and went back to staring out the window. He noticed John get up and grab his bag from his old seat and sit back down next to Sherlock.

A flight attendant came after a few minutes and asked John why he moved and John explained about unexpectedly seeing his friend and wanting to sit next to him. She checked the seating plan before allowing him to stay next to Sherlock. John nodded and pulled out a book. Sherlock noticed that it was "Birdsong" by Sebastian Faulks.

"Unusual." Sherlock remarked.

"Why?" John asked, lowering the book to look at Sherlock.

"Well, it's about war isn't it?"

"Yes... Your point being?"

"You never read books about war."

"Yeah, well, I thought that I'd give it a go."

Sherlock nodded and went back to staring out the window. John resumed his book and they spent the rest of the flight in silence.



The Doctor's P.O.V

The Doctor ran his hand over his cheek. It was coated in a light stubble that extended from his long, tufty hair. He was in desperate need of a beauty therapy session, oh god, that sounded so pretentious. He shook his head, watching the loose strands slip down his forehead. He pushed it back and looked down at the hair gel on his dressing table, shaking his head again, he swept his hair back with his hand and exited his bathroom.

Hailey was no where to be seen, so he wandered round the console, checking that the TARDIS was in full working order. He sat on the floor, wondering what to do. He didn't want to fly to a strange planet or time period and Hailey wake up to a completely different place to where she fell asleep. He was thinking about this so hard that he didn't hear the footsteps approach him from behind.

"Good morning Doctor." A voice said. He jumped, and spun round to see Hailey giggling at her successful surprise.

"Oh, you scared me!" He clutched his chest, mock dramatically. "Good job I have two hearts!" He joked.

Hailey snickered before wandering over to the screen above the console. "Where are we going?"

"Where would you like to go?"

Hailey frowned. She suddenly flinched and pulled her mobile device out of her pocket.

"Oh, I need to get this. Do you mind?"

"No problem." He replied, wondering how she managed to get that signal thing, whatever she called it, even though they were miles away from earth. He glanced at the digital map - they were actually hovering above Mars.

He tried to overhear her conversation, like the nosy thing he was, but could only hear one end of the conversation.

"Hello?" Hailey said. "Oh! It's so nice to hear you again! ... Are you still in Amsterdam? ... Where are you then? ... Haha, okay, that sounds lovely. Can I come? ... No, I'm kidding. ... Right ... Yeah, I've got to go too. ... Okay, speak soon!" She took the phone away from her ear, tapped the screen and slipped it back into her pocket.

Hailey turned to see the Doctor staring at her. "Were you listening in?"

"No..." Hailey raised her eyebrows. "Okay, yes, I couldn't help it!"

"It's rude to listen in to other people's conversations."


Hailey smiled. "Hey, no worries, but I've thought of where we can go!"

"Oh, where's that then?"


"In the current time?" the Doctor said in confusion.


The Doctor frowned. "Does it have anything to do with the phone conversation that you just had?"

"No." She said, looking away. Such a bad liar.

"Hm, well, whatever, okay, if that's your decision!"

He sprung away from her, dashing over to the console to set the time and place of their destination. Hailey watched him in amusement before taking a seat for their ride.

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