Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


16. What Just Happened?!?!?!?

Jessica's Pov

Omg I just told Harry I was pregnant and he fainted because of excitement. I'm surprised that my mom didn't faint when I told her on the phone.

Two hours later

No ones Pov:

Harry finally wakes up.

Jess: babe are you okay?

Harry: yeah what just happened?

Jess: you fainted two hours ago

Harry: wait why ?

Jess: because I told you I was pregnant and you were over joyed with excitement.

Harry: oh yeah haha I'm sorry babe. How far are you?

Jess: I'm only a week along.

Harry starts talking to Jessica's tummy saying hi I'm you're daddy and Jess said hi I'm your mommy.

Then caitlyn said something really funny.

Caitlyn: wonder if Harry was the one who got pregnant and not Jess?

Jess: that would of been a Christmas wish of mine!

Harry: hey! Not funny

Jess: haha babe I'm only kidding!

Hey guys there you go for now the next chapter will say the sex of the gender because I'm fast forwarding to that moment!

Lots of love


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