Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


10. The Talk!!!!

Harry's Pov.

to be honest i'm scared of what we are going to talk about.


no ones pov.

*D= Jessica's Dad*

D= Harry I'm glad that your marring my daughter.

Harry= you are? 

D= yes. you are the nicest boy i ever met. those other boy's were scumbags. and you? well youre the complete opposite!! im just glad she's happy!

Harry= you wont regret it sir!

D= please call me Kevin

H= okay Kevin

D= soon call Heather and I, mum and dad okay son.

h= okay dad

d= not now.

H= too soon??

D=   too soon......

H= sorry Kevin

D= its okay Harry.

Harry's Pov

hey.. it wasn't that bad! im glad were okay now!

I love Jessica Mae!! Soon to be Mrs. Styles

hey guys there you go!



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