Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


8. Telling Caitlyn (My Best friend aka my sister) :) and my Family

Jessica's Pov.

I cannot believe Harry asked me to marry him!! I need to tell Caitlyn!!

Phone Call

*C= Caitlyn M= Me(Jessica)*

C= Hello?

M= Guess What!

C= What? 

M= Last night on mine and Harry's date he named a beach after me and you will never guess what happened after that!

C= What?!?!?

M= He proposed to me!!!!

C= OMFG! I'm so happy for you!

M= Haha! Thank you sis!

C= Well i got to go, Niall is over.

M= Okay, you two have fun now! 

C= HA. HA, very funny Jess!

M= I know! LOL Byee:)

C= Bye

*Phone Call Ended*

Jessica's Pov (still) 

Oh boy, how i love that insane girl! Well i got to go see my family and tell them the good news.... I wonder what my dad will say... 


Harry's Pov. 

I decided to call Jess because I want her to move in with me since we are getting married.

*phone Call* *H= Harry J=Jessica*

J= Hello(:

H= Hey Babe!

J= What's up?

H= well since we are getting married do you want to move in with me? 

J= Yes! also can you come with me to my house to tell my family the wonderful news? 

H= Yes babe, and by the way if you were wondering i have told my family about this wonderful news! and ill be over there in 5!

J= Okayy baby! See ya soon! 

H= Okay!

*Phone call ended*

Jessica's Pov.

well i got ready and waited for Harry! once he got here, we went to my family's house.

No ones Pov.

once Harry and Jessica got to her family's house they went in.

(H= Harry J=Jessica M= Mum D=Dad)

J= Mum, Dad? You Home?

M= In here!

J= Hey mum!

H= Hello Mrs. Mae.

M= Harry please call me Heather.

H= Okay Heather.

D- Hey Jessica.

J= Hey daddy!

H= Hello Mr. Mae

D= Hello Harold.

J= So the reason we came today was that Harry and I are getting married,

M= Oh my God! I am so happy!

D= Congratulations!

M= When's the wedding??

J= We don't know yet!

D= Hey Harry can I talk to you in private?

H= Of course sir. 

Hey guys! im so sorry i haven't been updating! i will try to update from now on. love you lots! 



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