Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


20. Reaction...

Jessica's pov.....

my mom and I are out and about going shopping for some baby clothes, because i mostly got Strollers, beds, highchairs, and much more and i didn't get  a lot of clothes for my girls. anyways i got a lot of cute clothes for my girls. we currently on our way home and once we got home we get out of the car and grab the stuff we bought. once we were at the door harry pulled up. so i decided to wait for him while my mom goes to the nursery and sets the clothes in the girls drawers. I haven't painted the babies room yet because i haven't been feeling good lately, so harry said he would do it today when he got home from work. once harry got to me we kissed and talk for a few minutes..

Jessica's mom pov. 

while Jessica is waiting for harry to come in i decided to look at the nursery. once i walk in i was amazed at what Caitlyn did for Jess. Jess is going to love it. 

no ones pov.

Jessica: mom where are you?

Jessica's mom: in the babies room

Jessica and harry open the door to see their nursery is painted the color they wanted and the names where the babies are going to be, 

Jessica: mom wow thanks for doing this so quickly 

Harry: yes thanks 

Jessica's mom: oh i didn't do it.

Jess and harry: who did it then? 

Jessica's mom: Caitlyn did.

Jessica and Harry: wow. 

Hi.. sorry i haven't updated in awhile i'm thinking once their twin girls are here i will be ending the story. i will be uploading maybe this weekend. i don't know. anyways! i hope you like this chapter and sorry if it bores you, i try to make a good story. Please no hate!!



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