Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


1. Hi/Meeting Them

Jessica's Pov.

hi my name is Jessica Mae. I am currently 16 years old and I love my family<3 since I'm talking about family. it consists of 3 people + me so 4 people. My mum, my dad, and my brother. I wish Caitlyn was my sister not Judson *my bro* but I love him so I gotta keep him<3 anyway, I tell my mum all the time that I adopted Caitlyn as my sister, my mum just laughs and says okay. oh! I forgot one thing! (Ahaha I had to) I'm in love with One Direction, so Caitlyn. she's crazy about Niall! Also I'm crazy for Harold Edward Styles. well I have to get ready for school. so! I jumped in the shower washed my hair and my body, then got out and got dressed. by the time I was done with everything, Caitlyn my 17 year old sister/best friend comes to pick me up and takes us to school.

*no ones pov*

Jessica: Hey Katie (Her nickname for Her)

Caitlyn: Hey Jess.

Jessica: we shouldn't have school today!!!!!

Caitlyn: Haha why?!?!?!?

Jessica: Looks like Shit out here.

Caitlyn: true, true, maybe we will get out early.

Jessica: I hope so!

Caitlyn: wanna hit up starbucks?

Jessica: Hell Yeah!

*Caitlyn's Pov*

so when we arrived at Starbucks we went inside and went to the Counter to order our drinks. then we heard screaming girls outside and see 5 guys with hoodies and sunglasses on.. umm its not summer nor its sunny I wonder why they are wearing that stuff.. oh well none of my business. (they came in to Starbucks)

*No ones Pov*

Jessica: Katie?? Helllo??

Caitlyn: oh sorry zoned out.

Jessica: its okay. wanna order?

Caitlyn: yeah(;

Lady: hello how may I help you this morning?

Caitlyn: yes, hi I would like a Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino.

Lady: and for you?

Jessica: I would like a Hazelnut Frappuccino.

Lady: Names so I can call you when its all done.

Caitlyn: Jess, And Katie.

Lady: Okay it will be done shortly.

Jessica: Thanks.

Lady: Welcome.

Paul's Pov (Whaaaat? ahaha)

the boys got mobbed again and well will be here for awhile and no one in Starbucks can leave...

*no ones pov*

Paul: Excuse me everyone I have an announcement!

Everyone looks at Paul.

Paul: as you all know, I am the bodyguard of One Direction, we are going to be here for awhile no one can leave until these girls go away sorry for the inconvenients.

No one cared but those two girls Jessica and Caitlyn.

Jessica: excuse me Paul....

Paul: yes??

Jessica: My Best friend and I need to get out of here or we will be late for school.

Paul: I- *Caitlyn cuts him off*

Caitlyn: jess, you didn't want to go to school in the first place.

jess: oh yeah ahaha.

Lady: Jess and Katie your order is ready.

Caitlyn goes to get the order and says thank you.

Caitlyn: here jess.

Jess: thanks.

by now the boys took there hoodies and sunglasses. then the boys came over.

Harry: hello ladies.

Jessica: hi harry. *smiles*

Caitlyn: hey.

Jessica: I'm Jessica, and this is Caitlyn.

Harry: what lovely names

Both: thank you.

Niall: hey Caitlyn can I talk to you in private?

Caitlyn:   sure.

Niall's pov

Before we went over to Caitlyn and Jessica, us boys had a talk, we talked about who we liked and harry said Jessica because he was pointing at her and I said Caitlyn because I said the girl next to her. Louis said he doesn't like anyone at the moment since he and Eleanor broke up. I feel so bad for him. liam said the same he doesn't like anyone at the moment and zayn.. well he is happily engaged to Perrie Edwards.

Caitlyn: so what do you need to talk about?

Niall: I really like you and I know we just met and I feel like im in love with you and all your little things, I cant let you slip away. will you be my girlfriend?

Caitlyn: awe! Niall! yes I will be your girlfriend

they kiss.

Now with Jessica and Harry

Harry: Jessica, I know we just met  and I feel like ive known you since I was little, and I want to know if you will be my girlfriend?

Jess: awe harry! that's so sweet, and yes I will be your girlfriend!

They kiss!


*Yay their together! not how people imagine but hey its my story(; I hope this is long enough for you! I hope you like my story Jessica(:*


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