Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


5. Day After

Jessica's Pov.

My date with Harry last night was wonderful until my brother ruined it. But enough talking about family. This is my life if I'm happy they should be too. Anyway Caitlyn called and asked if I wanted to go out to the club. Which I agreed to go.

Caitlyn's Pov.

So I called Jess to see if she wanted to go out clubbing and thank god she said yes. I told her to be ready by 8:00pm. So better get ready.

Skipping to 8:00pm

No ones Pov:

Caitlyn: mum! I'm going out with Jess be back later.

Mum: okay sweetie have fun please be back by 12:30am okay?

Caitlyn: okay mum bye.

Caitlyn's Pov:

I'm so glad my mum didn't ask where I was going what a cool mum but with a curfew ughhh whatever anyway I'm on my way to pick up Jess.

Jessica's Pov

So I'm here waiting for caitlyn to pick me up and my mum calls me.. Ughhh why! So I answered it.

Me: hello??

Mum: Jess sweetie do you need anything from the store??

Jess: no mum gotta go bye.

I don't know why she called me but whatever well Katie Is here.

No ones Pov

Jess: hi

Caitlyn: ready

Jess: Hell Yeah

Hey guys the next chapter will be at the club lots of love caitlyn

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