Forever And Always (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl Named Jessica Mae meets the love of her life Harry Styles. Will there be bumps along the road or will everything go smooth? find out in Forever and Always. Rated Y for Swearing. No hate please


6. clubbing

Jessica's Pov:

So we arrive at some club of course there is a line but Caitlyn walks right up to the front of the line. A lot of people are complaining of course caitlyn has a big mouth and says something..

No ones Pov

Caitlyn: hi we are on the list.

Some girl: ha! Impossible! No worthless person like you be on that list!

Caitlyn: well I am! And I can bring a guest which Is my friend Jess!

Man: wait Jessica as in Harry styles girlfriend

Caitlyn: yes sir!

Man: your caitlyn right?

Caitlyn: yes sir.

Man: you are on the list you can come right in. Welcome to club 17 enjoy!

Caitlyn: thanks.

Caitlyn's Pov

Once we got in club17 I went straight to the bar with Jess.

No ones Pov.

Jess: Kate I can't drink you know that.

Caitlyn: I know, anyway you don't drink!

Jess: I know. Aha..

Bartender: hi what can I get ya?

Caitlyn: can I have rum and coke?

Bartender: yes ma'am!

Jessica's Pov.

Once caitlyn got her drink, we went to a table to sit down. And she started to drink her drink. Once she was done with her drink she ordered some whiskey shots. An hour later she is drunk. Great..

Caitlyn's Pov.

Woooooooooo! I I lovveee thissss sonnnnng! I went up to he dancefloor and started dancing.

With the boys:

Liam: wanna go to this new club called club17?

Harry: yah sure

Niall: ya

Zayn: whateverrr

Louis: I'm down with it.

Once they got to the club they went to the front and got in easily .

Back with. The girls.

Caitlyn's Pov

I'm sobering up now and this drunk guy grabbed my wrist and said hey baby wanna come home with me!

I said um no thanks I got a boyfriend and I need to leave

He said your not going anywhere bitch then all of a sudden someone beat the shit out of him.

Oh my is that? Niall!?!?!

I asked him where he was doing here and he said well I'm here with the boys and I said oh and that I love him because he saved my life and he said I'm always here for my princess.

With Jess.

I see Harry and the guys thank god I need to talk to Harry.

Jess: hey baby!

Harry: hey Jess what are you doing here?

Jess: I'm here with caitlyn.

Harry: that's cool well Niall is with her do you wanna go somewhere else?????

Jess: sure!

Hey guys I updated I will update tomorrow but I don't know when I will. The next chapter will be called Jess and Harry's second date lots of love


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