Overcoming the Riddle, a Harry Potter Story

Strange things are happening. Not not has the Dark Lord risen again, but he has plans set into motion that cannot be stopped. Only his closest followers know of this new secret he is harboring. A girl, the age of 15 is now alone, without anyone to guide her, who holds the key to his demise, or to his success. She has no idea how important she really is in the scheme of things in the Wizarding world. That is until she meets the most famous wizard of all time. Harry Potter.


4. The Wand Chooses the Witch

      Sitting in the overstuffed armchair felt like heaven. The smell of cinnamon spread through the room, and it helped me relax almost immediately. The fireplace gave off the sweet smell of pine, and warmth that almost put me to sleep. Molly came near me holding a glass for me to take.

"This will help you sleep dear, i'll wake you in the morning."

I don't know why but I trust her. She reminds me of my den mother, who kept me warm in the winter, and taught me love.. The pain I feel without her is more painful than any type of torture I had been through.. I drank the warm, smooth liquid and allowed myself the comfort of sleep for the first time in what felt like years.

      I could smell the delicious smell of breakfast and hear the movements of the others throughout the house. I slid the knit blanket off and saw an outfit sat on a stool beside the door. Underneath the outfit was a small bottle of cream, and fresh bandages.

I picked the bottle up and tried to read it, "An..ti-bi..ot," I lay it down in frustration and begin to take my shirt off when the door opens, "Oh! I'm so sorry, I can come back... Ohh.. Molly asked me to see if you might need help with the antibiotics for your back.."

It was Hermione, the girl form last night.

"I don't know what antibiotics are.. I don't understand.." She stared as I stood with my back facing her, my upper torso bare. 

      "Here.. Antibiotics is a type of medicine that will prevent your injuries from becoming infected, it says here on the back that this is to be wrapped with gauze after applying to the affected area-" I turned to face her, unembarrassed of my body. I was used to being bare, her eyes ran along the bruises around my neck and the long scars that ran along my stomach.

"I cannot read."

She gasped and looked into my eyes. "You're not joking?..."

I shook my head. I can't help but feel aggravated at the sympathy that showed in her eyes.

"Here lets apply this, we dint want anyone to walk in the room to see you uncovered."

I allow her to help me, the cream stings but I don't flinch. She raised her wand and the gauze wrapped itself around me. I held up a odd piece of clothing, that had two cups and touch her shoulder lightly as she turns towards the door.

      "Can you tell me what this is?"

Hermione broke out in a smile and laughed, "That is a bra, we wear them to hold ourselves up. You put it on your.."

She motioned to her chest and I understood.

"You wizards are very odd."

She laughed once more and helped me clip it in the back before leaving the room. I put on the rest of the clothes without any other problems until I was met with the 'shoes'. I don't like the feeling of my feet enclosed in the tight leather. Leaving the room barefooted, I walk through the halls quietly and  make my way to the kitchen, where i am met with a room full of delicious food and crammed with people at one long table.

"Morning dear! I hope the clothes fit, Tonks left them for you, we can get you your own clothing when we go to Diagon Alley after breakfast."

Harry caught my eye, as he stared at me and I swallowed and smiled at Molly and nodded.

      I move to the very edge of the table, and take my hands out of my sleeves, reaching for a biscuit. Suddenly, Sirius burst through the door and caused me to jump backwards and drop my biscuit.

"Oh, didn't mean to startle you- Erhm.. Harry, my boy!" He slid around me, making a point not to touch me, and pulled Harry into a hug.

Molly pursed her lips and brought me a plate that was stacked high full of tarts and biscuits that made my mouth water.

"Eat up dear, we have a busy day ahead of us."  

      I slipped closer to the edge of the table and ate as quickly as I could, and when I looked up from my plate everyone was staring at me in wonder. Letting my eyes wander over their faces, I tried to think of all of their names. Molly tut-tutted and everyone stiffly turned their heads away from me. Since I finished my meal, I tiptoed to the open door and wandered down the hall until I came to an open door, and a wardrobe that seemed to be shaking. Wandering inside, the room was quite dimly lit and smelled strongly of mildew. As I crept towards the wardrobe, the trembling got worse. When my hand touched the handle, the door behind me slammed shut and the wardrobe burst open, and out of it stepped the tormentor of my nightmares. 

      I couldn't hold the screams. Seeing his pale, twisted face and dark billowing robes caused me to fall apart. Suddenly, the door opened and it was gone, but my screaming continued as I clutched my ears and clenched my eyes shut allowing the tears to flow and my body to shake with fear.

"Braelyn! Please, it was jsut a boggart, calm down!"

I continued to cry. my body was so flushed with fear I couldn't hold it in. Harry. It was Harry who came to help me. He bent towards me, opening his arms and I lunged into them, sobbing into his chest and he just held me, allowing me to calm and even when the tears subsided, he held me close.

"Are you okay?" I looked up at him, and saw true concern in his expression. 

       "I.. I'm sorry, I didn't know.. I shouldn't have been wandering, but the dresser was moving and-" Harry wiped a stray tear off of my cheek and I caught my breath.

He seemed as surprised as I, when it seemed like a warmth spread through his touch unto me.

"That.. That was a boggart, it turns into whatever fear the most. There is a simple spell to repel them, would you like me to teach you?"

I looked away, "I don't own a wand.. The one I had was stolen.." 

      "HARRY! BRAELYN!! IT'S TIME TO GO!!" Molly's voice rang, and Harry took my hand.

"I'll help you get a wand in Diagon Alley. Erhm.. Are you going to wear shoes?"

I looked down at my bare feet and frowned, "Tonks gave me some, but I don't understand how to.."

Harry only took my hand and led me down the hall, where my shoes were waiting outside the room I spent the night in.

"Here..." He took a shoe and slipped it on to my foot, showing me the proper way to tie and then we rushed to meet Molly and the others.

Though my face was still tearstained and blotchy from my run in with the boggart, Harry seemed to be the only one to take notice as we gathered around Mad-Eye and listened to him bark orders and regulations. Harry stood close to me, watching me closely. I could feel his eyes wandering about me and I can't help wonder what he sees.

My long almost white blonde hair, is untidy and ruffled from sleep and my clothes are rumpled and bulging slightly in places. I turn my head towards him and our eyes meet. As my gaze met his I can see my reflection in his handsome green eyes. He smiles and I only stare back in wonder. He seemed to trustworthy, it almost scared me. Trust is not something I felt I could give to everyone.

As everyone marched towards the door, I felt his hand brush mine very lightly, "Stay close to me, and I'll help you with everything."

The trip to Diagon Alley was quite uneventful, that is until we got to the alley way itself. I was completely blown away, there were so many different places, smells and people- I could hardly wrap my mind around it. Harry took me straight to a place called 'Ollivanders' with an escort of course, to get my wand. Sturgis Podmore, was our escort, and he seemed to be shaking Harry's hand at every opportunity. Ollivander was an old, white haired wizard who was putting away boxes in shelves in what seemed a very disorganized manner. As the door bell jingled, he turned and wandered over to the front counter where we stood.

"Ahhh, hello there Harry- and whom may this be?" He asked staring at me closely.

"She is a friend, she's never had a wand and she is going to Hogwarts this year." Harry was quite vague with his answer but I was grateful for that.

Ollivander turned on his heel and came to where I stood, and measured me, looked into my eyes and asked me a couple of strange questions before gathering up some boxes and approaching me again.

"Elm, with unicorn hair- 11 and a half inches.." He handed me the wand, and motioned for me to give it a flick.

I waved it cautiously and the lantern across the room from us exploded. I dropped the wand in fright and Ollivander only waved his wand and the lantern mended itself- and bent to pick up the wand.

"Let's try this one- Holly, dragon heart-string 10 and a quarter inches-" I picked the wand up and my entire body hummed and felt warm and I could feel the magic.

" I.. This is the one I think.." I held it in my hands and allowed Sturgis who had the galleons from Dumbledore to pay for my new wand.

Harry smiled and held the door open for me, and we walked to a small robe shop that was only about a half a block away. The small, plump woman who helped me pick out my robes seemed to be going so fast we seemed to walk out in only minutes before we found Molly and headed back to the House of Black.



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