Overcoming the Riddle, a Harry Potter Story

Strange things are happening. Not not has the Dark Lord risen again, but he has plans set into motion that cannot be stopped. Only his closest followers know of this new secret he is harboring. A girl, the age of 15 is now alone, without anyone to guide her, who holds the key to his demise, or to his success. She has no idea how important she really is in the scheme of things in the Wizarding world. That is until she meets the most famous wizard of all time. Harry Potter.


1. the Serpent Man

Everyday it was the same. The blistering heat, frigid cold, the fear, the hiding. I can't breathe without wondering if I will live to take my next breath. I can't rest. I can't do anything except do everything I can to escape. I could handle the pain. I could live with the fear. As long as He never found me.

The Serpent man. He followed me in my dreams, visited my thoughts. No matter how hard I clutched my head, no matter how long and hard I screamed. He was a demon, with his dark cloak and his evil ways. He drove me to the brink of insanity.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't hiding. My earliest memory is more of a feeling really. Damp, warm earth, underneath me and above me. Soft, silky fur resting in-between my fingers. Delicious, sweet liquid life. Loved. I was loved. It was my den. A small hole in the earth in which I lived with the only one who loved me. My den mother. A beautiful red coated wolf, who raised me and my den-mates. Even she knew I was to be hidden

Until the Serpent Man came. He found me. I don't know how. I don't know why. He killed everyone and everything. He captured me. Tortured me. Asked me questions I didn't have the answers too, and then punished me again. It when on for what seemed like forever. Until I escaped.

A strange rat-like man came to me, to give me food. Or what I assumed was food in this world. More like waterlogged mud. He carried with him the cause of all my pain. A wand. I had seen the Serpent man use it to kill and cause my pain. So when he came to me. I showed him a side of me not even the Serpent man knew of. I took his magical weapon and I ran. For days I traveled, no food or water. No rest. But he still tortures me in my mind.

I am now in a strange place, called London. I wore nothing but dirty, ripped clothing I found lying on the side of the road.. I did my best to look inconspicuous, but I got stares from more than half the people I came across. I don't think I have ever been this exhausted. I miss the mountains. The trees. The fresh smell. This city is full of decay and sickness. I feel lost and desperate. Will I ever find a safe haven? Will I even have the ability to live free of fear and anguish?

Suddenly, I hear shouting. It's begun to pour down freezing rain, and lightning fills the air with tension. A tall, skinny boy and an old woman are carrying a large boy who seems to be rather ill. I could feel the wand in my pocket. It was beginning to him with warmth. They rushed past my hiding place, not taking notice of me. This is so strange. I feel drawn to the tall one. His hair was dark and he wore a strange device on his face around his eyes. I can't shake this feeling. I'm going to follow them. And so I do.

They take the large one to a small village of ordinary looking houses. I wish I understood more of this world. If could only make out the strange symbols I continue to come across. 'Priv.. I can't possibly read all those different things' I scuffle to wear the handsome boy resided. I wander around the house and wait for more odd people leave with the large boy, in a wheeled thing. Such a odd world I should be living in.

There is an outlet protruding from this dwelling, I can see the boys shadow. It looks normal so I try and climb through. As I press myself into the dwelling I'm met with a strange invisible force. It hits me so hard, I break it and fall back onto a rather prickly bush.

"Oi!! What do you think your doing?!" He is looking out of the hole, and climbing out himself.

Panicking, I jump up and try and run. I'm a coward. I know I am. I disgrace my den mother. I'm so tired of being hurt.

As I turn to run, I slam into a large scarred man. He frightened me. His face was like an old oak that a bear used to sharpen his claws. I gape and tears well up in my eyes before I feel someone pressing into my back.

"Don't hurt me. Please." A sharp pain erupted inside my head.

"What are you doing here?! You're in leagues with the Dark Lord you are!" The man aimed his own wand at my chest.

"I don't understand, please, don't hurt me. Please, I'll do whatever you ask of me, please, please, please.." I sob uncontrollably as the pain worsens.

"Do you know her, Potter?"

"No, she tried to come through my window and- hey what are you doing here?"

"Rescuing you, of course. Now, about this girl.."

I could take this pain no longer. Giving in to the madness, I fainted.

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