Overcoming the Riddle, a Harry Potter Story

Strange things are happening. Not not has the Dark Lord risen again, but he has plans set into motion that cannot be stopped. Only his closest followers know of this new secret he is harboring. A girl, the age of 15 is now alone, without anyone to guide her, who holds the key to his demise, or to his success. She has no idea how important she really is in the scheme of things in the Wizarding world. That is until she meets the most famous wizard of all time. Harry Potter.


2. the House of Black

 I wake up to unknown faces. Red-headed, freckled ones. How peculiar. I must be seeing double because they seem to be exactly the same...

"MUM! She's woken up! Get Mad-Eye!"

My head felt so heavy, I couldn't bring myself to do anything except turn it, so I take in my surroundings. Dressers, cobwebs, dust.. Did they live here? The closet was shaking...


I couldn't finish, my throat is so dry I feel like I am choking! The sensation causes tears to roll down my cheeks.

How awful this is. I hate showing this sign of weakness, but its overwhelming me completely. One of the dopple-gangers pours a delicious concoction down my throat causing the coughing (and thankfully the tears) to stop. When I wiped the remaining tears out of my lashes and my vision slowly clears, I see a frightening, gnarled old man standing at the foot of my bed. He had a large glass eye strapped around in his eye-socket, and it swiveled around in so many directions until it finally landed on me- where it seemed to stare into my soul.

"Who are you?" he growled, in a crisp tone.

"I am.. My name?"

The man whipped his cloak about himself angrily. "Tell me who you are or I will use forbidden magic."

I swallow a growing lump in my throat, and try hard not to seem as scared as I really am.

"My name.. is Braelyn.. Braelyn Faye..." I wait silently praying he likes the name that I had been given, so very recently.

"Where did you get this?"

He held out a wand. It was a wand that belonged to one of the guards who kept me hidden for HIM, the serpent man. The wand I used to escape, but once again I realize, I am a captive.

"How did you come across this wand?"

My eyes shift restlessly, focusing on anything except the frightening blue eye that is fixed on my.

"I stole it.. From a man who had hurt me.. Please, don't take me back. Please."

I stopped my gaze on his eye, and stared with an intensity that seemed to make him move backwards a step.

"I would rather die," I held my breath waiting for him to reply.

This could be my death sentence. So be it.

 Suddenly, the door burst open and four men and two woman  piled into the already cramped room-

"FRED!! GEORGE!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?! THIS IS STRICTLY ORDER BUSINESS!" A busty woman bellowed, making everyone cringe.

The two red-headed boy, must have been twins, stomped loudly out of the room, cursing under their breath.  

"Mad-Eye, you should have waited for the rest of the Order arrived!" A black wiry haired man said indignantly.

"I'm sorry, Sirius. But interrogations go better when the room isn't full of others-" A greasy haired man stepped out from behind 'Sirius' and I could feel my body go numb.

"Dumbledore, it is the one they are all searching for. I was right."

A tall bearded man came to where I sat up against the bed-frame. "Hello, there. I believe that introductions are in order, Miss.."  

I couldn't peel my eyes from the dark man. Dumbledore followed my gaze, and laid his hand on my shoulder causing my flinch. 

"You are safe now. He is with me. He is on our side, dear child." This mans eyes held so much wisdom and depth that I felt I was getting sucked in to his eyes.

I knew right away that I could trust him.

"These are the members of the Order of the Phoenix. These two beautiful women are Molly Weasley and-"

He was cut of by a purple haired woman who tripped over the umbrella stand, "Tonks! My name is Tonks." 

Dumbledore barely hid a smile, before continuing, "You already know Severus, then there is Sirius Black, this is his home that you are in at the moment."

Sirius looked at me with an excited air about him.

"This is Remus Lupin- he is a quite gifted man. And this is Arthur Weasley- Molly's husband."

Everyone looked at me expectantly before I realized what they were waiting for me to do. 

"My name.. is Braelyn Faye Riddle." His eyebrows raised, and everyone in the room gasped so loud I couldn't help but burrow myself away from them. 

"Do you mean to tell me that you are the daughter of Dark Lord?"


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