Overcoming the Riddle, a Harry Potter Story

Strange things are happening. Not not has the Dark Lord risen again, but he has plans set into motion that cannot be stopped. Only his closest followers know of this new secret he is harboring. A girl, the age of 15 is now alone, without anyone to guide her, who holds the key to his demise, or to his success. She has no idea how important she really is in the scheme of things in the Wizarding world. That is until she meets the most famous wizard of all time. Harry Potter.


3. All in a Name

"I am his child. He found me nearly a year ago, and locked me away, I endured a fate worse than death." My voice was becoming more stoic.  More like Him.

I looked down at my shaking hands and swallowed my fear.

"I must go."

Dumbledore smiled in a friendly manner before beckoning for everyone to leave the room. When we were alone, he took my hands in his, and looked into my eyes.

"I do not believe that you are dangerous. But you have managed to escape the most powerful dark wizard our time has known. I know you are frightened, and you are running from your fears but my dear child- I can offer you safety. Lord Voldemort only has one person whom he fears, and it is myself."

I gasped, "You? But.."

He chuckled softly, "I know, i'm old and grey-  but you see, I know of things Voldemort can never understand and I believe that is what makes us different. Its more powerful than any dark magic."

"Well.. I don't think it is fair for me to use you.. for any reason, let alone to keep me safe.." 

Dumbledore helped me to my feet and as I stood next to him, and looked into his eyes, I knew right away he would keep me safe, and I could feel the powers he possessed in his presence.

"I am the Headmaster of a very prestigious wizarding school here in Britain. I would take it as the greatest of honors to enroll you my dear." I nod, and thank him, and he walks me through the door.  

The hallways are dark, and the air is filled with dust, with a musty smell that lingered, as though this house had been vacant for many years.

I followed Dumbledore, stepping lightly without making a sound but looking at everything i could to get an idea as to where I was and what to make of this house.

"Molly, has many sons, and a daughter, who all go to Hogwarts. I'm sure everyone here is excited to meet you, because your strange and new. Braelyn, I warn you- many people in this world will not understand your heritage, and i think you should keep it hidden until the time is right and you are comfortable sharing the information with those that you believe can keep your secret safe as well."

"yes, sir..." I trail off as we stop at a bedroom that is occupied with four teenagers my age, or seem to be my age.

"Ahh, yes. Here we are. Hermione, this young lady will be going to Hogwarts with you, and I do believe she will have many, many questions."

A beautiful girl with brown, curly hair nodded and smiled towards me, that must be her.

"I must go now, but we will see each other very soon." He waved and bid me farewell, as i stepped cautiously into the room.

"...Hello.." I keep my eyes downcast and hide my hands in my pockets

"Erm.. My name is Hermione. Hermione Granger. This is Ron, and this is-"

She was cut-off by a boy whom I hadn't  seen when Dumbledore brought me to this room.

"Who are you, and why were you following me?" it was the boy i had seen days before, with the large muggle. "Well?.."

He looked rather cross so I decide answering him is the best way to calm him and make the hostility end.

"My-my name is Braelyn, and.. I saw your wand and I thought. I don't know, you seemed.. like you could help me.." I trailed off keeping my gaze on the chipped and creaking floorboards beneath me.

"You.. You don't know who I am?" He asked surprised, and walked in front of me.

I shook m my head and tried to step back but the door was already in my way. Hermione tugged on his sleeve,

"Harry- you don't know who she is.." She whispered into his ear.

I could have strained to listen but i decided to shut them out and escape this situation. My arm snaked behind my back and I wiggled the doorknob and as soon as I felt the door give- i turned and bolted. I could hear their footsteps close behind me, and as I ran through the dark hallways the pictures followed me, scowling and some even spoke. as I reached the bottom of the stairs- a hand grabbed the back of my shirt and caused me to lose my balance and fall into a large umbrella holder which looked similar to a monsterous leg.

All of the sudden a screech filled the air, "MUDBLOODS!!! FILTHY BLOOD-TRAITORS!! ALL IN THE HOUSE OF BLACK!! VILE-" the large picture near me had awoken and was silenced by Molly, as she reached to help me off the floor.

 "oh dear- come here you poor thing-"

I flinched as she tried to help me up, but when I had fallen my shirt ripped and my back was bare, along with my stomach. Red, angry wounds could be seen glistening with blood and scars rippled across my pale skin. I tried to hold it together- I could hear the gasps from the trio behind me, but Molly just wrapped me in a large blanket- which had appeared out of nowhere and scooted me into another room, with a large fireplace and empty sofa awaiting me.

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