The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


10. The Yule Ball

The day arrived and we have not found Nathan, he turned up at the Yule Ball and looked beat up. He sat at the very end of the hall. "Tell me, while were alone. What happened to you."

"Thanks for looking for me. Anyway I can't say."

"We tried its hard you know anything could happen. You know our first professor in our first year who was... Well you know. Then the chamber of secrets. Sirius Black visits the school. Now this and your little adventure."

"OK go away, its hard and everyone is watching me."



"alright." I sighed.

I got up and undone my top button of my shirt. I was stopped.

"Its... It was..."

"Come on Marcus everyone's dancing except you." Said Maisey. 

She dragged me up off my chair and away from Nathan, Nathan stood up and walked away. I broke free from Maisey. "Oh come on Marcus."


About an hour later everyone relaxed and i took off searching for Nathan. At Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom Nathan was searching behind him before he entered.

"Are you alone."

"Yes sir." Said Nathan.

I crept up further and leaned against the door looking in. I opened the door a slight inch more and was tapped on the back.

"Ahhh." I screamed.

Dumbledore grabbed my mouth.

"Back to the ball please. Wait your Marcus."

I walked down the stairs and gazed back Moody and Nathan walked out the classroom and began talking.

"I was talking to Nathan about how well hes doing." Said Moody.

Nathan looked directly down at me and stared, evil.


Maisey pulled my hand and dragged me to the floor with the others. "I just saw Nathan with Moody."

"Don't worry about that now." Laughed Maisey.

When times like this come its hard, people having fun whilst a dangerous event secretly fooled everyone. But not me...

I was flipped back and forward. Maisey smiled.

A few hours later the room was empty. "Coming?"

We were all going back to our common-rooms. I walked with Maisey alone and George who was struggling to climb behind. The stairs turned as we walked through the secret passage. George was yawning and leaned against the wall before going inside our common-room. "Goodnight guys."

Maisey leaned in.

"Well, see you in the morning." I said.

George waled left as Maisey gave a little hug and walked towards her dorm. I lay in bed watching Steven and surprised that he hasn't said a word yet. 

"Hey Marcus... The second task is soon, good luck." He said. He turned away and lat in his bed with the cover over him. He instantly fell asleep.

"What a surprise... Hes change." Said George.

Seconds later Nathan walked in and ignored us. He crawled into bed and fell asleep. I sat up thinking all night about the second task.


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