The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


6. Task One

"Sit down." 

"Dumbledore we came to ask if... Well... We could swap."

"What! Are you trying to get killed boy." 

Dumbledore pointed at me evil.

"No, I thought."

"Anyway, I told you... Lets go."

"No wait Harry does not want to do, I'm willing to do it for him."

"Seriously boy I am busy leave." Said Dumbledore.

"What if you need Harry one day, you know him. You won't need me that day."

"Are you saying you want to get killed?"

"No Dumbledore I'm trying to say its better me than Harry... If one would get killed."

"Just go and You will find out."


I was in the tent and yes I was picked and swapped places with Harry successfully. I was sat on a small bed and watched the champions staring at me. Aventually Dumbledore and others came in, we crowded around. He polled out a small brown bag and held it up to everyone. I was last, i picked the last dragon and got the Hungarian Horntail. "The most dangerous one there is my boy." Said Cornelius Fudge. 

"Uh... OK" I mumbled with a little cry. 

The others had all been and won, it was now my turn to face my dragon. I drew my wand and hit my robes back which had an ten on the back. I watched the curtains close behind me and stared at the crowd all around me. I noticed Harry in the distance, he nodded at me giving me a sign that said... you can do it. "Where is this thing?" I whispered under my breath. The dragon landed infront of me after a large jump. It breathed fire at me that was chasing me to a rock which blocked it. I saw my wand behind another rock that was across the pitch. I timed my runnung and went for it. The dragon ran at me and head butted me, i went flying and landed hard on my back, my eyes shut as i tried to keep them open. Every blink i saw the dragon coming closer to me.

I reached out for my wand which was inches away, the dragon knocked my wand closer to me as it came running at me. I grabbed my wand and aimed for the dragon. "Reducto!" 

I didn't know what would harm it, but the spell gave it a headache as it walked left and right dizzy, straight into a rock it felll over and caused dust that rised everywhere around the stadium and the sound of the dragon falling. People sreaming and looking down for me. Aventually the dust faded and i reached for the golden egg. I looked back one more time and the dragon was gone... Gone? But where?

I leaned around for the egg, the feet of the dragon was covering it up. It went to breath fire again, i was ready this time. 

"Accio broom."

The idea was from Harry in the crowd. A Nimbus 2000 came flying around. This is not mine. I looked at Jacob who was smiling and laughing. I hopped on and seconds away from the fire at me feet, behind me the dragon was chasing me and thats when  i noticed my broom was on fire. It put me off as i headed straight for the bridge, I  ducked and flew down into the water. The dragon was heading straight at me, i zoomed off as it was inches away, the dragon crashed landed in the lake and struggled to get up. The sound of it dying sounded like it had ate me from the crowd. 

I flew back into the crowd as people cheered and i landed next to the egg and held it up.   

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