The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


9. Small Task

Outside was sunny and only warm when standing in the sun, the wind was cold and making the day seem the opposite than it really was. People were to busy getting ready for the Yule Ball but me. I was alright with it but worrying about the second task too much.

"Aaron slow down."

"Come on were here. Now all you have to do is let me hit you and make it look like i am strong and powerful... OK?"

"Sure." I yawned.

I pulled put my wand as for so did Aaron, a crowd started to form around us and in the center was Tilly who Aaron was trying to impress. I got into my position i gazed around hoping Draco or anyone wasn't here, but I came across Maisey and suddenly felt like she didn't want me to do this. She looked confused. 

"Three." Called Aaron.

Aaron was standing around and smiling. He aimed his wand directly at my head. "Two."

Finally i was ready and did not know what to do.


People got exited at one."Rictusempra..."

I saw the spell flying at me as i lifted my wand and thought back.


My blue shield blocked the spell and flung back at Aaron.

"What are you doing?" He roared.

"I can't let you hit me, its cheating."

People gasped. Aaron became angry and started firing spells at me.


Aaron went flying back into a bush and pulled leaves out of his hair. Some people laughed and some stared.

"Thanks alot!"

"Your welcome."

Which made younger students laugh even more.

Aaron stormed off as Tilly ran after. Maisey walked up to me.

"That's probably for the best. Anyway George has got someone."

"What who." I demanded.

"Calm down, its only Shannon."

"Oh lucky him."

We both laughed as we walked towards the castle.

"Are you going with anyone yet."

"I had a few people ask me."

"I don't blame them."

Maisey looked at me laughing. "Oh i mean uh..."

"Its alright i said maybe, do you want to go."

"Me... Really, i was going to ask you."

"I can tell."

"Glad that's sorted. I need to talk to Aaron, wheres his sidekick."

"Who?" Asked Maisey.

"Nathan... What happened to him, oh no anything could of happened. The last anyone saw him was like last week."

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