The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


2. Quidditch World Cup

We landed in a field and checked if we were all there. I stood up wiped the grass off of me and pulled Jacob to his feet. The field was empty."Are you sure we are in the right place?" Asked Jacob.

"Yes its just down that hill. Said Maisey's dad.

Once again he wandered off ahead and it was up to me and Jacob to find out which way they went. We both walked over the hill and stared down at all the big and small tents and people dressed up and flying around. It was busy and popular, wizard and witches from the world had come to see this live. I spotted the others down the hill.

"There." I said as i pointed down.

We ran and stood by the others. 

"Till we meet  again." 

"Goodbye." Said my dad.

We waved by to Maisey's family and entered our tent. It was massive inside as George ran into the kitchen and i layed down on a bed. Jacob slept ontop and placed his bag down.

"Alright you lot." Said my dad John. "Now before you go off we are all going to sit in the middle and discuss when we will be going."

He flicked his wand and lit the candle that was dangling from the center of the tent. I came to the center of the tent.

"What are we gonna do, i can't wait i want to go now." I said.

"Wait we can't go till later, you know it starts late and its only about lunch time. We got all day till we should worry."

"Fine dad."

I stumbled out the tent with George.

"Now Son don't get lost."

"I'll go with them." Said Andrew who was Georges dad.

Everywhere was crowed as we bumped into every single person. We made it to a open area and sat down. Andrew got us each a pumpkin paste. "Have you ever heard of the Triwizard Tournament. I have not been in it or seen it take place but my dads dad has. He entered and made it out alive. He won in fact. People were not great fall at all when he entered, he was the youngest you see." 

"Wow, i wonder if we will get to see that one day." I gasped.

"I hope not but then do. I would mess up our year." Said George who tucked his chair under. "If so then I'm glad we won't enter, if any of us did then i would hate it. I been told the rules." 

"Yes but you are not old enough right now. Wait at least a few years maybe two." Said Andrew. 


The night of the game took place and the moon shone brightly over us. We were standing right at the top and looking down. The two teams came flying in and the Irish drew in the air but was messed up as the other team came flying in. Once the game began one team were scoring every second as for the Irish who almost got the snitch three times already. I leaned on the cold pole and watched closer. Even i could see the snitch from here. Eventually the Irish went for it and flew right past us almost hitting my face. They went for the snitch but it was caught in one shot by the other seeker. The game was over at last.      


We were all called out as soon as we heard the word. Outside in the camp was an attack. Men in black holding torches of fire were running at us, i was hit by an man who was panicking. I didn't know what to do. I followed George and his dad to the end and the others were right with us. Everyone was ready and only one person missing. Maisey!

"Wheres Maisey?" I said.

Her parents were here but she wasn't.

I ran back and was hit down again. Later i woke and nobody in sight. Deep far down the camp i saw Harry who was starring at a man, seconds later i was pulled up by Andrew.

"There you are." He screamed.

"You found him." Said My dad.

I got up and remembered i didn't find Maisey. I looked around and saw our tent i checked inside as everyone fled leaving me and Andrew behind. Maisey was in there coughing and was pleased to see me. We got out the tent as they went ahead, i stopped and looked back. The dark mark was there. Harry was gone and so was the man. It was too dark and far away to see the man. I wondered what was going on.

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