The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


8. Getting Ready

After Herbology i ran up to the fith floor after over hearing a bunch of sixth years talking about Cedric who spen alot of time in there. I sat in the warm bubbly water and placed the egg under."Hahaha, a boy." Giggled Myrtle. 

"What are you doing here?"

"Watching people enjoy themselves." She said. 

Myrtle swooped down and into the water, I jumped as the water swirled around and bubbles swooped at me. "Cedric was in here yesterday, place the egg under water."

I listened to Myrtle and held my breath. I opened the golden egg and heard the mermaids singing, Myrtles face appeared oppostie me and smiled. I pulled my head out of the water. 

"The black lake i think."

"The second task if the lake, you'll need to breath for however long your gonna be down there."

"Myrtle look away."


"Here it is... The book of charms with plants." Said Maisey.

"Lets see." I said. "What charm are you gonna use on me?"

"Your gonna have to eat it... I dunno something like plant things that would turn you into an fish animal. Such as a shark a mermaid and dolphin."

"Ok, can you see whats the easiest."

"Marcus leave this to me, it will be great for Herbology for me. And i want to make it good because your my friend."


I walked towards the Great Hall and sat down next to Michael.

"Hey, I'm checking what the task is gonna be." He said.

I looked down and started laughing. "What?"

"We already know, everyone does."


Aaron ran down the hall and slid next to me.

"This was sent to you." He said.

"From who?"

"I dunno a hand reached out and passed it to me, I was in a crowd."

"Why was there a crowd?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, Harry has gone mental, he's arguing with everyone."

Aaron gasped for a breath. Shannon came walking down to.

"You guys know about the Yule Ball."

"The What?"

"Its a ball Aaron."

"Obviously... When... I didn't know."

"Haha, knew that would make you worry. Oh and I'm not joking there really is one."

Shannon walked of smiling at Aaron.

"Marcus... Can you help me with something."

"Uh... OK."

"Michael where is Tilly right now?"

"Who... What?" Struggled Michael.

"I know at the Owerly. I'm going to ask her."

Aaron ran off leaving me and Michael confused.

"Who now?"

"Don't ask." I laughed. "I should see if hes alright, well bye."

I waved back and ran towards the golden doors.


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