The Triwizard Tournament

In Marcus fourth year Hogwarts places the Triwizard Tournament. Harry Potter gets called out but what will happen when Marcus accidentals switch places with Harry and takes his place in the Triwizard Tournament.


4. Defence Agains The Dark Arts

We only just made it to class. Mad-Eye Moody was teaching us, as the door shut i sat at the desk at the far end of the room. I could barely hear Mad-Eye Moody when he spoke.

He took out a large spider and asked people for curses.

"The Crucio spell." Said Nevile.

Mad-Eye Moody pointed his wand hard at the spider, it was torching Nevile. The spider was walking different directions at once, its legs split and it fell. Mad-Eye Moody lifted it and hovered it over the bucket of water.

"Drown it." He said. "Or kill it."

The spider lay on the desk and stood still. A green flash tour apart the happiness in the room, not that there was any. After the spider died. People started leaving. I walked out to catch up with Maisey and George.

"That was horrible. Showing us the killing curse and controlling the spider." Said Maisey.

She stormed ahead. 

"We should tell." Said George.

"We can't any way its what we need to know to defend our self."

"Whats wrong with you, the real Marcus would do something about it."

"Maybe some people change... And maybe its for the best." I said as i stormed off too and left George stood there alone.


The common-room was dark and dul. It didn't help when Steven entered."So... This cup thing, i bet its too hard for you."

"We cannot enter even if we wanted to."

"Ooh Marcus, you won't break any rules would you. Any way you didn't help me in our second year when i was frozen, i saw you staring at me as you left me."  

"Oh yeah i forgot, oh well that's over now."

Steven climbed over the sofa and sat next to me."The champions should be picked soon."

I got up and walked across the room. "And neither of us are one of them."

I continued on walking down to the third floor.

Through the portrait and into the courtyard. There was people around the door i needed to get through.

"Whats going on?"

"Go away Marcus." Sneered Draco.

"Oh its you, what a surprise." I said as i pushed by.

"Not so fast. Your little mudblood friend Aaron has stolen my wand, i cant get it back cause i got nothing to fight with. These friends i would say won't give me a hand."

"So you want me to get it back?"

"Yes, they are in the library. I think."

"Fine I'll see what i can do."

I walked through the door and turned left. I walked up the stairs and past Charms. It was a wide open area and to the left was an massive archway that went to the roof. It was full of bookcases behind. I ran to the back and saw nobody.



"Here Marcus."

I leaned round and opened the gate to the restricted section. It was dark and colder.


"Yes look."

I saw Aaron alone in the corner holding Draco's wand and laughing"I was about to leave and i heard you. I thought Draco gave up and he and his friends were coming to get me."

"Please give it back."
"Not till i done a few touches to it." Said Aaron who fled.

I ran after him and lost him outside the Library. I couldn't go back to Draco. I should get what i wanted over with. I ran into Charms.

"Hello Marcus." Said Professor Flitwick. "Come for you results?"

"Yes professor. Will this help with my O.W.Ls?"

"Yes it would, you done good. An O for Outstanding. Well done."


I left the classroom and went back to the common-room to look for somebody before i become alone forever.

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