What happened after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This mind-boggling story of what happened after Harry triumphed over the undestructable Voldemort reveals it's self as pleasure and suspense conjure up while you read turning every page with wonder and excitement, will Ron and Hermione get together and blank Harry out of important consultations about his own life and turn on him as soon as he leaves Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


3. Will they approve?

Chapter 3-

"Wow, I can't believe it." Cried Ginny

"I know, Ron's the best isn't he." Answered Hermione.

Everyone turned and groaned as Hermione said this.

"Right, mum Hermione needs to go back to her's to y'know tell her parents."

"Oh of course, yeah I'm so proud of you Ronald."

"Congratulations Mione." Said Molly clenching her fists and shaking them violently her smile glimmering.

Ron dragged Hermione out of the door as she did this.

Clink, clink bang, bang.

"So your ready Hermione?"

"Yeah, I'm ready, I can't believe it."

"So what are we gonna do for it?"

"Do for what?"

"Come on Hermione, our wedding!"

"Oh, Ron don't you think it's a little bit early to be thinking about that."

"Yeah but Ginny and Harry have already started thinking."

"I understand but I feel quite left out because Ginny and Harry are together and I want to be with you."

"I know, maybe Harry will be better off and you of course if we make our own way and leave him to it."

"That could be a possibility."

"Lets not think about that, I can't wait to tell my mother, Mrs H Weasley."

"Yeah pretty awesome right." Ron smiled.

"Right we're here."

"This is it."

As Ron and Hermione strolled up the front path he slid his hand into hers like I was a perfect fit.

Breathing heavily, Hermione opened the door and Mrs Granger came shooting down the hallway.

"Hermione, where did you go we were worried sick."

"I only went to Rons."

"On your own?" Mr Granger chipped in

"No Ron picked me up in his enchanted car."

"Really." Mr and Mrs Granger said together.

"Yes Mrs Granger, I had your daughter very safe and I wouldn't dream of doing anything to her." Ron replied courteously.

"Talking of keeping me safe. Me and Ron have something to tell you."

"What might that be?"

"Uhmm, we're..."


"We're getting married."

"Wow, dddiid youuu prreeppoose?"

"Yes Mrs Granger."


"Really, you approve?"

"Yes. I'm so proud of you!!!"

"If I may interrupt can Hermione come to mine to have dinner and if it's ok with you maybe sleepover, Ginny is in the house and you guys get along really well."
"If that's ok with uummmmm?"



"That's absolutely fine, she knows the news as well, so all is good."

"Ok Hermione but you must be back for 12:00 noon tomorrow."


"I'll drive her back Ma'am ."

"Lovely, thank you Ronald."

"No problem."

"See you later mum."

"Be good you two."

"We will." They laughed.

Bang, the front door closed.

"Can you believe that our daughter is getting married to Mr Ronald Weasley?"

"Really well she is growing up and it's nearly her 21st birthday, maybe she could get married on her special day?"

"I'll have to tell Molly Weasley."

Meanwhile Ron and Hermione had clambered back into the car and it once again left the ground.

"OMG I can't believe she approved." Hermione screamed.

"I knew she would."

"You're just perfect!"

"Your beautiful."

"You are the best boyfriend ever."


"We're back now come on lets celebrate."

"Yeah, she approved." Ron said as soon as they walked through the door.

"Arrr, lovely come on sit down." Molly smiled.

Ginny and Harry Kissed again when Ron and Hermione entered. Something wasn't quite right.



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