What happened after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This mind-boggling story of what happened after Harry triumphed over the undestructable Voldemort reveals it's self as pleasure and suspense conjure up while you read turning every page with wonder and excitement, will Ron and Hermione get together and blank Harry out of important consultations about his own life and turn on him as soon as he leaves Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


2. I do or I don't

Reluctantly, Ron grabbed hold of the knocker and hit it against the door, with his hand violently shaking three times. Meanwhile, inside the house Hermione was startled to hear the sound of her door knocker as she has been away from home studying for her college exam (typical Hermione)she tip-toed to the door, to her surprise it was Ron.

"RON." Hermione screamed excitedly.

"Mione." Ron said happily

"They hugged so tight Ron could have exploded!

"What are you doing here?" Hermione said trying to catch her breath.

"Well , I got Ginny and Harry in the back and err I thought you might wanna come to mine and chill?" Ron tried to say like he was acting cool.

"I'd love to Ron, you know, your mother is so kind, maybe you could come to mine next time?"

"Yeah sure, whatever you say." He said raising his eyebrows.

"Awesome, lets go then."

Clink, clink.

"Hey Mione." Harry said cheerfully.

"Hey Harry, hi Ginny."

"Hi Hermione."

"So next stop the Burrow!!" Ron exclaimed

"Whoooooooooo." Cried everyone

"So what have you been doing this weekend Harry?"

"Well, just thinking of what colours it will be at mine and Ginny's wedding."

"Oh wow congratulations."

"Thank you." Ginny said gazing lovingly into Harry's eyes.

"What about you Mione?"

"Apart from studying for my college exam, nothing really. just looking forward to seeing you guys."

"Cool, were nearly here, just need to land." Ron said concentrating really hard to impress Hermione.

They flew as high as the clouds until Ron lowered the car steadily to the ground.

"Home sweet home." Ron sighed.

When they had all clambered out of the car it was 9:37pm and Mrs Weasley was sitting anxiously reading the Daily Prophet.

"Oh here you are and Hermione too, oh come in and sit down, my darling Harry my soon to be son in Law !! Please come in"

"Thank you so much for having me Mrs Weasley." Hermione said courteously.

"Well it's a pleasure, we're not really busy nowadays."

Harry and Ginny had already found the comfy spot on the long patchwork sofa and Ginny had her head settled peacefully on Harry's shoulder.

"Hermione, there's something I need to show you upstairs." Ron gestured.

"Ok, what?"

" You need to come."

"Oh ok."

They made their way upstairs Ron grasping on to Hermione's hand.

They landed in Ron's bedroom which was surprisingly neat and tidy.

"Look I know we've been just friends for a long time now and you sometimes really hated me but I want to put that aside and now and I want to take a big step, Hermione will you marry me?"

"Ron I'm flattered, I don't know what to say?"

"Maybe yes?" Ron said stepping closer to Hermione.

"He grabbed her tight and kissed her."

"Yes Ron."


"Yes, I love you Ron."

"Wow, Hermione, I must tell my mother otherwise she will kill me!!"

"Me too."

"Come on lets go together."

He took her hand and swept her down the staircase.

"Right, me and Hermione have big news!"

Everyone spun around.

"I proposed and she said yes!"

"Wow Ronald, I am so proud of you, congratulations."

"Congrats, Ron and Hermione!" Ginny and Harry said together.

"Arrrrrrr," They said together too.


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