What happened after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This mind-boggling story of what happened after Harry triumphed over the undestructable Voldemort reveals it's self as pleasure and suspense conjure up while you read turning every page with wonder and excitement, will Ron and Hermione get together and blank Harry out of important consultations about his own life and turn on him as soon as he leaves Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


1. A new start of a free life

Chapter 1-

After the triumphant victory of Harry Potters immense battle against the indestructible Lord Voldemort, Harry, Hermione and Ronald parted sadly back to their homes, well not Harry, of course he still lives with his despicable Aunts and Uncles house with their pig-like son Dudley. The lightning shaped scar painted on his forehead was put there by Tom Malovo Riddle when he killed James and Lily Potter when Harry was only a baby, Ron scuttled back to the Burrow and Hermione back to her muggle parents house. Wizards or Witches with muggle parents are called Mudbloods, Hermione had heard that word the bad way, Draco Malfoy, son of Lucious Malfoy who works with Arthur Weasley at the Ministry of Magic had serverly taken the mickey out of Hermione in their second year of attendance at Hogwarts, Ronald, on the other hand courteously tried to defend Miss Granger by trying to curse Malfoy with a 'eat slug' taunt which unfortunately didn't succeed. It probably would have helped if the Whomping Willow hadn't crushed his wand because the had to rescudule and do a detour because Dobby, Lucious Malfoy's house elf, cealed the barrier onto Platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.) Unhappy at the thought of Harry locked up in Dudley's second bedroom of the Dursley's house Ron plucked up the courage to ask his mother Molly Weasley if he could possibly borrow the new enchanted car, which Mr Weasley had saved up to buy after Ron and Harry lost it and it nearly killed them when it fell out of the Willow tree on the grounds of Hogwarts. Expectedly Mrs Weasley backed up against his plan, then Ron told her that he was going to rescue Harry from the awful Dursley's house. After that announcement Molly immediately gave Ron the keys to F.A.S.T (Fred's, Automatic, Super, Tank)  Arthur called it that after Fred because it began with an F no favouritism going on or anything. Ginny Weasley, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill's younger sister recently got engaged to Harry and any hearing of his name she came charging downstairs to see if anything has happened.

"No Ginny!" Ron exclaimed

"Is Harry alright? I really miss him." Rubbing her engagement ring nervously, Harry proposed only a few days ago.

"Yeah, I was just asking mum if I could take the car to Surrey to rescue him from the Dursley's"

" Can I come Ron, I really want to see him, will he come back here? Where will he sleep? How long is he staying?" Ginny gasped excitedly

"Slow down Ginny, yes you can come to see Harry." Said Ron rolling his eyes

" Ron you're the best brother ever!" Hugging him simeotaniously

"Oi, what about us Ginny?" George retorted

Ginny rolled her eyes just like Ron and proceeded to the car.

"Be back before Midnight!" Molly yelled after them

BANG, BANG clink, clink.

"Off we go Ginny" Cried Ron

" So how is Hermione?" Ginny teased

"As beautiful as ever" Ron smiled then frowned at his answer.

Ron had a crush on Hermione ever since they started at Hogwarts, he defended her, smiled lovingly at her etc. Ron's plan was to rescue Harry then fly to Hermione's house, then propose to her back at the Burrow.

"Is mum going to be very happy?"

"Come on Ginny, Harry loves you and you're a year younger than me, I think she will understand. Anyway I'm 21, seriously Ginny you do ask some silly questions."

After 3 long hours of flying to Surrey Ginny and Ron reached Harry's prison of a home, well not home, arrgg you know what I mean. Now with new bars on his window, Ron released the clasp and let it grab onto them, Ron drove away just like he did in his second year.

Harry was sitting on his bed waiting for Ron or Hermione to just turn up that instant when Ron wrenched the bars off his window, Mr, Mrs, and Dursley jr had taken an outing to the zoo, they didn't trust Harry after he 'magically' removed the glass from the reptile area and a python was let out. Fortunately it was replaced by a Dursley. Dudley.

"What on earth was that? Harry's head started to pound, he was so caught up on wedding plans for Ginny and him, he wasn't ready for visitors.

He lazily peered out of his window, to his surprise a flying car with his bride and her brother in it. Thinking on his feet Harry opened the loose window so he could clamber into the car. Ron's window was reeled down...

"Hi Harry, Ginny wanted to come too."

" Ginny, you don't know how happy I am to see you, Ron you are the bestest friend ever."

"Get in then Harry."

Harry clambered in so befuddled by his fiancé sitting in the back.

"I love you Ginny."

"I know you do."

Harry leaned in and started to tilt his head Ginny did the same, they got closer and closer until they were breathing on each others neck, finally they reached each other's lips. Harry stroked his hand on her neck and they got closer and kissed deeper, they hugged and kissed until their tongues met. Harry kissed her cheek and then he settled his arm around her, Ron had already started the car heading for Hermione's house. Ginny's eyes then met Harry's again and Harry lowered his neck to reach Ginny's lips, they kissed then smiled at each other sweetly after that Ron had reached Hermione's house. He parked the car then sauntered up to her front door, he was reaching out for the door knocker...

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