Dreams come True

Justin Bieber is obsessed with a girl..
Her name is Leyla Rose..yes the biggest Popstar in the World.
He is her biggest 'Dreamer' and has a lot of pictures of her..
But what happens when they meet ?
You'll find it out !


2. Introduction

Dreams came true 
Hi my name is Leyla Rose.
I know I've got a funny name.
I am 19, have 4 brothers, and currently am the most famouse Pop star in the world.
I'm often in magazines television ect.
I am a singer/actress.
I have my own fan group called 'Dreamers'.
Boys call me 'sexy' or 'hot' 
Because i have short black messy hair , big blue eyes, soft pink lips and an 'amazing body'..
But don't forget my picings and tattos.. 
Yeah i have a pircing on my bottom lip and on my ears..
And i don't wear girly clothers..
I mostly like baggy pants and sweaters some times hotpants and crop tops but i still look hot

Boys say i look sexy as fuck as a badass.

But I'm not one of the nasty bitches, I'm very nice and understanding easy said...
I love my life!
Justin's P.o.v. 

Hey! I'm Justin Bieber.
Yes the famous teen star of every girl dreams.
I'm 19, I have 1 brother and 1 sister.
Currently I'm very often in the headlines...
But negative meant...

No one understands me!
Everyone thinks I must be perfect, but I'm not!
Well, no matter.

Anyway, everyone knows that I am the 'BIGGEST DREAMER'in the world! 
I love Leyla!
simply she is...
And my dream is going to be true, because i'm going to meet her!

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