Dreams come True

Justin Bieber is obsessed with a girl..
Her name is Leyla Rose..yes the biggest Popstar in the World.
He is her biggest 'Dreamer' and has a lot of pictures of her..
But what happens when they meet ?
You'll find it out !


6. Chapter 4

Justins P.o.v

We finally arrived at the concert and I watched it the whole time.

She was perfect.

The way her body moved 

And her angelic voice was so beautiful

I love her.


after the concert we waited backstage and then something wonderful happened


her eyes meet mine.


I was in shock and she slowly came to me


then i maneget to say

'Hey baby, lookin' sexy my name is Justin and you will scream it tonight'


But the only thing I could say was 

"H-he-yy I-I am Bus-stin Jieb-er...I me-ean Ju-ustin Bie-eber"

she laughed lightly and a blush creeped on my face


"Well, hello justin I'm Leyla nice to meet you'

we slowly shook hands and i felt electric running thought my body

"Do you want a hug or an autograph ?"

I slowly nodded and gave her a tight hug


"C-ant..br-eath" she said

I let her go and rubbed the back of my nack

"sorry" I said


She just laughed...

man i love her laugh 


"No problem. hey do you want to do anything ? We could go to Mc Donalds. You can bring you friends to" she said and pointed to Kenny and Fredo


I totally forgot them.

"sure " I said and called fredo and kenny


"Hey guys do you want to go with me and leyla to Mc D ?"

"Sure i could never say no to a Big Mac" said Kenny 



We got in the car and drove to Mc Donalds.

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