Dreams come True

Justin Bieber is obsessed with a girl..
Her name is Leyla Rose..yes the biggest Popstar in the World.
He is her biggest 'Dreamer' and has a lot of pictures of her..
But what happens when they meet ?
You'll find it out !


3. Chapter 1

Justin's p.o.v.

it was a normal day like any other.
I sat on the couch in the tour bus and watched TV. 
' Breaking new's ' 
Teen pop star Leyla Rose, has started her tour.
She is on the way to London to have her first concert.
From LA, wishing you good luck Leyla!'
Leyla she is so perfect...
She is in London?
I have also my next concert '.
At the moment as I pondered, Fredo 
came in.

"Aye, JB! Did you hear?Leyla is on the away to London!"

"Yes, I've found loads it!"

"Why I wonder actually, you are practically addicted to that girl !"

"Hey not true that!"I yelled 

"No..you just have every album of her, and your entire room is covered with her face...absolut 'normal'."

Fredo said sarcastically.

"Okay maybe...a little..."

Fredo lifted an eyebrow at me, and looked with the 'Are your serious ?'-look to me .

"Okay, yes I'm addicted after this girl...I mean you look at: her short black hair, this beach she has in her hair style, or her big blue eyes and that body...Oh God that body...She has sexy curves that makes her perfect, and this...-"

"Okay justin! "
" She is perfect, I get it, but my actual question was...do you want to meet her ?"

My eyes fell  out of my head "Yes Yes Yes! 1000 TIMES YES!"
I screamed and jumped through the room.

"Okay, calm down, I have 3 concert tickets for her show on Friday! Kenny, you and I go there."
"Thank you Fredo you're the best" 

I said, and gave him a BRO hug.
'Finally I get to know you'

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