The problem with love

Harry Styles was never one of those guys to fall in love, let alone have a girlfriend, but soon the magazine headlines are taken over with his name as the headliner.: 'Who is this mystery girl that has captured the pop star's attention?'


2. chapter 1

"Harryyyyyy! Wake uppp!!"

"Why?" I mumbled into my pillow hiding from the bright light that suddenly flooded my room.

"Hun, you have to meet the boys and Simon for your meeting, remember?" Replied what I assumed to be my mum.

"Okay, okay I'm getting up. Now can you please leave me alone so I can get dressed?"

"You do know I am your mother right?" My mom said on her way out.

I rolled my eyes and got out of bed. I grabbed some clothes and entered my bathroom. I guess I don't have time to take a shower, i thought glancing at the time. Instead, I brushed my teeth, got dressed and did my hair, it was a bandanna kind of day.

I decided to walk to the meeting since it wasn't that far away and it was a beautiful morning. As I walked by a couple of convenience stores I almost ran into a girl who looked about my age carrying a carrier of what must have been coffee. I stepped to the side so she could get by without running into me and entered the building that the meeting was held in.

I entered the conference room and sat down between Zayn and Liam. I looked towards the front to find simon glaring at me.

"Did we cut into your beauty sleep, harry?"

I considered giving him a snarky reply but by looking at his face I decided that wouldn't be the wisest thing to do. "No, I walked here that's what took me so long," I replied telling a halfway truth.

"Okay, well let's just get on with the meeting. I bet you are all wondering why I am here to talk to you, yes?" We all nodded our heads in reply. "Well, myself and a couple of other people in charge of you boys have decided that you will get a year off. Since you all have just finished a world tour we figured you needed personal time, whether it's with your families, friends, better halves, or yourself."

"Question, what if we want to hang out together?" Asked Niall.

"No one is stopping you from hanging out together. Any other questions?"

"Yes, are we allowed to travel places on this break?" asked Louis.

"Yes, it's like a year for vacationing," answered Simon. "There is one rule though, don't do anything stupid. You are all free to go now."

I stood up with the rest of the boys and walked out.

"I think I am going to catch a plane home," said niall.

"Agreed," said the rest of the boys.

"I am going to go, but we should make sure to spend some time together during this break okay?" said Louis while walking away.

"We are going to get going to. Bye harry see ya soon," said Liam.

"Bye guys don't forget about me!" I shouted back. I turned around and started walking home. I passed by an office building and that's when I saw the girl from earlier this morning. She was bringing in a shopping bag filled with sandwiches. Is it already lunchtime? I thought while reaching into my pocket for my phone. Sure enough it was 12 on the dot.'Since I'm out I guess I'll grab some lunch' I thought. I walked into the new sandwich shop and bought a sandwich. I sat at one of the tables outside and ate. It really was a beautiful day I thought.

After returning home I decided to take a nap since I was woken up early.

Emma's P.O.V.

Being an intern sucks. All anybody uses you for is to get them their coffee or grab them sandwiches for lunch. It's exhausting, but I would never get a job if I didn't do the intern thing first. I want to be a fashion designer and to be a fashion designer you have to start somewhere, so I start as an intern.

This morning was another close call. I had gone out to get mike, Susan, and henry their coffees and on my way back I almost ran into a guy, but before I did he moved to the side. I wanted to thank him, but that would've meant delaying the time frame in which I had to bring the coffee back.

"It's about time intern," said Susan.

"Sorry, the cappuccino took longer than usual." I said.

"Hey, you got my espresso?" Asked Mike from around the corner. He was the nicest of the three.

"Yep, right here," I said giving it to him

Just then Henry came into Susan's office, grabbed his coffee and walked away. He was the rudest of the three people I was assigned to. He hardly ever spoke to me and when he did it was to criticize me.

I took the empty carton an threw it away. I sat down at my desk which is placed in the middle between the three cubicles. My "projects", as my employers call them, are to make their schedules, answer their phones, and remind them of any upcoming events they need to know about. It was boring work, but that's life as an intern I guess. The day dragged on as usual and at one point I was sent out to get more printing paper, how exciting(note the sarcasm).

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