My Brother Is Vine Famous!?


3. Wild Heart

I'm walking down the street with Calum on my left and Troyler on my right. Being the clumsy person I am I trip over a pebble on the road. I brace myself for the impact of the ground but I feel a pair of arms wrap around me before I can hit the ground. I look up and see a Calum starring down at me smirking. I look up at him and ask,

"What have you never seen a girl trip before?"
"I have but that was the smallest pebble, so I think that you tripped just I would catch you and you could be in my arms."
"If that was the case, would you have a problem with it?"
"No, not really because I think you fit quite nicely in my arms."

I feel my face heat up as he brings us up right. I see that Troyler has already made it to the house so I look at Calum and say,

"Last one to the house has to buy the other nandos"

I take off running towards my house and I get to the door and as I'm about to turn the nob it opens and I fall into the arms of someone. I look up to see Luke staring down at me. I try to get up and I have the hardest time. I'm able to push myself up but that puts me in the position where I'm straddling him. I look down at him and blush and he manages to get us both up without me even leaving his lap. He stands up with my legs still around his waist I look into his eyes and fold my arms across my chest and say,

"Well someone is enjoying this aren't they?"

He smirks and sets me down and I look down and shuffle my feet and I turn and walk into the kitchen. I start to make a cup of coffee and I get stuff to make some lunch. I put my headphones in and press play and 'Wild Heart' by The Vamps comes on. I start dancing around while I gather the ingredients for lunch. I set everything on the counter and I look up to see Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael standing there. I smile and say,

"Guys I'm so sorry for the way I reacted earlier. I was just a little stressed from trying to edit videos, cover videos, writing and everything else"

Ashton walks up behind me and hugs me and says,

"it's okay love, we totally understand"

I smile and I continue making lunch and when I finally get done with it I yell to everyone else,


I hear feet trampling through out the house and I hear someone yell,

"what the hell alfie that was my foot!"

I walk to the doorway and stop everyone and I see that Alfie is at the head of the heard. I stop them and I tell Alfie to go to the back of the line and I say,

"guests first you ninny. So Lukey, Ashey, Calum, Mikey y'all are first."

I walk back over to the counter and sip on my coffee as everyone gets their plates and start eating. I'm standing there smiling at my friends and brother and I hear Luke say,

"aren't you going to eat?"

"uh no, I'm going to go lie down I have a slight headache"

He turns back to eating as I go upstairs and lie down. I'm laying there thinking about everything that's happened the past couple of hours. I plug my phone into charge and I roll over and close my eyes. As I'm laying there I hear my bedroom door open and I see Jack and Nathan Sykes. My eyes widen when I see him and Jack says,

"oh did they not tell you that they were coming by today."

i shake my head no and I roll back over and close my eyes and I hear jack tell Nathan that I love when he sings. I didn't hear his response but I feel my bed sink down and I roll over and see Nathan sitting there and he says,

"I hope you don't mind but would it be okay if I sang for you"

I smile and shake my head yes and I lay my head on his lap and he starts singing 'almost is never enough.' I'm looking up at him and as he's singing he starts to play with my hair. I close my eyes and smile and I slowly start to fall asleep as he's finishing his solo. He finishes and he gets up lays my head back on my pillow and kisses my forehead, turns of my bedroom light and walks out of my room.


I wake up a couple hours later and I sit up and stretch. I get out of bed and I make my way downstairs and see everybody siting around the living room watching movies. I walk over to Nathan and hug him and I walk over and sit in Michaels lap and he wraps his arms around my waist and Luke looks over and frowns. I lean over and pull him closer to us and I take his right hand start playing with it and I slowly tangle our fingers together. He looks down at our hands then back up at me and I see him smiling even in the dark. I smile and turn and watch whatever movie they are watching. I feel Michael's chest rise and fall and I tell it's a yawn and I whisper to him,

"There is a guest bedroom down the hall if you want to go lay down"

He gives me a thankful smile and I slide into Luke's lap and he instantly wraps his arms around me. I snuggle deeper into his embrace and we continue to watch the movie. I let out a small yawn and Luke whispers in my ear,

"Wow love the only other person I know who sleeps as much as you is Zayn from one direction."

"I know, it's just I've been staying up all night for a couple of days editing videos, mine and Alfie's."

"Doesn't he know how to edit?"

"He does but he likes some of the effects I use so he asks me to edit some of his videos every now and then"

"Do you want to go back to bed?"

"I don't want to go back to sleep I just want to lay down"

"Alright, I'll tuck you in"

We both get up and head upstairs and as we get to my room I turn to him and say,

"Heads up my room is like tumblr, fangirl, youtuber central"

"So there are lots of posters of us?"

I look down and shake my head yes as I blush hardcore. We walk into my room I go to bed bed and sit as Luke stands in the doorway and looks all around. I smiles and say,

"See I told you so"

"Wow! I thought you meant lightly"

"I don't ever do anything lightly. You know what would be really fun?!!!"

He looks at me kind of scared and asks,


"If you did a video with me, I could tweet out that I'm having a special guest from one of my favourite bands in my new video and have my followers send in questions and guesses and the first one to get it right we'll follow and give a shoutout to them in the video"

"You know what that would be really cool, Ill do it"


I pull up my laptop and log into twitter @BlairKofficial(not real) send out a tweet-long,

"ALRIGHT BLAIRCATS!!! I have a special guest from one of my favourite bands in my next video! The first one to guess who it is correctly will get a follow from me and said special guest. Send in questions, would you rathers, truth or dares anything. Hashtag them #BKsMysteryGuess"

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