My Brother Is Vine Famous!?


2. Heartache On The Big Screen

I wake up to the alarm on my phone blaring 'She Looks So Perfect' by 5SOS. I roll over and turn the alarm off and I jump up out of bed and head into my bathroom. I turn on the faucet and splash water on my face. I hear a knock on my bedroom door and I yell,

"What Alfie?!"

He walks in and say,

"Blair the gang is coming over today and they're bringing some friends with them."

"Okay so can you leave so I can get ready"

He smirks and walks out of the room. I walk over to my phone and I put my phone on the dock and start playing the 'What I Like About You' cover by 5SOS. I'm dancing around my room and walk over to my closet and I start looking through my clothes and I finally pick black skinny jeans, nirvana crop top, black vans, my black bowler hat and I wrap my plaid shirt around my waist. I grab my makeup bag and walk back into my bathroom and do my eyeshadow with a dark smokey eye and my lipstick is a sparkly red. I walk back into my room and see Joe and Marcus sitting on my bed. I stop in my tracks and ask,

"Why are you in my room?"

They look up and their eyes widen and Marcus says,

"Well doesn't someone look gorgeous today!"

"Isn't someone trying to suck up! Now what do you want?"

Joe speaks up and says,

"Hey B! We were just coming to say hey and that we're here"

"Oh okay sorry for the outburst then"

Marcus gets up off the bed and walks over to me and embraces me in a hug and whispers,

"I'm serious though you look beautiful"

I place my lips on his neck and leave a small kiss. I pull back and smirk at the lip print on his neck and say,

"Thanks Marcus"

I walk away and walk down the stairs to the kitchen. I see Alfie and Zoe sitting at the counter drinking a hot chocolate and a coffee. I walk in and say,

"Hey bro! Hey Zoe"

Zoe looks up smiles and says,

"Girl you look smokin! These boys are going to be fighting to be with you."

Alfie perks up when he hears this and says,

"Who's going to be fighting over her?"

"Oh Alf, just go back to drinking your hot chocolate!"

I give them both hugs and walk back up to my room and I grab my phone off the dock and walk back downstairs plugging the phone on the dock in the living room. I press play and 'Heartache On The Big Screen' blasts out of the speakers. I walk back into the kitchen to find that Marcus and Joe are down out of my room and Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee, Finn and Jack Harries, Jim Chapman, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Sawyer Hartman, Sam Pepper and Joey Graceffa have joined us. I make my way to the counter to get my favorite coffee mug that has a picture of a tweet that Ashton Irwin sent that says 'I have a phd in disney films' I grab it get some coffee and grab a muffin. I take my muffin and coffee and go out into the living room. I go to sit on the floor and I hear a knock on the door and I scream,


I set my muffin down on coffee table and I make my way over to the door and I unlock it and before I can open it I hear someone scream,


I smile to myself knowing that someone has seen the lips on Marcus's neck. I open the door and say,

"Come on in, I expect your here with Zoe and all the others, but if you would excuse me I have AAAAHHH...."

Before I can finish the sentence Marcus walks runs into the living room after me. I set my empty coffee cup down and I switch the music to the song 'One Way Or Another/Teenage Kicks' that One Direction did for comic relief. I take off running and I turn to see Marcus close behind me. I run into the kitchen and run around everybody a few times and then I run back into the living room and I start to run around the kitchen table but I stop on one side and with Marcus on the other. I look at him and say,

"You wouldn't hurt me, I'm your favourite person!"

"I know I wouldn't hurt you"

I smirk and the song starts to speed up and I look towards the kitchen and he turns and looks and I run over to the people that were at the door and I grab onto the tallest one and hide behind them and I lean up and whisper,


"Alright" he replies with and Australian accent.

I hear Marcus's feet run into the living room and says, "Hey guys have you seen a girl wearing a nirvana top and black, well like the outfit he's wearing" as he points to the guy I'm standing behind.

They all shake their head no and he goes back into the kitchen. I peek around the guy and that's when 'Heartbreak Girl' comes on and he looks down at me and smiles. I look up at him smiling at me and I realise that I'm standing behind THE LUKE HEMMINGS from 5SOS. I come out from behind him and i finally take a look around and see that in fact all the members of 5SOS are standing in my living room. I smile and turn around walking into the kitchen. I walk in and Marcus tries to come after me but I put my hand up to him and I say a little too loud,


Everybody turns and looks at Zoe and Alfie. I look at them and ask,


They look at each other then at me and they throw up their hands and say,


"SURPRISE? SURPRISE? YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME INSTEAD OF LETTING ME MAKE A FULL OF MYSELF IN FRONT OF THEM!!" I scream as I turn around head back into the living room grabbing my phone then headed back up to my room. I put my headphones in and I blast the SLSP EP. I'm laying there looking at the ceiling just listening to the music. I see out of the corner of my eye Finn and Sawyer standing in the doorway. I lean up and pull my headphones out and look at them and ask,


Finn gives me a smile and comes and sits by me on my bead and places an arm around me and Sawyer says,

"Sweetie, don't be mad at your brother and Zoe we all had something to do with them being here today."

I look up at Finn and ask,

"Finn Finn my favourite twin is that true?"

"It is sweetheart, we all knew how big of a fan you were and we thought we would surprise you, we weren't expecting you to leave your lip print on Marcus's neck, get chased by Marcus for it especially answer the door"

I shrug and I get up off the bed and walk into my bathroom and clean the makeup that was smeared down my face and I reapply and walk back out and make my way back downstairs with my headphones in blasting 'The Only Reason.' I walk into the kitchen finding no one in there. I grab a cup of coffee in a travel mug and make my way through the living out the front door. I walk down the street to the park and I sit down at the base of one of trees. I take a sip from my coffee and I just sit and watch the families and I smile.

I'm looking around the park and I see a few of my friends walking into the park. I stand up and start walking the opposite direction. Not wanting to deal with them right now.

I hear footsteps getting closer behind me. I turn around and see Tyler, Troye and Calum standing there. I look at them and say,

"What did Alfie send you?!"

Calum walks over to me and wraps his arms around me and says,

"No, he didn't send us. The way you left made me and the boys worried that is was us who made you leave."

I pull back and look into his eyes,

"Calum, I need you to know that it was not anything you boys did! It was just that fact that they got you boys here for me to meet you and they didn't even tell me. They thought it would be a good surprise, don't get me wrong it was a great surprise. I guess I just overreacted a little. I'm sorry Calum."

He pulls me back into for a hug and whispers,

"It's okay love, lets get you back to your house so you can meet the boys properly."

I pull back and smile and he wraps his arm around my waist as we make our way over to Troye and Tyler and I say,

"Well boys, let's get going I think I have some apologies to give."

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