Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


4. You have got to be Kidding me!

Sharlene's P.O.V

As soon as Harry asked that, I looked down at Samantha who was besides me. She had her head down and I knew she was upset. I sat down and rubbed her back. She looked at me and then I hugged her.

"Samantha, he needs to know. I know its is hard but its upon your duty to do it. It getting to late." Her dad spoke.

She sighed and breathed. I gave her a smile knowing I would be here for her.

"Samantha it will be fine." Jordan said as she stood up and he hugged her.

"Yea if he can't be there then I am always here. I mean WE." Zac said.

"Come here. Don't worry you have time." Seth said.

"Yea man. You can do it." Ian said trying to be funny.

All the others said similar stuff.

Some had to go because the little ones were gone.

"Right please I am starting to get scared." Haz said. I new he was worried. My power was emotions right.

"Okay fine I will tell him but can someone please take Darcy away?" I knew she was crying now.

Harry still looked confused.

One of them took her. I stayed since I knew I needed to be here.

Samantha's P.O.V

As soon as as she was taken away, I looked at Harry. He looked purely petrified.

My group was here along with the members.

"Right Harry, I am hiding something." I said not looking happy.

"Yea I know first secret you was pregnant, second you are a vampire." Harry said letting out a nervous laugh.

I shook my head no. He stopped.

"Samantha what is going babe-" I interrupted.

"Please don't call me that!" I snapped trying not to be harsh. My eyes turned pure red. Harry looked at me wide eyed.

My cousin Zac grabbed hold of my arm tightly. I looked at him and then he tried calming me down which worked.

He looked scared. I get mad really easily being a vampire made it really hard.

I mouthed a sorry.

"Harry the thing is this is a different. I found out this secret when I went for a check up.But this was said by the council. Harry the thing is well our child Darcy is ill. Not like a flu. I mean her strength. She is half human half vampire. Darcy is a normal baby as in she gets breastfed and stuff. But she also needs animals blood. When she was still in me the craving were really bad. But for her to be fully strong as in a fully developed vampire something needs to be done-" I stopped I couldn't carry on.  I had tears in my eyes.

"Is it what I think it is?" I heard Harry say. I looked up and he was tearing up aswell. He knew. Seth came towards me and told me I needed to carry on especially me. I nodded.

"Harry for her to be like us,... umm you need to be a vampire or she will be a weak child and then you know. She needs to drink a bit of your blood. then thats it. Just one sip." As I said this Harry stood up.

"Well come on she can drink my blood."

"Harry it isn't that simple. YOU need to be a vampire. And not because of her you change. There has to be affection. Also IF you Do change then you drink mine and her meaning Darcy's blood." He sat down looking gob smacked.

"Oh okaay.But Samantha?" I looked up at him. "What about you? What is wrong with you."

I regretted this. There was something I was missing. No one knew this bit.

"Okayy. Well just like Darcy I am weak to but more weak. I need a bit of my soul mates blood its you. Harry if you do think of changing then only I can just me. Because we are a family. We are not together but still. Umm guys there is something else no one knows. As you know for the past year I have not been myself. I am hiding something." I spoke looking around at all my cousins.

I-I I'm dying...-" I couldn't take it I dropped to the floor and bursted out crying. I didn't care. I heard crying from everyone.

Someone was coming towards me. I looked up and it was Harry.

"W-what d-do you m-mean y-you are d-dying? Harry asked looking upset and anger.

As he said that he helped me stand up and made me sit on the sofa. Our eyes never left each other.

"Samantha please speak. You know its not good to joke around.

"I AM NOT LYING OKKAYY!!!!" I said not taking it anymore. My vains could be seen I was red my eyes were red. My fangs were out as I stood up wanted to attack. Harry was pushed between my uncles.

Aidan and Adam my two cousins sat me down both holding on to me. Shar looked in my eyes calming me down. My fangs disappearing. They still held hold of me since it would happen again. Afterall it did happen TWICED!

"I am not. Its true I am. Because Darcy is a child it happens slow. Whereas with me its happing more fast. I found out a while ago-"

"WHAT? YOU DIDN'T SAY!?" Shar said looking pissed.

"How long have you got left?" My dad asked.

]This I didn't want to say.

I shook my saying no. Not answering.

"Samantha I will NOT ask again how long?"Dad asked.

"Please tell me." Harry said coming towards me.

"Not long."

"You have got to be kidding me!


*Authors Note*


Guys what do you think will happen?

Samantha is dying!

Will she get saved?

What will Harry do?

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