Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


24. Vampire Harry

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up feeling different. I rubbed my forehead and look to my side to see a figure sitting on the bed. Crouched. Whilst rubbing my head, I sat up. My hands were cold. I felt my heart. No beat. Memories of last night flooded back to me. Samantha changed me. I smiled remembering.

"Samantha?" I asked he. As she turned around, her eyes were red and puffy and her nose were also red.

I was scared so I crawled across the bed towards. I was naked so I carried the blanket.

"Harry I am so so so sorry." She said as she came and jumped on me to give me a hug. Me falling on my back.

"What for?" I asked her as we looked into each others eyes. Putting her hair behind her ear. I realised she was just wearing my top and no pants.

"F-for changing you."

"Babe its fine. Now Darcy can come back home and we can be a proper family." She nodded understandingly.

We sat on the bed in silence. I then decided to get up and get ready.

"Harry you must be hungry so get ready, and get changed into this. After you have ate we will get Darcy then my family need to talk to you." Samantha explained.

I went to take a shower and got on the hunting clothes. Sam told me that her cousins Adam, Zac, Amelia and Jordan would be coming since they hadn't ate in a while. Samantha had but she would come with me.

"You ready Harry?" She asked.

"Yea lets go." I said as I got on the jacket. We made our way to Adams room and opened up the portal. We all walked in one by one. We were in the forest.

"Right Harry you are coming with me and Sam and Amelia. Zac and Jordan hunt and meet us back here. No funny business."  As Adam said that they sighed and left.

Adam started to run with Samantha following.

"Come on Harry." Amelia spoke as she told me to follow. I looked behind and she was there. I didn't even realise my speed was really fast. We came to a stop and were hiding.

"That what you need to catch Harry. For the three of us to eat. All you need to do is jump and bite into it and drink blood. Go."

As he finished telling me what to do, I did what I was told. And let me say I was proud along with the others.

"Good job Harold." Amelia said.

"Wow mate." Adam said

"Well done Harry babe. Did you enjoy that. Must be full right?" Samantha said. I was glad she was proud of me.

"Yea I am. Dont need to eat for a while." I answered.

"Right lets go and meet the others." Adam said as he led the way.

This time I was behind him. Seconds later we arrived and Zac and Jordan were messing about.

"Guys stop it!" Amelia screamed at her brother-in-laws.

"Sorry." They both said.

"Right we all need to go to the kingdom. Ceremony." Adam said.

"What ceremony?" Samantha and us asked.

"Because Harry has turned so we need to hold a ceremony."

We nodded and then they opened up the realm. As we walked in, we arrived in the dressing room where all the cousins were getting ready.

"Come on Harry." Jordan said as he dragged me away.

This is what I wore. As I walked out, I saw Samantha in this.

She wore the turquoise one.

As well as her tiara.

"Lets go were late." She spoke as she grabbed my hand and led the way to the balcony.

"Good Morning to my fellow people. We have just come here to say thank you. But also that Harry Styles is no longer human. He is now a vampire. I will now bring up Princess Samantha and Harry Edward Styles." Her dad spoke as he made way for us to walk.

"Good Morning." I said.

"Good Morning my fellow people. As you must have heard minutes ago, Harry my boyfriend is now a vampire. So that means that Darcy can now come back home. I know you have all grown close to her. So me and Harry have agreed and have promised to bring her back at least once a week. So thank you." As Samantha finished of her speech, we all went back inside.

Making our way to Darcy's room. I picked her up gently  since she was sleeping. The others went to go talk to the people at the kingdom so I sat in the rocking chair.

Darcy woke up.

"Daddy?" She said as she rubbed her green eyes.

"Hello love." I said with a smile. She immediately hugged me.

"We are going home today. Forever." I spoke.

"Yaay."  She said.

Half hour later I was told that we were leaving.

I got Darcy and made my way.

"Come on lets go." Sam's dad said.

"Grandad." Darcy spoke as she saw Sam's dad.

"Hello Bella." He said as he kissed her temple. Which she laughed at.

"And what about me?" A voice spoke from behind.

"Mummy!" Darcy scream as she squired out of me to run to her mother.

"Hello baby Anne." She said tickling her.

Wow they were right when they called her different names.

In groups, we all left to go to the hotel. As we arrived, we went into my room so I could get changed. Darcy and Samantha came back after coming in loose casual clothes.'

Darcy sat in between me and her mum as we watched her channels, talked laughed and took pictures which we posted.

"Mommy Daddy?" She spoke as she looked at us both.

"Yes love?" I said.

"I wuv you guys so much. Don't leave me again please." She said as she hugged Samantha and me. When she hugged me I was shocked at what she had said. Especially for a two year old. I looked at Samantha and she had the same expression as me.

"Baby we will never leave you okaay?" Samantha said.

"Promise?" Darcy asked.

"Promise." Me and Samantha said.

Later we watched films and Darcy fell fast asleep.

I picked her up and took her to my room where her crib was. Since me and Samantha didn't sleep we carried on talking.

I was glad to have my family back.

One SMALL happy family. Thats what we were. I hope it grow.




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