Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


23. Valentines Day- The Day Everything Changed

Samantha's P.O.V

Todays the day where everything will change. Valentines day it is. Special gift for Harry will be given to him.

All night, me and the others were decorating up the hotel to make it look lovely and festive. We take it seriously.

Sharlene text me the other day saying she won't be back since she will be with Niall, zayn will be with Perrie, Louis will be with Eleanor and Liam will be with Sophia.

Harrys family left the other week. We had such great fun. We went out to the park and Darcy even spent the day with her grandparents and her aunt Gemma. After they left, Darcy had to immediately leave since it wasn't safe. They knew about the Vampire thing. But wouldn't tell.

Harry is in his room knowing what will happen today. I was sitting in my living room when I heard a knock on the door and with someone entering.

Today was the last day of school. We have a week off.

"Hii babe. Happy valentines day." Harry spoke as he gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Happy valentines day to you to Harry." I replied back.

Harry brought up roses in my face as he sat down besides me.

"For you my lady."

"Harry I love them." I said admiring them.

"Thats not all. Until they all die thats when I will love you till the end. But forever since 1 is not real.Plus theres alot more" He said with a wink.

"Harry not to many. PLEASE?"

"I cannot promise you anything."

"Urgh okay let me get your present."

Harry's Gifts:



"Samantha I love them. An album of our times together when we first met along with Darcy's pictures. But babe how much did you spend." He asked looked deep into my eyes.

"That doesn't matter Harry. It shows how much I love you. " I said smiling.

"Okay. Now for my turn." Harry said as he got mine.

My gifts:

"Harry I absolutely love them." I said as I pulled him into a hug. "Now how much did YOU spend?" I asked playfully.

"I love you. Money doesn't matter. By the way. This isn't all. Im taking you out to a restaurant. We leave in an hour so go." Harry said taking me towards my room. "Meet me downstairs." I nodded and went.

I had a quick shower and got on this dress. Leaving my hair curled and wearing red lipstick, eye liner and mascara.

I wore this but with black leggings..

After getting ready, I went down wear I sat Harry in a black suit along with a bow tie. Cute and Sexy.

"Babe you look amazing as well as stunning." Harry said eyeing me up and down.

"You don't look bad yourself." By now we were laughing.

I said goodbye to my uncle and aunty and left with Harry to go to his car. Holding his hand.

He opened up the door as a true gentleman.

"My lady."

"Why thank you sir."

Seconds later he sat.

He switched on the car and drove to the destination. The drive was in silence. Good silence.

"Were here." Harry spoke as he looked at me. He got out of the car and opened the door for me. I said thank you and he lead the way holding on to my hand.

The restaurant was quite posh. It looked expensive.

"This way sir and ma'am." The waiter said as he lead the way. As we sat the waiter took our orders.

While we were eating, I needed to tell Harry. "Harry?" I said as I held his hand which was on the table. He looked up.

"Yea babe?"

"Its going to happen today I think." I whispered.

He smiled.

"Good because I want it to." He answered. We carried on talking and then left to go my hotel room.

Harry knew I was nervous so he placed his hand on my thigh because my hand was there. My cousins kept texting knowing what was going to occur. SO I just replied.

Harry parked up his car and we made our way inside. Walking up the stairs to my room.

He opened up the door and led us to my room. I didn't care. I really missed Harry so I grabbed his face and starting kissing him. It wasn't force. There was passion and lust. Harry grabbed onto my face and pulled me into the kiss. Our tongues coming into contact.  I used my mind to block out the noise.

The room was dark because before we left I had shut the curtains.

"Jump." Harry said in between the kiss. I did what he said and his hand were on my but. His lips left mine and were now on my neck and jaw line. My moans were loud.

"Minutes later, we were now on the bed naked.

"Ha-rrr--rry. I'm gunna come." I said.

"M-me t-too babe."

After we both did, I quickly turned around and did what I needed to do.

"Harry. I am soo sorry. Its time."

"Do it. Now!" I nodded.

I knew my eyes were now turning red. My fang were growing. I bent down towards Harry's neck and bit him.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Harry screamed.

"I tried calming him. Which worked.

He wasn't breathing. His heart rate was gone. He was unconscious.

Harry Styles is going to be a vampire.

I changed Harry styles.


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