Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


7. This is it.

----2 Days Later----

Harry's P.O.V

It has been two days since everything has happened. Right now me and the boys were in our hotel room. Samantha and the others have not been in the hotel much. They have been to busy.

After Ian and her came back from 'hunting', they told me that Darcy loved the teddy bear. At the moment, Louis, Niall and Liam have gone out of town to either visit their girlfriends or their family. Whereas me and Niall are here sitting bored as hell.

"Heyy Niall? I am bored and I know you are. what shall we do?" I asked him after he looked up.

"Actually Haz, I got a text from Sharlene." After he said that, I knew he had plans.

"So you are going out?"

"Nope we both are. Her and Sam need to see us. They want us to go to some conference room. So lets go. Like.. NOW."

As soon as he said the word 'NOW', we immediately got up because we had to go. They were strict with there timing.

We went down the stairs and made our way to the conference room. After knocking on the door, we opened it. In there was Samantha, Sharlene, Ian, Zac, Jordan, Seth, Sam's dad, Shar dad and their uncles.

"Well come in then, don't just stand there." One uncle said.

Niall shut the door and we sat.

Samantha's P.O.V

Whilst we made small talk, we heard a knock on the door, the door opened to reveal two boys, Niall and Harry.

"Well come in then, don't just stand there." My uncle said.

Niall shut the door and sat.

"Okay. So the thing is we don't have much time. So we are going to get to the point." Zac's dad said sternly.

"As you know we are vampires right?" My dad asked. They both nodded. "Well the thing is our people, those from the other realm need to know who you are." Dad spoke.

Sharlene's dad continued. "Especially you Harry, after all you are Annies Dad." He said refering to Darcy.

"Annie?" Niall asked.

"Uhh yea. Thats what they call Darcy since the name is to long." I said answering his question. He nodded.

"So umm what you are trying to say to us is that I need to come and see your people." Harry questioned.

"Yes but also Niall needs to come. Harry is Samantha's soul mate and Niall is my sisters soul mate." Seth said.

"Right okay so when are we going?" Niall asked them. All us kids turned to face the dads since we didn't even have the clue.

"Yea about that today. Like in a couple of hours."

"Great!" I said sarcasticly.

"You could have informed us before. Is everything done?" Shar asked. She was fussy about stuff being organised.

"Yes it is." Her dad said.

"Do we all have to go?" Jordan spoke.

"Yup. By all that includes everyone here."

We all rolled our eyes since we couldn't really be bothered today.

"Before you said that we are going to be staying the night right? But like how will we get these lot through?" Zac asked refering to Niall and Harry.

"They will. That is our problem. My uncle spoke.

"You lot are royals right so what does that make us two. Also do we have to wear royal clothes?" Niall questioned.

I looked towards my uncles and they nodded so I answered this.

"You guys are kinda counted as royals BUT to be a full vampire you have to be one and get married. And no Niall you just wear like a suit or something. Like the royals here."

He nodded understandingly.

"Wait there is a problem. I don't want to loose my chances on seeing Darcy. I only have two." When Harry said this, he looked upset and guilty."

"Harry the thing is that you are going to see Darcy in the other realm so it will be fine. This chance does not count."

I saw Harry sigh in relief after Ian told him this.

"So what is going to be happening with all this?" Niall asked

"We are going to go in relax get dressed, start ceremony. So we will introduce you both then Harry Samantha and Darcy will go up. After that you can talk to them. Photos of the Styles then the council want to talk. Then since you lot  sleep we will stay the night." My dad said as he told them what will be happening.

We talked a bit more but then it was time to go. We all got changed into casual clothes. Then we met up in my room.

"Right the thing is for us to open the portal, we have to hold hands. Then for Niall and Harry to get in, they have to hold yours. So Haz hold Sam's hand and Niall you hold Shar's." They nodded. It was only us kids the dads had gone already.

First Nialler and Harold stepped back so we could open it. We did what we did two days ago. Shut our eyes and held hands.

We then heard the portal being open.

"Sammy and Shar you guys go first. NOW!" Zac screamed at us. He was the oldest from us.

When we turned around, they both had there mouths gaping wide open. They both had backpacks with them

"Shut your mouth guys its rude."Sharlene said.

She grabbed Nialls hand and ran in. After three minutes, I looked at Harry.

"Are you ready Harold?"

"Yea lets go." Harry said as he adjusted his back. I grabbed his hand and we ran in.

We arrived and we were in the hall.

I saw Shar taking Niall into my room.

"Right lets go and get you settled. You will sleep in my room okay.

We entered my room.

"Wow your room looks nice."

"Thanks its my favourite colour so yea..."

After settling down, it was time to get ready.

"Right you need to come with me because in about 2-3 hours it will start. So come on." We walked out and made our way into the room where they had all the suits and ball gowns.

"Girls go first boys later." Jordan said. I nodded and me and Shar went.

I first had a shower so that I could be fresh. Sharlene went after me.

That is what I wore and that was how my hair was.

Shar wore this.

My guy cousins



These are what we all wore. After getting ready, I was told that I could get Darcy.

"Hey Harry me I am going to get Darcy want to come?"

"YESS!!" He ran towards me and we went.

"You look really beautiful Samantha. Normally I see you in top and pants but today I see you in a dress. I love it. I wish I can see that more often." He said with a smirk.

"You don't look to bad yourself. And also don't push it. I only wear it in my kingdom thats it."

"What is your kingdom called?"

"Black Vamp Kingdom."

"Nice name."

"Hahaha don;t worry. I didn't come up with it."

By now we had reached Darcy's room. We opened it and she was in her crib.

"Hello my baby girl." I heard Harry coo as he picked her up.

"Hello my love. Heya Heya." She laughed as I played with her hand.

"Come on its time to go. But I need to do my finishing touch."

I lifted up my dress a bit and walked.

"I f you see my dad or my uncles, tell me so I can act like a proper 'Lady'." As I said that he chuckled. I did to.

I went back into the room.

"Hey can I put it back on?"

She placed the crown on to my head and gave me the rings.

"Wow you look... lovely." I smiled and said thanks.

"Ma'aam they are waiting for you near the balcony." One of the kinsmen said.

I nodded and we made our way.

"You ready? Nervous?" I asked as we arrived.


"You will be fine good luck. Remember its 'Now Or Never'." As he said that he looked up and smiled.

"Now for the intro guys. Be prepared." My uncle said.

The balcony doors opened and we heard the intro.

"Everyone please rise as the royals will now come forward. The kings. (Says name). The prince's of this kingdom in order, Prince Zac, Prince Jordan, Prince Seth and last but not least Prince Ian." As each of there names were mentioned, they stepped forward and waved.

"Now for the Princesses. Coming forward is Princess Sharlene and her boyfriend Niall Horan.  Next is Princess Samantha who is here with her daughter Darcy Anne Isabella Styles, and also her father Harry Styles." I looked.

He handed me Darcy and we both stepped forward. Side by side. Harry held my hand. I looked up and smiled. He also smiled.

Cheers were heard. My dad raised his hands high and talked. He told them about the boys being here and how he is thankful for them because they are so supportive. Then Shar talked about Niall and the boys said a couple of words. Now for my turn.

"Good afternoon to my people. The people that I love. I just want to say thank you for helping me out this past year. Training me to become a better and a stronger vampire. As you know Darcy has been here for a while and you guys have taken care of her.  So me and Harry just want to say thanks." I looked at Harry. "This is Harry Edward Styles who is in a band One Direction and is also the father of our child. He could be popping around and talking to you guys. Harry would like to say something. So thank you."

I moved so Harry could talk.

"Uhm. Well good afternoon. I would just like to say thanks for everything. Looking after my loving child Darcy but for also looking after Samantha whom I still love. So thank you." He looked at me and I just smiled.

Maybe Harry could change right?

After this, Don came to speak to me and Harry about the decision. We told Don about Harry's decision. He told us that as long as he was okay with it then we could go on with it.

2hrs later and all of us got our capes on but we were not allowed to change. The bys were given a cape so they don't feel cold.

We talked for a couple of hours then left, since Niall and Harry were too tired. So was Darcy. "Harry I was wondering if you would like Darcy to sleep with you tonight since you won't see her."

"Yea thanks I would love that."

"There is no need to say thanks. She is your daughter. You have a right to say something aswell."

"Yea I know but you do a perfect job." We both laughed and smiled at the end.

Slowly slowly they both fell asleep. I quickly took a picture and left it as my wallpaper.

I then decided to lay down.


*Authors Note.

Guys thanks for reading this story. But first read Red Blossom.

Also I am soo sorry that this is long. Its just I wanted it to be right and also perfect.

Lil Jay I hope I didnt leave the good bit at the end.

I spent 2hrs writing this.


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