Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


16. Sunday...

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up still feeling a bit tired. I looked around and the place was a total mess. If the others found out we would be doomed.

I saw Louis on the table, Liam on the floor, Niall surrounded by  wrapper and Mase and Harry on the sofa across each other.

We all had a blanket wrapped around us al. Wonder why? As I was looking around, I saw a note. I opened it and read it. It was from Samantha. Aww bless. Minutes later the rest walk up.

"Morning guys." I said

Murmurs of mornings were heard.

"Right come on we better clean up." Liam said as he looked around. Especially towards Niall. He said 'what' acting innocent.

"What's that?" Mason asked.

"Oh just a letter  from Sam."

"Wait w-what! A l-letter? She hasn't left has she." Harry asked scared shit."

"No Harry. It just says that it looks like we had a lot of fun and like she is glad you and Mase got along. Well she hoped you did." Niall said from behind me.

"Oh few. Thank god." Harry said as he had his hand on Mase's shoulder.

"We got along perfectly." Mase said.

"Well okay. Lets go and get ready then get breakfast." Louis spoke.

"I'll meet you later. Harry shall we go and see Sam?" Mase asked. Harry agreed and they left.

Harry's P.O.V

We were both on our way walking down towards Samantha's room.

He knocked on the door and the door opened to Sharlene looking at us weirdly.

"Uhh heyy guys. What's up?" She asked us both.

"I think we are here to see someone." I said looking at Mase and as we made our way in.

"Okaay..." She said still lost. "Your not here for me. Samantha right?" She asked with an eye brow up.

"Sharlene . What happened?" Said a voice behind us. The two of us turned around.

There stood the two twins. Also known as Sharlene's twin brothers.

"Hello mate." Me and Mase said.

"Heyy guys." They replied back.

"We are awake as you can see." One twin said.

"Yes. Well now that, that has happened why don't you have a bath and get changed then you can go down and have breakfast. "She said to the other one.

They nodded and left.

"Did they stay over?" I asked

"Yea kinda some of the adults had to leave for an emergency. And them two and Seth quarrel too much so they stayed here."

"Oh okay. If you want they can stay with us if they are busy and you need to do work or your Uni After all we have Louis and I am sure Niall and them will have fun."

"Of course thanks."

"Welcome. So where is she?"

"In her room go and see her if you want."

We said our thanks and left.

I knocked on the door but there was no answer. She doesn't sleep so what would she be doing.

Since she didn't open the door, I gently opened it. The room was dark with the curtains shut. Someone in the bed. Samantha? But she doesn't sleep. She lies down but always faces the ceiling.

I walked towards the bed with Mason shutting the door and standing in front of it. I crawled on the bed and looked at her since she wasn't facing the door.

"Samantha?" I said as I shooked her. She made a grunting sound. Uh-oh shes not happy.

"Go away." She answered as she went under the blanket.

"Wake up. Me and Mason are here. We are currently in your room."

I saw her eyes open wide.

"WHAT?!" She sat up.

I could see she was wearing my white t-shirt.

"Is that mine love?" I asked winking at her.

"Yea it is. I missed you and I wore it."

"Aww so cute." I said as I pulled her cheeks.


"Sorry but your cute."

We heard a coughing sound and Mason was standing there.

"Yea I am going to make this quick, simple and fast. First of all Morning.

She answered back.

He continued.

"And also I want to say me and your boyfriend got on really well. He is different to what others say. I also want to see Darcy today." He said with hope.

"Yea sure you can. We all will." I said looking at her.

'Are you sure?' She asked sending a mime message.

'Yea I am.' I answered.

We all sat and talked for a while and Mason then left.

"Right I better get up." I spoke up.

"Yea me to." We both got up.

"Harry go and get changed. There's some of your stuff here so go." She said as she shooed me away.

10 minutes later and I was out. Samantha was now wearing the white top, black leggings and heels. As well as her red lipstick.

And this jumper


 I also wore a white top black skinny jeans and black converse. We both left and made our way down.

Samantha was looking around as if she was lost.

I grabbed her waist and looked towards her.

"Babe you okay. Anything you looking for?"

"Yea I need to find either Adam or Amelia since they are in charge."

I also helped look around and then spotted them. Along with their son.

"Found them." I said looking towards their direction. I saw Sam looking that way to.

"Thank god." She spoke as she made her way to them.

Samantha's P.O.V

As Harry spotted them I made my way over.

"Hello Samantha. Does there seem to be a problem?" They asked.

"Umm well actually. I need to go to the other realm and get Darcy." I answered.

"Umm Okaay. Well you can go. If you come back quick. End of today." Amelia said.

"Wait. Is Harry coming?" Adam asked being the protective one.

"Uhh well..-" Harry got cut of by me.

"Yes he is."

"I don't care if I loose my chances." He spoke.

Adam sighed but then agreed. Adam and Amelia were the best. But they always looked out for us.

We left and made our way to the realm. Since I had the ring.

After arriving, we got Darcy but stayed a while to chat.

I was getting late and we left.

We made our way to my room with Harry holding her. Harry texted Mason before to let him know Darcy was back. He thinks that she was out  back in my hometown so it was cool.

Mason came and as he saw Darcy he was smiling like a giddy idiot.

"Darcy is that her!? Oh my word she has gone so big."

"Yea I know bless her." I heard harry say.

Mason held her for a while but had to go since it was a school night. Darcy needed to head back so Harry kissed her and I took her away.

Harr couldn't come since it was late at midnight there.

I came back and saw that Harry had fallen asleep.

I got on some comfy clothes and layed beside him.


Tomorrow was school.





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