Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


22. Styles Family

*Authors Note*

Right guys first I want to say I am sorry for not updating. I was busy with revision and exams. This week  is half term so I will try but I will still have to revise because first day back I have a mock for both chemistry and maths. Also a family wedding. This will NOT be a valentine chapter the next one will.

Harry's P.O.V

So today, I am having people over. All the boys are out at their home towns. Sharlene is going to see Niall's parents so she has gone with. I am alone. My guests are my family. Mum, Robin and Gemma. This will be the first time they see Samantha and Darcy. Last time they will see me as a human. This will be emotional. My chances this is the third. But the family told them about my family coming over and said it was fine. Right now I am cleaning up my room. They will be staying next door. So on this floor.

Today is going to be emotional. They are coming in the afternoon. Right now its 9am. I have missed Samantha because she has been in the realm or in her hometown 2 hrs away from here with her friends or revision.

Tonight when they come, we are going out just us not Darcy. Lucky for me Darcy has had some blood. Samantha has apparently gone out.

Samantha's P.O.V

I just found out that Harry's family are coming so I have gone out to hunt and get my nervous feelings out. This is what I wore.


As I was running, I had a feeling I was being accompanied. Not by one but two people. No one knows this place besides me and...


"Adam." I said to my self.

I stopped.

"Yes?" I heard him say. I turned around. I knew there was a second person.

"Who else is here?" I asked.

"Me." A voice said happily opposite us.

"Amelia?" I asked confused. Both were now standing side by side. BTW they are married.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked looking at them.

They were both wearing same as me. This is what we wore when we came to hunt and run.

"We knew you were here." Adam said.

"You are also not yourself. So sit down and tell us whats up?" Amelia said.

I sat down in the middle in between Adam and Amelia on a log. This is why I was glad they were my cousins and that I loved them. They were there for me and the others no matter what. They knew when something was wrong.

"So go on tell us?" They said.

"Is it Harry?"

I shrugged my shoulders but shook my head.

"Samantha..." Adam said.

"The thing its around Harry but its not him." I spoke as I looked at both of them.

"Wait I think I know." Amelia said. Both me and Adam looked. I asked if she did. "Yea is it about the Styles coming over and Robin?" She asked with a smirk. I looked down.

"Is that true?" Adam asked looking worried. I nodded still with my head down.

"Why?" Both asked.

This time I looked up, stood up took a step forward and sat on the floor.

"Because what if they don't like me. Don't like Darcy because she will ruin his career as well as me.We are Different as well remember?They will hate me I know they will."

By now I was being consoled by both of them.

"First of yes we are Different. They can't hate you until they have met you both. How could they hate you and Darcy when you are both to cute and adorable." Adam answered pulling my cheeks.

I was laughing.

"And Harry will be there to support you. Also they know we are Different so one question is answered. Harry will love you and he won't leave you." Amelia said.

"But if he has to choose between us and them. I am not gunna let him choose. I will. He will choose them.?"


"No lets leave it with that. Come on they should be here now in half  hour. I have to get Darcy." They nodded and we went to the other realm. Darcy was now 2.


(Brown hair though.)

After picking her up I went to the hotel. Adam and Amelia had left. This is what Darcy would be wearing. As I was going to get Darcy to eat, A knock was heard.

"Come in."

It was Harry.

"Heyy babe." I said to Harry as I gave a kiss.

"Hii babe. Where were you?"

"Went to hunt so I wouldn't attack and get-" I got interrupted from squealing sounds in the kitchen.

"DADDY!!" Darcy squeeled.

Oh yea her first word was Daddy.

"I-Is that D-Darcy?" Harry asked.

"Yea but you can check." As I said that he ran off. I followed to see them both laughing.

"Heyy Harry?" He turned. "I need to shower and get ready. You family will be here any time at 12. Is it okay if I go and get ready?" I questioned.

"Yea sure." He answered.

"Oh and can you feed her that. Shes ate vampire food but I need her to eat that. Shes like Niall she will eat it." We both laughed and I left.  She had the characteristics of the boys.

Zayn well when she sees a mirror she goes along with a brush. Liam well she loves the technologies. Liam makes her watch Toy Story so no wonder. Niall well she eats alot. Louis she is a cheeky little girls. Along with that. She sleeps ALOT.

After showering I got changed.


This is what I wore but with a different bag. We were all going to hang out and go out but just me Gemma and Anne.

As I came out from my room, Harry told me that we needed to go down because they were here.

As I was making my way down, I saw them. I stopped feeling scared. Harry knew and took my hand. He was carrying Darcy. They were talking to my parents.

As we approached them, my face was facing their backs. They were laughing.

"Hi mum." Harry spoke. Anne, Robin and Gemma all turned around.

"Harry. Oh honey. Come here. I missed you so much." Anne spoke as she brought Harry in a hug and giving each other kisses on the cheek.

"Hey Bro. Missed you" Gemma said as she hugged her brother. Giving his sister a kiss

"Hii Sis. Missed you too." Harry said as he hugged her.

I held onto Darcy so she wouldn't get crushed.

"Harry." Robin said.

"Robin." Harry copied as they hugged.

I just stood there holding Darcy's hand.

"Mum, Robin, Gem I would like you to meet my girlfriend Samantha." Harry spoke as he introduced me to his family.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Twist and Gemma. I said with a smile. To be polite.

"Heyy Samantha. I'm Gemma Harry's sister. You can call me Gem." She spoke as she hugged me. But whispered something. "Harry talks about you all the time. Never stops." As she let go of the hug we both looked at him and he looked at us confused. We laughed.

"Hello Hun. You can call me Anne not Mrs Twist. Harry never stops talking about you." Anne said as she approached me in a hug.

"Muum." Harry wined embarrassed. I gave him a quick wink.

"And Im Robin. Call me that." Robin said.

"And whose this little cutie?"Anne asked as she approached Darcy who was behind me and Harry.

"Shes so cute. Bless her." Gemma spoke.

"Guys this is our daughter." Harry said as he looked at them. Later looking at me to carry on.

"Her name is Darcy Anne Isabella Styles." I spoke. I was getting scared.

"Darcy love. Say hello to Aunty Gemma and grandpa and grandma." Harry told her as she stepped forward.

Ash she was making her way towards Anne, Anne went down to her height. As she was close Darcy brought her hand out and hugged her grandma.

"Hello grandma." She spoke.

"Hello honey." Anne was now crying.

"Anne are you okay?" Robin asked.

"Y-yea im fine. Shes just so beautiful." Anne answered.

"Hello grandpa." She said hugging Robin.

"Hello sweetie." He answered. Me and Harry looked at each other. Proud of her being our daughter.

"Such good manners she has." Anne spoke with Robin.

"Thank you." Me and Harry spoke.

"Hello Auntie Gemma." She said.

"Hello lovelie." Gemma answered.

After that sme made her way to me and Harry holding both our hands.

"Did you know I wuv my mummy and daddy and dey wuv me." Darcy spoke.

"Aww adorable." Gemma said.

"Yes Darcy me and daddy love you so so soooooo much." I said as I kissed her cheeks with Harry kissing the other.

"Wow guys you did well making her." Gemma said out randomly.

I looked towards her with my eyes wide. Harry giving a glare and Darcy smiling not knowing what she meant. I hope.

"Gemma!" Anne said embarrassed.

"Sorry." Gem said laughing.

"Have you guys been booked in?" I asked them.

"We are just about to." Robin answered.

"Here I will do it." I said making my way.

"See told you it would all work out." Adam said. I smiled.

After I booked them in, I got the keys and led the way.

"So your services will be taken care by me and my group. My room is there. This is your room."

"Wow this room is huge." Anne said as she looked around.

"Mum  Samantha's is more bigger. Hers and her cousin who share have the biggest room in the hotel." Harry said.

"Sadly its true." They laughed.

"Uh Gemma?"

"Yea?" she asked smiling.

"Well the thing is my couisn is not home and wont be until a week or so. So I was wondering if you wanted to come and stay in my room. My cousin has offered you her room."

"Yes! That would be amazing." She spoke.

"Lets all go I want to see this room."Robin said.

As I showed them the room they were amazed.

"Oh wow. You're right. This is big." Robin spoke.

We sat and talked. Thankfully Gemma loved the room.

"Lets go out?" Anne asked.

"Yea sure. We can get coffee and leave." I answered.

"Darcy you stay with Daddy okkay."

"Yes mummy." She spoke.

We made our way down and went to Carols. I got the usual and they ordered the same.

"Yummy." Gem spoke.

"Delicious." Anne spoke.

Since we were going out tonight, we decided to get some dresses. We had a good right laugh which was a good thing. I was starting to get late so we went back. Anne went to her room to get ready and me and Gemma went to mine.

"I enjoyed that." Gemma said.

"Good. I am glad you did." I said as I sat beside her.

We decided on getting ready.

Gemma wore this.

I wore this.

We went down and met the rest. Darcy was with my parents.

Anne wore this

This is what Robin and Harry wore. We all got complimented.

"Babe you look amazing." Harry spoke as he leaned in to kiss me.

"Harry your family are here." I spoke as I stopped him.

"And. Harry missed you." Robin spoke as he told Harry to go for it. Our lips touch. It was a soft but gentle kiss. After the kiss I opened my eyes. Aww's were heard.

"So cute." Harry said. I laughed and gave him a hug which he returned.

Gemma had borrowed one of Shar's Jackets so she wouldn't be cold. As well as Anne. I never got cold so I was fine. A vampire I was. But then I remembered they didn't know yet.

"Sam you not going to get cold?" Gem asked


"She will borrow mine since we need to hurry." Harry said. I said thank you and I wore his blazer as we got into the car.

As we arrived, I gave back my blazer an sat down. We ordered and 15 minutes later we got our food.

"So how old is Darcy?" Robin asked.

"Just turned 2." Harry spoke.

"When?" Gemma asked.

"1st Feb." I answered.

"Same as me." Harry said.

"So why that name?" Anne asked.

"Well because Harry always wanted to name his child Darcy Anne, I like the name Isabella and Styles is because Harry is her father. Since her name is long, my family call her Darcy, Darc, Isabella, Bella or Anne. Before they use to call he baby Styles but now they don't." I answered

"Harry were you their for her birth?" Gemma asked.

"No because we were not together. Also I was in America."

"Why weren't you?" Robin asked.

Harry looked at me and I told him to tell them.

"Because I cheated on her while I wasn't that drunk. 2 months. But I stopped but then I met her at the club." Harry answered ashamed. I rubbed his back and hugged him. Giving him a peck. Telling him it was okay.

Gemma and Robin were gunna choke and Anne was drinking. So she nearly spat it out.

"Oh sorry." Robin said.

"Its fine because we are together now." I said smiling looking at Harry.

The night carried on smoothly and all went back. Darcy was allowed to be seen until Harry's family left. Harry and Darcy stayed in my room. I got in to my pyjamas which was Harry's top and some joggers. Harry wore sweatpants no shirt. Harry go on Darcy's pyjamas and we all fell asleep.


*Authors Note*

No one is commenting. Does that mean I should stop?



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