Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


2. Seeing the boys



Sharlene's P.O.V

Today is Saturday which means I get to see Niall. Me and him have gone really close. I haven't seen him in ages. Samantha out. Darcy is just beautiful. She looks just like her dad. You can tell because when Samantha looks at her there is guilt. Everyone loves her and helps take care of her.

Sam doesn't live at the kingdom we told her to come back. I have missed her so much. Even Carol. She doesn't know about the secret but still loves us.

My parents have met Niall. At first I was scared but then they knew he was the one for me so yea thing are going great.

Harry is THE ONE for Samantha but what he did still haunts her. She is just scared to fall in love. Sam still loves him. Zac and Jordan have secretly been keeping an eye on Harry. He is doing okay. He has been seen with other women but there is no connection and you can tell he doesn't like it.

My dear cousin Sam's look after definitely changed. She has pure black hair just like me.But hers is wavy. Dark red lipstick. Mascara, eye-liner and just everything.

Today was the day. I decided to just wear a black top and black leggings. Leaving my hair in a ponytail and scarf. Since Samantha has been wearing black, we decided to as well. Don't know why.

Right now I was just doing the hotel check-up while Samantha and Amelia were at the front. Darcy was with her grandparents. Well the adults.

It was getting quite so me and Sam decided to go.

"Hey dude! Are you ready?!" I ask her.

"Yea man" She said. Samantha came out wearing a black top, her famous black jeggings, a red scarf and a leather black jacket. Make-up dark red lipstick. Her hair out all wavy.

We went into the car and I drove us to the venue.

As we arrived I could sense Samantha feel nervous and tense. I sent a mind message telling her it would be fine. She smiled a small smile.

Samantha's P.O.V

I gave her a small smile and we walked to our seats. I was thankful that I looked different and that no one could recognise me because if the fans saw me then I would get hate.

10 minutes later, and it started. Niall saw Shar and gave her a wink. The fans around us thought it was to them and they screamed. But when he looked a me, he gave a confuse look. After his part was sung he talked to the others.

When it was time for the twitter questions, it was fun and amazing. I had a lot of laughs. Thankfully I wasn't hungry so I was calm. I reminded Shar that when we see the boys she was not allowed to tell them who I was.

Throughout the whole concert, Harry was in his own world. The other boys saw me but had the same look as Niall even the band and Paul.

My family have been telling me that he still looks and reads the letter all the time and the necklace. I didn't know what to say.

I could see something in his pocket so I looked closer and was shocked. Shar nudged me and  ask what was up. I pointed and she just gave me a reassuring smile.

That thing in his pocket was the letter. He still has it.

It was over. Now for the meet and greet. Just before Sharlene could move I grabbed her and told her to wait. After an hour of clearing up, it was empty. We walked towards backstage. As we walked people greeted her but gave me a confuse look. I just said hi and they said it back.

We were currently in the corridor right now. "Sharlene?!" I heard a voice. We both turned around and it was Niall. She ran towards him and Niall picked her up and spun her round. It was so cute. Bless. I knew she was crying. After all he was THE ONE for her. Niall didn't know we were vampires. "AWWWW so cute!" I said. They all looked at me and I heard her say shutup.

"Babe! You look so different." Niall said

"Shar is that you sis?" Zayn said. We were like there sisters to them.

"Yea its me. I haven't changed much." I heard her say.

"Are you kidding you are like a whole different person!" Lous said with sass. Same old Louis. Missed him. I wonder where Harry was.

"Heyy guys! Been a long time right?" I said acting as if nothing had happened.

"Umm sorry love but we know you are a fan but who are you?" Liam asked.

"Yea love. Are you related to Sharlene?" Louis asked.

"Yea I am...-" I said being interrupted.

"Samantha??!!! Is that you? I know." I heard a voice behind me.

Sharlene nodded to me to go ahead and spill. Giving me a mind message.

I knew it was him. I shut my eyes slowly facing the ceiling.

I turned around opening my eyes slowly. In front of me was Harry with tears streaming down his face. A tear flowing down from my eyes to.

He just gasped. I heard voices and gasps from behinds. Everyone from the boys team stopped and look.

I gave a small wave and mouthed hi.

I looked at his hand and saw the letter opened.



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