Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


11. School!

Harry's P.O.V

Last night, it was fun talking to Samantha. I am also glad that she has the 'Girls Day Out' thing because she seemed upset. When I had seen her entre, she was ecstatic and amazed.

I had just woken up and saw Samantha besides me. Awake.

"Heyy babe." I said as I kissed her.

"Heyy handsome." She said after we had broken the kiss."What time is it?"

I turned towards my phone.

"Nearly 6am." I answered.

"Right I better start getting ready."

"You got the meeting."

"Yea everyday." I nodded and she left

I heard the water switch of. She was going to shower.

10 minutes later she came out with a towel around her.

"Thanks for doing the bed Haz." She thanked as she left a kiss on the cheek.

"Anytime." I smiled.

There was a Knock on the door. Sam told them to come in.

"Morning sorry just came to see if you were getting ready. Hey Harold."

"Hey Shar." I answered

"Yea I am be down in about 5-10 minutes."

Sharlene then left.

Samantha was getting ready. She wore her uniform

"Babe why do you wear a scarf if your looks have changed?" I asked

"Well because even though my looks have changed and a bit of my behaviour, I still want to be the same Samantha." Wow that was deep.

"Are you ready?"

Yea I am." I spoke.

Samantha got her school bag and we then left to go to the front.

Samantha's P.O.V

"Right Haz, I need to go to the meeting so are you going to wait or go?" I asked Harry who was behind me.

"I am going to stay and say goodbye. I'll sit here." He responded.

I left and made my way towards the conference room.

---- Skip Meeting----

The meeting was basically an overview of what happens or what is needed to happen.

As I stepped out, I was laughing with my cousin Adam. Me and him were really close. He was like my big brother. He helps me control my anger.

"Right I will see you later. Bye."

As I was going to give him a hug, he just laughed.

"Samantha you are coming with me. The younger kids have gone. It is just you, Ian, Yas, Isaac and me. So come on."

I wondered why but then I realised the meeting took long.

"Oh okay."

We walked but I walked towards Harry.

"Where are you going?" I pointed towards Harry and he understood.

He carried on following me. Harry stood up and it was awkward.

I gave Adam a look saying: 'Well go we want to say goodbye.'

He said 'Oh' but instead of going he turned around.

To be honest Adam was really OVERPROTECTIVE. And I mean REALLY. When he first found out about me and Harry being together he wasn't happy at all. But he understood later on.Since I knew he wouldn't move, I handed him my bag and blazer which he took.

I opened up my arms and gave Harry a kiss on the cheeks and a hug. But then his lips. It got heated but we pulled away." We both smiled.

I then left and waved good bye. As we reached his car, he handed me my belongings. Then we saw the boys fighting for the front seat. Typical they were 15-16 like come on!

"None of you are sitting at the front I am." I spoke as I reached for the handle.

"Who says?" The boys questioned.

"I say." Adam said.

I stuck my tongue out at them and they mimicked.

"Here Carol's breakfast." Yas passed me.

"Thanks Yas."


That was the car. ^

--Skip to arriving at school---

As we arrived at the car park, we all got out and said our byes to Adam.

"Welcome back to the hell hole." I heard Isaac say.

I just smiled.

I missed my friends so it was kinda okay to be back.

As we entered, we were welcome with kids in the corridors. We all made our way towards our year groups department. Then we departed.

"OMG Samantha! Missed you so much." My friends Mary spoke.

"Yea I know. So busy." I spoke as I hugged the others we talked and they nodded understandingly.

"How's Darcy?" My other friend asked.

"She good just sleeping."

We were all early so we decided to do a lap.

My phone bleeped to show I had a message from Harry saying he missed me. I replied saying the same.

The bell went and we decided to go to our forms (homeroom).

Form wasn't all that. Just took the register and 5 minutes I talked to my friends who were with me and we catched up.

The bell went to tell us that we needed to get to 1st lesson. My friends were not in that class so I went.

Catering, the teacher was just doing demonstrations. After that was I.T. My friends were in that class.

As I entered I.T, I saw Mason.

"Hi Samantha."

"Hi Mason.".

An hour of I.T was a nightmare. Thank god it was break time.

As we went down the stairs into the big hall which was the centre of the school, we took a seat and just talked like old times whilst eating our chocolates.

Later on, we saw the boys coming towards us. We didn't really talk much in school to be honest. Amongst them were the three boys also known as my cousins.

"Heyy Samantha. Do we not get a hug?" I heard the boys say along with choruses of saying yes.

"Hmm let me think about it. Yea sure." I said giggling.

I stood up and hugged them. They also grabbed a chair and we all started to talk.

Next was physics. The teacher wasn't in but we had to complete our plan which was for the exam. We did it but most of the lesson was just talking.

Maths was good. I was having fun. The three people on the table were just throwing my stationary. My cousin Ian who was on another table screamed telling me that I was a babysitter and should shout at them. I just gave him a look saying 'Are you mad?'. He just laughed his head of.

Before we could go for lunch, the teacher told us that we had a test on Thursday. Then I remembered that I also had a history test.

GREAT! *Sarcasm*.

For lunch, the boys were playing football in the court yard We just sat on those grey things talking and joking around.

At the end of lunch, we took time going in so we got in trouble. But after the teacher went we couldn't stop laughing.

I sent a mind message to the boys saying well done for controlling their speed. They looked up and smiled.

Chemistry was really fun. I thought it would be really boring but it wasn't. We just laughed and the boys kept throwing water on my book. Typical boys. I just laughed it of. But normally I would be screaming at them. That is another thing that I had realised that had changed about me.

Oh well.

Bell went to show we had homeroom again. We went and we had to do this quiz. We did then talked.

"Samantha are you coming to after school revision for French?" Megan asked.

"Yea I am."

I forgot to tell my parents. I quickly text them and told Ian.

"Oi Ian tell Adam I have after school and should finish at about half 3 at least."

"Fine sure." He responded.

After bell, me and my friends went to the class. We grabbed our books. The teacher came and helped me. Then the boys wanted help so I did. One question was related to birthday. So since mine and Mason's was on the same month, I helped him.

I got a text from Harry.

H- Heyy Babe..xx I miss you where are you?

S- Heyy I miss you to. I am in French revision class. Should be home for half past 4.

H- Okay fine but hurry. :*

S- I will try. Bye.xx :*

I then put my phone to the side.

Time past by and me and my friends decided to go. Before I left, I got a text from my cousin Adam telling me he was outside.

We all said our good byes and we separated. I got into the car and made our way to the hotel.

----Skip car ride---

As I entered the front door, I was immediately brought into a hug.

"Aww I missed you so much." Harry then kissed me after the hug.

"Dude I was in school. I still need to go you know." I laughed and then he pouted which made me laugh more.

I then made my way upstairs and got ready. Today I had front desk and restaurant duty.


This is what I wore but when it was time for restaurant, I would wear the apron.

Duty was the same nothing new.

After working, I went to the relax room to revise and then to my room.

Today was an eventful day.

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