Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


12. Niall & Shar's: Forever & Always

Niall's P.O.V

Recently, me and my lovable girlfriend have not been able to spend much time together because well we have both been really busy. So today is Thursday which means Sharlene is not at Uni. I planned us a wonderful day together.

I got up and went towards Sharlene's room.

I knocked and she opened.

 "Heyy Niall." She said as she made way for me to walk through.Which I did.

Sharlene's P.O.V

It feels weird not hanging out with Niall because we see and spend time with each other for at least and hour. But now we don't. Its either 1 hour or never.

Right now me and Samantha were sat watching TV and also on our phone. We had the day off since we were both busy with school.

Samantha was talking to her friends back home. Today she was going to see Darcy. We told her she could go later but she didn't listen. So I left it with that.
Whilst we sat, we heard a knock on he door. I went answer it and it was Niall.

"Heyy Niall." I said as I made way for him to walk which he did.

"Hi Babe." He spoke as he kissed my cheek then lips.

Niall sat down next to Samantha while I sat across and put the TV volume low.

"Heyya Niall." Sam said smiling widely as she hugged him. Her and Niall were close. Best friends I would say.

"Hello Little S." He answered back smiling and returning the hug.

Little S was Samantha and big S was me. But Niall never called me that. The others did.

"So Niall what brings you here." Samantha asked.

"Well I am actually here for Shar. I was wondering since you have a day off and I am free I want us to spend all day together. Are you in?" Niall asked with both him and Sam looking at me.

Niall had his arms around Samantha's shoulder as if they were waiting for the winning answer.

"Yea sure I would love that." I said.

As I said that, both Sam and Niall were jumping. Sam on the sofa and well Niall on the floor. Next thing they were both doing these weird funny dances.

I just looked at them shocked. Sometimes I worry about them

They cleared there throats and Sam jumped back and sat and Niall stood.

"Why don't I get ready and you to just sit." I said as I slowly walked away backwards.

This is what I wore with a matching head scarf I wore.

As I came out of the room, I could see Niall chasing Samantha.

"Right what's up now?"

Its Sam she deliberately got my favourite chocolate and is shoving it in my face."

Niall you did that to me so see I do it to you."

"Samantha seriously...?"

"Niall here, I don't want it. When you come back. I won't be here so I am going to tell Shar to give you something from me OkAY?" Samantha said as she threw the chocolate towards him which he caught.

"Yep. But where are you going. Harry didn't say about you having plans."

"I'm going to see Darcy."

"Aww give her my love."

"I will."

Both Niall and Shar said there goodbyes hugs and kisses on the cheek. Then we left.

(I am sorry but I will give summary on the events that happened.)

Niall and me first went out for breakfast. Then we went shopping. He bought me clothes, shoes, accessories, scares and more.

He bought me this expensive jewellery. But I refused but he wouldn't take no as an answer.

For my 16th my mum got me and Pandora charm bracelets so he bought more.

I loved them. He gave it as a gift, but wouldn't say he real reason.

We went out for lunch and talked about random things. Thats what I Love about Niall. I am glad he is my first boyfriend. No one can or WILL replace him. I know that and everyone else does.

"I am glad Sam and Harry are together. Harry would always moan and weep when he thought he was alone or we were asleep. I always heard since my bunk was near him. He placed a picture of both him and her it was cute."

"Yea me to. She thought she was over him but she wasn't. It was the same with her but with Darcy being around and the changes taking place she was okayy."

"Yea she does look differents. Hard to recognise."

"That was the last development of a new born vampire. To complete it the soul mate should recognizse her. But it didn't happen to us since we didn't break up and my transformation took place 4 years ago." I said remembering.

We carried on and then left to go back to the hotel. Niall was taking me out for dinner so I wet to get changed.

When I arrived, Samantha wasn't there. She had left to go to the kingdom.

This is what along with the necklace he bought me. I wore leggings to cover my leg since we weren't allowed to show them..

Niall picked me up looking like this. Then he took me into the range rover and drove us to a posh restaurant. Something must be really important.

The date was going well smoothly but the Niall took out something from his pocket looking nervous. He gestured me to place my hand forward which I did.

Then took out a ring.

I gasped.

"Babe I am not proposing. We are both not ready for it." Then I sighed of relief which Niall just laughed at. He laughs at anything and I find it adorable.

Sharlene Stone I love you alot. We have been together for almost 2-3 years. As days have gone by, I have made many promises. So those promises I will keep. This is a promise ring which I am going to know ake promises on. I promise to love you forever and ever. I will never break your heart, break up with you or cheat on you. I will be there for you when ever you want even if I am on tour. I also hope we can have a life together. Forever & Always."

By now I had tears in my eyes. He placed the ring on me and cuddled me. Giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek and lips.

"I love it." I whispered to him.

"Thanks." He sat back down and the evening carried on.


When we arrived at the hotel, it was about 9- 10 pm. My parents and my brothers were there.

"Heyy Shar." My brothers said as they hugged me. The did the same to Niall. Seth did same.

"Something you want to tell us or show us." My parents asked already knowing.

"Niall my son. Why don't you tell us." My mum said.

"Ma'am first I would like to say that this isn't a proposal. It is a promise ring. I have promised Sharlene that I would promise to love her forever and ever. I will never break hear heart, break up with hear or cheat on her. I will be there for her when ever she wants even if I am on tour. I also hope that we can have a life together. "

"Thats soo sweet. Come here." My mum said to Niall. She gave him a hug and said congrats. Along with the others.

My brothers Stephen and Steven who were twins said something I didn't expect.

"Welcome to the Stone family Niall."

Nill looked towards us and looked at us shocked. I just smiled and gave a nod. My brothers went into to give him another hug.

We were all about to leave before Niall stopped us.

"Umm sorry but before you leave, I would also like to say that some promises I have made tonight and also on others days are for the family aswell."

Niall really wants to be that boyfriend who is loved by the girls family.

I went over and gave him a hug.

5 minutes later and they all left. Me and Niall sat at the reception and talked. Next thing we were kissing then making out. He lead me upstairs to his room.

You know what happened there and then. But lets just say I had to block out the sounds since you know we loved it.


*Authors Note*

Heyy guys. See I promised you I would update.  I have also got a flu. So I will try. But I am sure it will be from next week.


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