Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


14. Movie Night

Harry's P.O.V

"Hello Harry."  He said with his hands out to shake.

I looked at it.

I looked at everyone and they looked worried.

"Hello Mason. Its good to finally meet you."

"Oh really?". He asked shocked.

"Yea. I have heard that while I was away and me and Samantha were not together, you, your friends and her friends helped her and helped look after Darcy. I am really thankful for that."

"Your welcome mate."

Then we hugged. But that bro kinda hug.

"Umm right Mase lets go and get you settled." Ian said as he led the way.

"Bye Sam i'll see ya around."

"Uh yea." Samantha said with a small smile.

"Heyy babe guess what!?" Samantha said.

"Yea love."

"Me and the gang have the weekend off. That means we can do whatever we want." She said with a wink.

"Oh really then lets go and cuddle." I whispered seductively.

Samantha's P.O.V

I knew what he was trying to do. But I just blushed and ran.

"IF YOU WANT IT. YOU GOTTA COME AND GET IT." I screamed. Zac and Jordan gave me a weird look. "Not in the dirty way. Disgusting people. pfft!" After that I ran to my room.

But got stopped by the boys.

"And where do you think youre going?" Liam asked. By now, all the boys were surrounding me.

"Guys please move."

"Naaa."Zayn said.

"We are good here." Louis said.

"Mate is Samantha there?" I heard Harry's voice.

"Yep. She's here." Niall said as he laughed.

I just shook my head giving a smug look and shaking my head disappointingly.

I felt my feet not touching the floor. Next thing I knew, I was chucked onto my head with Harry towering over me.

"Heyy Harold." I said innocently.

"Heyy Samantha. I'm not gunna fall for it."

We both started to lean in and our lipswere pressed towards each other. It started to get heated with my hand holding a fistful of his white shirt and his hands tugging the hem of my shirt. It was getting heated and passionate in every second

A knock on the door was heard but we ignored it. Since we ignored the knocking of the door, the door flew open.

"Eww I have to see this... again. I am going to puke. Eeekkh"

"Urgh get a room. I know its your room but come on. Warn us next time."

"Oh wow!"

As soon as I heard the last comment, my eyes grew wide while Harry still kissed. Harry looked at me confused.

"Why stop babe?"

"Cuz Harry Styles were here and had to witness this all. Again." Yas said.

"My first actually." Mason pointed out. I gave him a look saying 'really!?' He knew what I meant and shut up.

"Umm okay.. this is awkward. But what can I do for you idiot. I would have said three idiots but theres a plus one." I spoke as I made my way to them and looked at them all.

"Well its time for our lunch and then the kids and teens are having a movie marathon." Isaac said.

"Oh okkay lets go." But I got stopped.

"But we well I said no." Mase said.

"And why would you do that since YOUR'E not in charge." As I said 'your'e' my finger pointed at him.

"Well because I want to get to know Harry more. So after dinner us four, you Harry and the rest of the band, Shar, and your group will meet in the room I am at and we will chill. I want to get to know Harry. If that's okay?"

When he mentioned Harry, he looked towards him. By now he was by my side.

"Yea okay. We will meet. And I wanna get to know you to."

Oh great. I thought

I grabbed my boyfriends hand, and held on tight as we made our way down. He looked at me and I gave him a worried expression.

"Its okay." He whispered to me. He kissed my head and hugged me gently.

We ate and made small talk.


Right now, we were sat watching horror movie. Chucky to be exact. It was now the end and I was bored.

Beside me, I realised I had the remote. I switched it off.

"Oh shit. Who the FUCK did that?" Ian said.

"LANGUAGE DUDE!!!" Sharlene said.

"I am shit scared now." Louis said.

"Like I said before LANGUAGE!"

By now I was laughing.

"What is so funny? This is freaky.

"Guys calm down-." I got stopped.

"It was you wasn't it?" He said with a smirk.

"You got proof?" I asked as I played along. I saw Harry giving a look. I sent a mime message saying its fine.

"Yea actually I do."

"And the proof is..."

Each time one of us spoke they looked at me or him.

"Well I PURPOSELY placed the remote by you and I can now see it on the floor. Is that enough proof for ya?" He said proud of his proof.

Sound of 'Ooohs' and 'burn' was heard around the room.

"Okay fine you win."

"Hahah yes. Booya!"

"Weirdo. Let do something else."

"How about Truth or Dare?" Louis said with a grin.

Choruses of 'yes' 'sure' 'whatevs' were heard around the room.

"Okayy me first, me first. Since afterall I came up with the dare." Louis spoke.

Well sat round the circle. I was awkward because I was sat in between Harry and Mason.

"Louis truth or dare?" Zac asked.


"Okaay. Umm I dare you to walk around for 5 minutes wearing a "cape" and declaring to passers-by, "I am Superman!". He said.

"Fine by me." He then left.

5minutes later and he came back.

"Zayn truth or dare." Ian asked.


"I dare you to give me your boxers, i'll freeze them for 5 minutes and then you wear them."

"OMG. Samantha help." He screeched tugging on to me.

"Sorry Zayn. No can do."

He sighed and then left.

Next it was Nialls turn.

"Niall I dare you to go without food or words relating to it for the whole game." Sharlene said.

"No fair babe."

"A dare is a dare babe." She answered.

Then it was Liam who chose truth.

"If you could take back any one thing you have done or said, what would it be?" I asked him.

"Well all the things I have said to the boys and all you guys."

Aww we all gave him a hug.

Harry and guess who was giving the dare Mason.

"Truth or Dare Harry?"


"I dare you to imagine me as Kendall and give me a makeover. Show your emotions on my face. With anything."

"No that's not right.-" I got cut off.

"No its fine. I want to help a friend out."

"You sure?"

"Yep." He said as he answered Harry's question.

Mason sat on a chair and Harry started to do his face. Lets just say it looked horrible.

I laughed.

"See I got her to laugh and for you to let out your feelings." He said to Harry as he pointed to me.

I smiled and mouthed thank you. He said you welcome.

We carried on playing. For my cousin brothers it was them admitting there lovers. My dare was to knock on all my cousins door. Paint something bad and scream. Then run.

Mason's dare was to go to the pool which was cold.

It was getting late and we were all tired. Well the humans were. So we left and they fell asleep.

I gave Harry a kiss Shar gave Niall one. Before I left, I thanked Mase again and I had a feeling that him and Harold would get along.

Lets hope!

I had to clean up the paint at the end.

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