Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


27. Meeting the uncles

Jordan, Seth, Zac and Ian's P.O.V

Since the girls had gone to the Award show, we had the task and job of looking after Darcy. None of us minded since she was cute, funny and adorable. BUT. Oh god she was hard to handle. It was difficult she was a vampire baby and would never sleep. She is so cheeky for a girl her age. Darcy is more intelligent than mortals her age. Right now we were all sitting watching a movie. Toy story. ALL OF THEM. We had watched them many times over and over again. I knew Liam liked this movie so she must aswell. The last time she had met them all was when she was about a year old. It was long ago. Don't think she would remember since she was human after all. Thankfully for us, Sameerah and the others would be home. Actually they were on there way. 2 of the boys girlfriends would be coming but not 1 since she had to work. The room was clean.

Samantha's P.O.V

We were all on our way back to the hotel. Perrie had left early in the morning. Me and Harry had been calling the boys to see if Darcy was fine. They said she was an angle. I knew they were lying because she loved playing and being naughty.

"What are you thinking about?" Harry asked me. We were all in the van so everyone stopped and looked.

"Nothing just Darcy. I hope she wasn't being a hassle." I answered.

"I am sure she is fine love." Liam spoke.

"Li you haven't met her. Shes out of control. But Sam I am sure she is fine. Afterall the boys that are watching her are weird aswell." Niall spoke making me giggle.

"I have to agree with that statement." Sharlene spoke smiling.

"So if she has changed that much what is she like. As in looks?" Zayn asked.

"Well she has brown curly hair. Green eyes. A smile like Samantha. But her lips are pink. Her face structure is like Sam." Harry answered.

"And personality?" Louis asked.

"Aww god." Sophia said laughing. Knowing the answer.

"What?" Liam, Zayn and Louis said.

"You'd love to hear the answer to this guys. Its all true." El spoke.

"Ill answer this." I said looking at Harry. Well...Zayn  when she sees a mirror she goes along with a brush. Liam well she loves the technologies. Toy Story is her favourite film. Niall well she eats alot. Louis she is a cheeky little girl. Along with that. She sleeps ALOT." I answered. The boys were shocked with my answers.

"Really is she that cheeky? I don't believe you." Louis said.

"Yup she is. I bet you she is making the boys watch all of Toy story over and over again." I said.

"Yes can't wait."

"Woah woah woah. Hold up." I said putting my hand up. "You gunna watch Toy story with her?" I asked Liam. He nodded.

"Well watch it in your room because me and Harry have watched it to much." I said with Harry agreeing.

"Same with us." Niall and Shar said.

"I don't mind. How can you hate Toy story." Liam asked.

"Honey we don't hate it. Its just watching it to many times it get boring." Sophia said. Liam looked at us all because we just nodded.

Half hour later we arrived.

We went through reception where we were greeted by the family. El and Sophia were introduced. After ten minutes of talking, we ALL walked up wanting to know the outcome of how Darcy was.

By now I was in front of my door. With Harry by my side and the others behind. I hesitated on opening the door but knew I had to open it sooner or later.

As soon as I opened the door, I gasped looking at the scene. Gasps were heard from behind. The scene I saw was horrendous. Toy Story was playing. Frames on the walls were hanging unevenly. Scribbles were on the wall. As well as drawings. Wrappers everywhere. The boys were no where to be seen. Where were they? A figure appeared and started to run. Others behind. I moved to the side so the boys and girls could all walk in. As soon as I did, I shut the door making a really loud bang at the end of it.

Darcy and the boys were now in the room. But towards the end.

"DARCY ANNE ISABELLA STYLES!" I  screamed. I knew I scared the others.

Darcy's P.O.V

"DARCY ANNE ISABELLA STYLES!" I heard my mum scream.

"Uh oh." I said. As I came to view, my mum, dad, Uncle Niall, Aunt Shar and some other people were there. Mum was red and dad didn't seem happy.

"Yes 'uh oh' what is all this!?" She asked.

"Samantha the room was clean but in the last half hour it all took place." Uncle Jordan said.

"Yea she was out of control." Uncle Seth said.

Mum sighed and came towards me. With dad following behind. She got me up and sat me down on the sofa. Her and dad on the floor

"Darcy honey you can't do that. This isn't just my home its Aunty Shar's aswell.  Look at you. You need to get cleaned up. Come on." Mummy said. But dad stopped us.

"Darcy before you leave do you have something to say to everyone." I nodded and went towards them.

"I am sorry everyone. Sorry Uncle Jordan, Zac, Seth and Ian." After saying that I left with mummy to get cleaned up.

Harry's P.O.V

"Now do you believe us?" I asked looking at Louis.

"Yup." He said.

"El, Sophia I would like you to meet my cousins and my brother who work in our group. This is my brother Seth, theses are my cousins Zac and Jordan. They are brothers and my cousin Ian. Guys this is El, Louis girlfriend and this is Sophia Liams girlfriend." Sharlene said as she introduced them They said there hellos.

Minutes later Samantha came back to a clean Darcy.

"Darcy I would like you to meet Uncle Louis and his girlfriend Aunt Eleanor." I spoke.

"Hello Darcy. You can call me Uncle Boobear or Lou." Louis said.

"Hello Love you can call me Aunty Eleanor or El." El said.

"Hello Uncle and Aunty my name is Darcy Anne Isabella Styles. But you can call me Darcy, Darc, Anne, Isabella or Bella. When I was little I was called Baby styles." Darcy said. Copying them.

"Wow." Louis spoke.

"Yea sure love we will call you Darc." El answered she nodded.

"Okay well um this is Uncle Liam and Aunty Sophia his girlfriend." Samantha said this time.

"Hello Darcy. Call me Uncle Li, Lili or Payno." Liam spoe.

"Hello hun you can call me Aunt Soph." Spohia said.

"Okay you can call me what you want. My mum calls me Darcy, Darc Bella or Isabella" Darcy said.

They both smiled.

"Darcy this is Uncle Zayn." I said.

"Hello lovlie. You can call me. Uncle Zayn or DJ Malik. I don't mind." Zayn said.

"I like that." Darcy said with a laugh.

He laughed aswell.

"Where your girl?" Darcy asked.

"She is in a band like us so she is at work." He answered.

"Oh okay." she said with a smile. " I know Uncle Nialler and Aunty Shar." She spoke.

"Yes you do." Niall spoke.

"Mummy and Daddy go you are like us." Louis spoke.

"Uhh." Darcy was sitting confused on Nialls lap.

"You like looking in the mirror?" Zayn asked with a smirk.

"Yea brushing my hair and stuff." She answered.

"I do that to alot. Now I have a buddy." Zayn said.

"I have a big mirror. Well Mummy does." She spke.

" Yea after you show uncle ok."

"Yea DJ Malik." She said. aww

We all laughed.

"Nice." Zayn said.

"You also love your technologies... and Toy Story." Liam said. As he said Toy Story she smiled widely.

"I do. And I LOVE Toy Story. Do you?" She asked him.

"I love it to. After we will watch it in my room." Liam said.

"Yea cool. After DJ Malik." She said we smiled. "I know I am like Uncle Niall because I eat alot!" She said looking at him.

"Yep you sure are."

"Darcy one of your uncles are silly and cheeky just like you." I said.

"Im not cheeky and silly. But is it Boobear?" She said.

"Hey I am not. But yea Its me." Louis spoke confidently.

"Oh and you sleep alot. Just like ALL your uncles and your DAD." Samantha said. I just gave her a look.

Shar started to look around as well as Sam.

"Sharlene its Friday right." She asked.

"Yea it is." She answered.

"WE NEED TO CLEAN UP!" They both screamed as they got up.

"What why?" Niall asked.

"Friday is room check up. If they see that the rooms not clean then they give us cleaning duty and to stay with the parents. We don't want that." Sharlene said.

"Okay come on we will help." El said.

They all got up and helped us clean. Darcy was sent to Adam and Amelia's so she could play with their son.

After three long hours of cleaning, we were done. All knackered. Well not the vampires but we had to act it.

"How about you all go down to eat. Ill serve and say its on the hose since you helped me clean."

They nodded and Niall was the first out. I went down and told my dad since he was managing it tonight.  He goes it was fine.

After eating, Darcy took Zayn to show him the mirror. Then she asked if she could stay over in the boys room so she could watch movies. I agreed since Harry would be there. I needed to do revision and he knew it needed to be quiet.

Shar parents came to do room check ups since it was there turn. They were happy with it and said it was done. I text everyone and said thanks. Darcy was watching Toy Story and getting to know her Uncle and Aunts.





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