Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


13. Meeting HIM!

Harry's P.O.V

So since Samantha has been at school, she has been texting and like been coming late. The reasons are because she has to go to revision classes. When me and the boys came back to this hotel, a name was said.


I wanted to meet this guy because well Samantha had supposedly had a crush on him. I don't want him to get the wrong message. He didn't know the secret and well will never know. So I am going to ask her.

Its Friday today and well I am gonna ask her.

As soon as I had reached the ground floor, I saw Samantha talking to Ian, Yas and Isaac.

"Hey dude." The boys said as we did our little handshake.

"Hello guys." I returned back.

"Hey babe." Samantha said as she had her arms around me looking tired. Wouldn't blame.

"Hello my love." I said as I gave her a kiss.

We heard the boys acting silly, my making vomit noises.

"Oh shutup. You are just jealous." Sam said.

A couple of 'ooohhhs' were heard behind I looked and it was the other kids.

The 3 boys just looked at her with no expression.

"Samantha that was not cool. Just not cool." Yas said.

She just laughed. Everyone went besides me, Samantha and the boys.

"Umm babe can I ask you something?" I asked feeling scared of her answer.

"Boys lets go." Isaac said. But I stopped him.

"No its okay. Its what you know anyways."

We all took a seat and Samantha and the boys looked at me telling me to go on.

"Samantha remember that boy these lot were talking about when I came back here?" She nodded at me slowly looking confused. "Well I kind of want to meet him. Its just well you use to have a crush on him before you met me and well when we broke up you and him were close. I'm not jealous and I do trust you its just I want to meet him. Soo..?" By this time I was dead nervous. Honestly, I did trust her but like I want to know who he is.

The other boys were looking wide eyed and then looked at Samantha. They shrugged their shoulders.

"Yea sure you can. When do you want to?" Sam said as she stood up adjusting her school bag.

"Wait what!? You'll let me?".

"Yea because nothing is going on. We are friends nothing else." She answered. I nodded understandingly.

"Well I would like to meet him whenever to be honest."I said shrugging my should.

"Well actually..." Isaac said smiling and proud of himself. As well as the others.

We looked at them.

"We can help you with that.." Yas said as he looked at Ian who I think would carry on.

Samantha still had her arms around me looking confused.

"What are you guys on about?" Samantha said totally confused.

Ian spoke.

"Because he is coming over tonight and is going on Monday." He said looking proud with what he did and what they all did.

It was freaky how they finished there sentences.

Samantha pulled away. Not looking happy.

"YOU WHAT!? HE'S WHAT!?" Samantha looked mad than ever. It was like she was going to blow up.

"Samantha do you honestly want me to repeat it?" Ian said. He knew how Samantha was and was loving it.

"Guys..." I said trying to grab hold of Samantha.

"RUN!!!!" They all screamed as they dropped and left their bags and blazer on the floor.

"URGH GET HERE NOW!" Sam screamed as she left to get them.

GREAT! I thought.

Before I could leave, Samantha's cousin Amelia spoke.

"Hii Harold. Have you seen the teen vamps?" She asked but mouthed 'vamps'.

"Yea Samantha has gone to chase them because Mason is coming?"

"Aaahhh yea he is at about 8. Someone will have to pick him up."

"Oh okaay."

"Yea well you better go and see the boys. Samantha will be a bit you know." She said knowing how Samantha was with unexpected surprises she didn't like.

"Yea I better go. See ya later." I spoke as I gave her a big hug before I left.

Then I remembered she went to see my daughter.

"How is Darcy?"

"Shes fine. The time will come when you can see her. Samantha is doing her best."

"Yea I know. Thanks."

"Now go!" She said as she shewed me away.

As I reached the corridors to our room, everyone well the kids were out.

Then I heard my girlfriend and saw her getting and trapping Isaac.

"WHEN and I mean exactly WHEN were you going to tell me that HE was going to be coming!?"

Ian spoke and said something which everyone found funny but Sam did NOT like.

"Well ACTUALLY we were not gonna tell you. It was more of a surprise."

"Excuse me?!"

"Come on Sam its not fair."  Isaac spoke.

"What isn't?"

"You. The fact that YOU can do what you want but like. Look yea we haven't been home in ages. he last time we invited a friend was ages ago. When you were not here. We invited all but him. We see our friends in school. Your friends have been over. So yea. We have permission and he is coming Wether you like it or not. And also he has been wanting to see Darcy and get to know you Harry." As Yas spoke, about him wanting to see me I was shocked.

I knew he was with Darcy as well as the others so I agreed.

"We are going to get ready. Pizza Hut you still in or what?" Iby asked.

"Yea let me get changed. And also I am so sorry you felt that way." Sam said as she gave them a hug.

"Harry I'm gonna go out with the guys spend time. Okay I will be back." She told me but then turned around. "He isn't going to be there right?" She asked.

"No just us." Isaac said.

Samantha said okay and then took my hand.We went to her room. But before I left I gave the boys there stuff.

"Here guys. Your school blazers and bag before Samantha went all you know pfft." I said as I made a face and gave them their belongings.

"Yea trust me. The first part of her transformation was mad." They said.

"I HEARD THAT!" Samantha screamed.

"Don't care!" Yas said.

"Shut up!" She yelled. We all laughed and then I went.

By the time I entered, Samantha was ready.

She looked stunning as always.

"You look lovely love." I said as I grabbed her waist.

"Thanks babe." She said as she placed her hands around my shoulder.

We both looked into each others eyes. Then I leant in and pressed my lips towards hers.

We kissed it was slow but yet passionate. Next thing we knew we were making out.

Then we got interrupted.

"Argh. GET A ROOM!"

"I think I am gunna puke."

"I just saw their tongues.... mixing together." Ian said being the strange one.

"Oii Shut it." Samantha said not expecting these comments. Especially Ian's. Neither did I.

She got on her famous red jacket.

"Oh yea. I forgot. Sam I have a message. Adam told me to tell you that you can do it and show him?" Isaac said.

"Look at what."

"This babe." She spoke as she looked at me.

Samantha looked in front and shut her eyes. Her hands in front of her chest waving side by side. Then this portal came.

"Samantha concentrate." I heard Yas say.

Her eyes were shut tightly and then something came up. It was a baby. I gasped. My moth wide open. Then I looked closer. We all did besides Darcy

"Darcy?" I said with tears in my eyes.

"Samantha stop!" Ian said as he grabbed hold of her.

She opened her eyes and collapsed on the floor. I immediately went towards her.

"Babe you okay?"

"Yea Harry. Look its Darcy." She said as she pointed.

"But how?" I asked confused.

This is the portal. This is the only way you can see her. We found out a couple of days ago. But we just found out now that it will work. Your chances don;t count. So don't worry." Isaac said as he tried to tell me.

"Wow thanks guys."

"Welcome. Now lets go." Ian said.

I gave a quick kiss to Samantha and she left.

---- Skip Pizza Hut ----

Samantha's P.O.V

We were on our way back to the hotel. Nothing really happened. We acted stupid, crazy and weird. Which was all to normal for us.I went to the desk and texted Harry.

S- Heyy babe. Im back and at the front.

H- Okaay. Be down in ten.

I text back okay. Before I could put my phone away, I got a message on KIK: Mason

M-Heyy I know that I am coming to the hotel so I hope nothing is awkward between us.

S- Hi and obvs not. We are friends. Nothing more and nothing less.

After that I placed my phone away and sat with Zac and Jordan. Minutes later Harry came. Kissed me on my cheek since Zac was there.

"Heyy." I said.

"Hii." He answered back.

Ten minutes later the door opened to reveal my uncle and the boys along with Mason.

My uncle went upstairs taking a bag. Must be Mason's.

He came closer.

It was all quiet now.

So I spoke.

"Hey Mase." I said as I gave a quick hug.

"Hey Samantha. How are you. Saw you in school so nothing musty have changed."

"Na not really."

Harry's P.O.V

They were having a nice convo. But that didn't hurt me. I was fine.

"Oh Mase this is Harry. Samantha's boyfriend and Darcy's dad."

"Hello Harry."  He said with his hands out to shake.

I looked at it.


*Authors Note*




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