Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


3. Is that you?!

Sharlene's P.O.V

Niall knows we are vampires but knows he can't tell anyone.

Harry's P.O.V

I still carry the letter and necklace looking through it all night. Through tonight's concert, I was a little down. I had this gut feeling inside me telling me that something was going to happen but I didn't know what. As I turned to face the boys, I heard them whisper stuff. I left it and it was now the end of the concert. I went straight into my dressing room for the meet and greet. Me being a bit late it took long. The other boys had gone.

I could hear Louis in the corridor so I went there. When I did, in front of me there was a girl with her back towards me and Niall lifting up and spinning someone. After placing her down, I looked to see Sharlene.

I heard Liam ask the girl who she was and Louis asking if she was related.

"Yea I am...-". I interrupted her knowing that voice.

"Samantha??!!! Is that you? I know." I said sounding shocked. I could feel tears in my eyes.  I could see Shar nodding her head.

She turned around facing me with her eyes closed looking up. One tear escaped from here eyes.

I gasped because I was shocked. everyone in our crew stopped and looked. I heard gasps and whispers around knowing it was about her. It was her. She looked different.

Her hair was pure black, she was wearing dark red lipstick, eyes liner and mascara. Wearing black clothes, jeggings, a leather black jacket and a red scarf. She looked more white and pale from when I last saw her. Shar was wearing similar. but no red scarf.

I looked into her eyes and she just smiled gave a wave and said hi. I saw her looking down at my hand, knowing she was looking at the letter.

Shar, and the boys P.O.V

They have met and its gone quiet.

Samantha's P.O.V

How are you? How have you been?" He asked me.

"I am fine thanks what about you?"

"Never better, but could be." I gave him a small weak smile. After that we were all quite.

Paul could sense so he told us to go.

"Umm guys how about you go into the dressing room to talk? "We nodded and left.

"SAMMY WE HAVE MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH! GIVE US A HUG THEN!" All the boys said except Harry.

His hands were on his neck just like when we came back from Carol's over a year ago.

I gave them all a hug then it went all quite.

"By the way umm... Samantha? Congrats on the baby I think." Zayn said trying not to make it awkward.

Harry was sitting on the sofa across from me looking down along with the boys and Sharlene beside me.

"How is the baby?" Harry said looking up.

I looked up at my cousin she just shrugged.

"The baby? yea umm. shes-" I was cut of.

"The baby is a SHE?" Harry said emphasizing on the 'she'.

"Yes. Shes fine."

"What did you call the baby?" Liam asked.

"Yes can I know her name?" Harry asked.

"Hmm yea you are the father right?" He just smiled.

"OUR childs name is... Darcy Anne Isabella Styles." As soon as I said 'our', I saw harry smile.

"Yea but because that name is sooo long, me and the others at the hotel call her, Darcy, Darc, Anna, Izzy or Bella." Sharlene said nudging me. I gave her a glare she just laughed.

"NO! I mean.. I umm. like that name." Harry said.

"Not to be rude but why that name?" Paul asked along with the boys.

"Umm well because,... Harry always wanted to name his child Darcy Anne, I like the name Isabella and it is Harry's child so its definitely going to be a STYLES if she REALLY looks like one." I said laughing. The others laughed to.

"When can I see her?" Harry asked.

Before I could reply Paul spoke.

"Actually Haz, we well I have booked for you to eat there." Paul spoke.

"So that means today right?" Niall asked I nodded.

We got into the car while the boys went into the van.

--- Arrive at hotel---

We arrived at the hotel after the boys since our car was quite far.

"Heyy Sam you enjoyed it?" My cousin Ian asked.

"Yep. They are here." I said.

"Yea they came 10 minutes ago. Gone to eat.

We sat and talked along with Shar and Seth. Then the boys arrived. We talked more but this time they all got along.

"Samantha you're needed she wants ya." My uncle called. He said hi to the boys and we went.

We went up.

"You ready I asked? They nodded eagerly.

As we entered, my cousin Amelia looked up with Darcy in her hand.

"Look, hunny look whose here. Yea your mum. Say Hi mummy." My cousin said as she waved Darc's hand.

I got Darcy out of her hand. As I sat, I saw the boys still near the door. I told them to sit.

"O yea cuz, Shes ate. She wont be hungry for a while. Oh and he needs to know as soon as. Its happening a lot faster." My cousin spoke.

I nodded.As Harry sat down I stood up and gave Darcy to him.

"Darcy my love, I would like you to meet your father." I said softly.

She just gurgled. Harry gave her to the other boys then held her. I sat back down and just saw him stare.

Shar sent me a mind message saying she would leave us 3 alone. I said ok.

The boys left and it was just us.

Harry's P.O.V

"Shes beautiful" I whispered as quietly I could but Samantha heard.

"I know after all we did create her." I said as we both laughed.

"Yep we did good work."She nodded while smiling. "Samantha I am sorry about-"

"Its fine I forgive you lets not talk about it." I nodded.

"Harry she looks just like you, her brown hair like us, your bluey-green eyes and your smile and your colour lips. Most of her looks are from you." Samantha spoke.

"Yea but she has your smile. I KNOW that for a fact!" I said speaking the truth.

I saw her blushing I smiled knowing that I was the cause for that.

Darcy fell asleep so I decided to put her in her crib quietly. Samantha gave her a kiss on one cheek and her forehead. I gave her a kiss on the other but also on her forehead.

"Samantha umm the letter you had another secret to tell me what was it?" I asked wanting to know.

"I..umm-" She was cut of with the door opening revealing all her member. Well the older ones.

"Have you told him?" One asked I looked at them confused.

I looked at her and she shook her head 'no'.

"Honey he needs to know." Another said Others saying 'yea he does'.

"Know what?" I asked getting really confused.

"Harry I think you should sit down." I sat down. I looked at her family. They were all near me so fast. The door shut and no one was there. Creepy.

"Harry-Look okay. Whatever we say stays quite no one must know and I mean NO ONE. I am weak but so is Darcy. You can only save us." Samantha said looking down.

Okay now they totally lost me.

"Im sorry but what are you on about." I wondered.

"We are vampires." After she said that she looked up with red eyes.

"We are not like the ones you see on TV. We drink animals blood and are good. Before you met Sam, she was human. After the age of 15 that when you turn." Her father said.

"Each time you came here, Samantha was gone right?" Well she went into the other realm. The thing is we are royal. Kings, queens, Prince and princesses." Adam said.

"We don't hurt you. We are vampires we have to accept it. We don't cry or stuff. Samantha and Shar cry for you and Niall because you are there soul mates." As Zac said that, I saw Samantha with her head down and yes shut. What I did was bad. I nodded.

"Umm okay I am not scared but just shocked."

"Niall knows. He cant tell anyone." Shar said.

"But wait what's that with Samantha and Darcy being weak got to do with me?" I asked bewildered.

From the corner of My eye, I saw Samantha's head snap up.

This cannot be good at all.

Samantha's and her family's P.O.V

Now for the important and hard bit.

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