Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


5. I want to

Harry's P.O.V

"You have got to be kidding me!" I said with a scream as I looked at Samantha.

I had just lost her once. Now I am going to loose her again. This cannot be happening.

I heard the door open and someone left. It was Samantha's mum and dad.

This is too hard to take in.

"Honey this is really important you should have said. We are all here for you. You know that right." Her aunty, Shar's mum said.

"No one knows you are dying right?" Her cousin asked. She shook her head.

"I already ready lost you once. I am not going to loose you again... permanently." I said to her as I looked.

She didn't know what to say.

After all she just did find out that she was dying.

"Samantha no one knows right. I mean school?" Her cousin Ian asked as he made his way towards her and sat near me.

"No they don't They cant!" She said pleadingly.

"They have to know. But not about the vampire thing. Just say you have cancer." Adam said trying to make this easier.

"Never mind that. Sam HE needs to know. After all you two have gone close." Ian spoke. Who was HE? It wasn't me.

"If he finds out I don't know what I would do." She said.

"Whose this HE?" I asked getting angry.

Everyone's P.O.V

He doesn't know. We all looked at her saying he needed to know.

Samantha's P.O.V

By now everyone was looking at me. Mind messages being sent to me. I can't tell him. Actually they didn't even know properly themselves.

"Well?" Harry said sounding annoyed.

Before I could speak Jordan spoke.

"His name is Mason he's her b-" I quickly interrupted and stood up.

"He is my best friend. These guys think he is more. But we are not. I had a crush before but that was before the two of us went out. When I was 11 to be specific." I spoke truthfully.


"But nothing. We are just good friends. Besides you lot others think we like each other. But we don't. Just cuz we are close don't mean we are going out. Okaay..?"

They all nodded.

"So for you to NOT die, I have to change?" Harry asked.

I nodded.

"Fine I will do it. Change me." He said.

It wasn't that easy.

"Harry I am not gunna change you. Its not simple."

"How is it not?"  I looked at my cousins.

" Right Okay guys lets leave these lot alone."

After they left Harry sat across from me and gave me look to tell me to carry on.

So I sat down

" Everyone in our family who did get changed, they didn't just do it. It was a matter of life. Harry you have a wonderful life. Why do it? Spend it wisely. You have everything you need. A wonderful career. The boys. The girls. The team. Your fam-" He cut me off.

"I have it all but I don't have my family. My NEW family is what I don't have. That is you and Darcy."

"Harry if you want Darcy has enough time. She can be a fully developed vampire after."

"Yea! But what about you? Huh? YOU WON'T BE AROUND SO WHO WILL CHANGE ME?!"

"My family." I whispered.

He sighed and his hands were on his head. I stood up and walked towards him. Placing my hand on his arms. Pulling them both down. He looked at me. He was crying too much. His hair was stuck on his head. His eyes were red and puffy. Just like me. He was still looking down.I placed my hands on his cheeks to lift his head up and look at me.

"Harry everything will be okkay. You always wanted a daughter named Darcy and I gave you that."

"I won't have you tho." As he said that I tried to look away but Harry stopped me.

His hands went to my hair.

"We are not together Harry So there isn't a need." I said.

"Samantha I still love you can we please be together?"

"I cant. Harry you only have two chances." I said

"For what?"

"To see Darcy. Harry you have three. But one is gone because well you saw her. After three times you cant. Thats why she is gone."

This is fucking bull!" He screamed. As he said that I vampire sped my way across the room. I was still scared.

"Samantha I am sorry I scared you." He said walking towards me.

"Its just its too much to take it. If I do think about changing, when and how will it happen?" He questioned as he made his way towards me.

Now for the awkward part.

"Umm well all my aunts or cousins who are not my blood got changed through umm sex." I said. This was really awkward.



"When can I change?"

"Really you can changed when you want. But when you have sex there SHOULD be affection. You can't just be like: 'Oh I wanna change lets have sex.' It has to lead to it. So whatever we do it should lead to sex then change. I want you to think it over Harry. Your family everyone. Talk to them."

Oh okay. I''l talk."

"I want to say something. Until I have the answer or if you change. I am not going to let you see Darcy. Because if you don't then you can use those chances. That is why she won't be around. She's sometimes in the other realm."

"Wow. Okaay. You know what is right. So I will just follow."

There was a knock on the door. It was her cousin. Harry Samantha come on.Time to go. Paul wants to see you both." We nodded and made our way."

As we made our way, we were old the boys were upstairs.

"SAMANTHA!" I turned around to face Paul.

Paul's P.O.V

"SAMANTHA!" I screamed. She turned and I went towards her.

"PAUL!" She screamed also.

We both just laughed. I know I saw her before but we didn't talk.

Harry just stood there.

"How are you? You look different love." I said. She was unrecognisable.

"I am good. Everthings okay. What about you?"

"I am fine thanks." Where have you been everytime we come?"

"Umm out. I just didn't want to see umm him again.It would break my hear. No I am strong so I am back." She said looking at Harry.

"Aww honey come here?" I gave her a hug.

She was like a daughter to me. When we use to come here. I was always here for her.

After we broke apart I looked at Harry.

"Right Harold. Since your and Sam's conversation was really long. It is getting late. the fans are everywhere. So for that reason I have asked them if you could stay here. They kindly have said yes but no rooms are available.  Tomorrow we are moving here.Niall is with Shar Louis Zayn and Liam are with there cousins and will be staying with either Seth and Jordan or Zac and Ian. You will be staying with Samantha if thats okay with her?" I looked at her.

"Yea sure. Also OBVIOUSLY you are welcome. Stay whenever. But tonight is free of charge." She said.

Samantha and her business. Haha.

"Right thanks. Its midnight now go to sleep. Tomorrow is your day off. Make the most of it." Harry nodded and they both left. I did to.

Samantha's P.O.V

We made our way to the lounge also known as the relaxing room. We talked and stuff but the boys started to get tired so we left.

I opened the door and we all entered.

"Right since me and Sam don't sleep, you can sleep on the beds. If thats okay?" She looked at me.

"Umm yea Niall on Shar and Harry you can have mine."

"We sleep in our clothes?" Niall asked.

"Umm ye-" I cut shar off.

" Actually umm no. Harry you left a couple of pairs. From before. Some from when I came back. Niall these are yours."

I said as I handed them out.

"Wait. I thought it was the others." Shar said as she laughed.

"Here give us the spares so I can give it to the boys.  Niall said. I handed it to him and he left.

"Harry what do you think of it all?" Sharlene asked him.

Its alot to take in. I umm actually gonna go speak to my mum about it. So if you could excuse me." We both nodded and he left.

"It was hard wasn't it?" I knew I couldn't lie. She could see emotions.

I told her it was hard. Both our eyes were puffy. We both hugged.

"Sorry. Am I interrupting?" I told him no.

They both knew we didn't want to talk.

"I am going to get changed in some comfy clothes." I told the two as I left. They nodded and I left.

As I opened my door, I could see that Harry was getting his top on.

"Umm sorry. I am just here to get some comfy clothes."

"No its fine."

I got my clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

I came out and hung my clothes and left.

Niall and Shar were in her room so I sat in the living room.

I knew something was going on so I blocked out the sounds.

I entered my room.

"Are they you know..?"

"Yea but don't worry you can go to sleep. I blocked out the sounds so you could have more peaceful sleep."


Welcome.I left and decided to watch TV

It was now about 3-4am so I decided to go to my bed. I knew I couldn't sleep but I needed to lie down and think.

When I entered, Harry was asleep with his faint snored being heard. I smiled knowing I missed it.

I layed down and faced the ceiling. But at times I was texting the others since they were awake.

It was now 12 in the afternoon when I looked at the clock. A little while later Harry woke up and faced me.

Good Morning." He said with his sexy morning voice.

God I missed that.

"Morning." I sat up an so did he. He rubbed his eyes and then went to freshen up. I did the same.

He came back and said something I was definitely NOT ready for at all.


I raised my eye brow.

"I want to do it."

I looked at him wide eyed. Shocked.

I heard running coming to my bedroom door.


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