Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


28. Hectic! Good Bye

Heyy guys so sorry been busy because my cousin got married. Now I have an exam on Thursday. Wish me luck.

Samantha's P.O.V

OMG. I didn't know it would be this hard. Just a couple of days ago my cousin got married. So because of that we have all been busy and the hotel was kept in charge by some worker. Things have not been done proper so now we have to sort it all out.

Along with that Darcy has been a handful. Apparently its the vampire venom changed that are kicking in. I didn't know she would have that.

The boys had to leave in a couple of hours since their tour was going to start. Even though it was in April they needed to go.

"Darcy come here honey." I spoke as she came towards me. I wrapped her up and cuddled to her.

"It hurts mommy." She spoke.

"I know I know sweetie. Everything will be fine."

"Ok I trust you. Where daddy?" She asked as her green eyes gazed at me?"

"He has gone to pack with your uncles." I answered with a smile.

"Why?" She questioned.

"Daddy has to go work around the world. He will try come and visit but don't be sad if he doesn't."

She nodded and we sat in quietness.

Later, Harry had come in. He took Darcy out of me since he wanted time with her.

"Babe. I don't want to leave you or Darcy please come with me." Harry spoke as he placed Darcy on the sofa and bent down towards me.

"Harry I am sorry but I can't. I have school. Exams. Darcy and family. You know I want to but I cant. Im sorry." I spoke as I brought him into a tight hug. Darcy came seconds later to join in.

After parting from the hug, we all sat back down and spent time together like a proper family.

"I love you Samantha and Darcy. Forever and Always." Harry said quite softly as he kissed us both.

"I love you to." I answered.

Seconds, minutes and hours went by. It was now time for Harry to leave.

We were all currently at the reception saying our goodbyes.

"Samantha I am going to miss hearing you telling me off. If you need anything just let me know. Okay?" Louis replied with tears.

"I will Louis. I  will miss you too." After that I hugged him.

"Good Luck Zayn.Im here if you need anything." I said.

"I will miss you so much. I am here for you to." Zayn spoke as we hugged.

"My little sister that I love. Aww I am gunna miss ya sooo much. I can still give you advice even if I am not here." Liam said with a smile and a hug.

"Same to you LiLi same to you." I spoke.

"Sammy. The sister I have never had but always wanted. I am gonna miss you alot." Niall spoke as he brought me into a bone crashing hug. A horan hug.

"Niall I love you and I will miss you more."

After hugging me, he went to Darcy and then Sharlene.

Harry came up to me.

"Harry it is going to be fine. Don't worry."

"I know its just I am leaving you and Darcy. My job is to take care of you both."

"An you are doing that Styles. But my fellow Directioners are your concern so go. I love you alot. Forever and always remember?" I said cheerfully.

"Oh yea I forgot youre a fan aswell. And yes forever and always. I love you lots."

"I love you to.

We kissed for what felt like ages but then had to part away.

Saying our final goodbyes, they made their way out. Taking one last look and blowing us a kiss which we returned.

As soon as the door shut, everyone headed back to work. No one was here. so I went to the kitchen to help out.

It was now 6pm so Harry would be half way there. The whole family meaning  EVERYONE were sat in the big hall. Just talking. But something unexpected happened.

A pain was felt. I immediately stood up.

"Samantha are you okaay cuz?" Amelia asked.

"Yea- Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!" I spoke as I collapsed on the floor.

Pain in my chest was not expected.

My eyes slowly shut and the only thing that was heard was people coming towards me and screaming.

"Amelia's P.O.V

As she was about to answer, she said yea but got cut of by a scream coming from her. She had fell on the floor. We all ran towards her. The little ones including Darcy were taken away.

We all went towards her. Trying to wake her up. But she wasn't.

15 minutes later a doctor came in to do a check up.

"Well this is kind of unexpected.  Honestly I do not know what is up. Nothing like this has ever happened.She is seemed to be in a coma thing. I think she is dead but I could be wrong. If she doesnt wake up in a year atleast then she is gone." The doctor said.

"She cant be gone." Her parents spoke.

"I am sorry. But she isnt gone for sure." After that he left.

We knew that it wasnt a great idea to leave Samantha here so the boys took her to the other realm.

Lets hope Harry doesnt find out.

Harry's P.O.V

I was thinking about my daughter and my girlfriend. Throughout the whole journey.

But then I had some sort of vision. It was Samantha collapsing. Then it all went black. The visions and everything based around her I couldnt see.

Was she gone?

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