Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.



Samantha's P.O.V

I looked at the clock on my wall. 5:30. I better get up. As I tried to get up, there was a hand that was holding on to me. Tightly. I looked to my side, and saw a mop of curls. Harry.

I tried moving the hand but he wouldn't move. I tried again and this time it was successful.

I then had a text. I got my phone and looked. It was from Adam.

Hey Samantha, can you wake the others and tell them to get ready. We need to do some unfinished works. No meeting.

Thanks Adam. :)

Just as I was about to get up, I heard Harry speak. Oh god that deep morning voice. So sweet.

"Babe? Where are you going? Its too early. Come back. Please." By now his head was up as he was still laying down.

"Honey its early for you. But I need to wake up. Its half 5. Have to wake up the others. Meetings done but we have to do some quick paper work." I gave him a kiss and left to get ready.

"And go back to sleep."

I was wearing Harry's rolling stone t-shirt with my black leggings. Before I got ready, I left to wake up the boys. First up  was Isaac and Yas's. They share rooms.

I knocked and then entered.

"Who is it?" Yas said sounding annoyed.

"Samantha. Now get up."

"Oh. Go away." Isaac spoke.

You don't sleep anyway so get your lazy ass up. Also clean the room up. Our parent well some are coming today." I said as I threw a pillow at them.

"Urgh fine. Go so we can get ready." Yas said.

"Hurry we have to do some work before we go."

"We had the meeting though." Imran said as both were now sat up.

"Yea but no meeting just finish off work."

They nodded  then I left.

Next up Seth and Jordan.

I knocked and entered. As I entered, the TV was on but one was on laptop and the other was on there phone.

"Guys. Seriously?" I asked them as I sat on the blue seat turning of the TV.

"Hey! What? We dont sleep. Make the most of it." Seth said.

"Yea but you can lie down you know."

"Bo-ring." Jordan said. I just rolled my eyes.

"Well anyways. Get ready we need to do work."

They turned to look at me about to say something. "And before you ask. There is no meeting we need to finish of. So hurry." After saying that I left to get Ian and Zac. Also Mason.

Before I left the two rooms, I told them to wake the others.

I did the same and knocked on the others before I left to go to Ian and Zac's room.

The room was clean but  it was quiet. Obviously Dale was sleeping. The other 2 were sitting watching some TV.

"Heyy guys." I spoke as I sat on the bed.

"Hello Sammy-wammy." Ian said.

I just looked at him like 'really'.

He just laughed.

"You better be quiet. He is sleeping there." Zac said as he pointed to the bed that I was sat on.

"Oh okkay."

"Anyway what are you doing?" Ian asked.

"Just woke up the others. Last ones are you.Adam wants us to finish of some quick work before we leave. Also there isn't a meeting since we had one last night. We leave for school at 7. So make sure he is up at about half 6." They nodded. Before I left I spoke again.

Monday is there day to go to Carol's. But they hate going there on a Monday  because they cannot be bothered since its the first day back to go school again. They think I forgot. But I haven't. I turned around.

"Oh and its YOUR turn to go and get breakfast. So you better hurry." I heard them groan. I laughed and left to go to my room.

Before I went in to my room, I decided to wake up Sharlene. She didn' sleep her brothers did.

Her fave colour was purple mine was turquoise.

"Heyy cuz."She said as she was picking out her clothes for Uni.

"Hey." I smiled back.

"Where have you been? I came to your room but only saw curls. I didn't step any closer since I knew he was shirtless." She said with a wink. I just laughed.

"Yea hahah. I had to go and wake the others up. Adam text about finish of the work before we leave since there is no meeting. We all leave at 7. No meeting. And now I need to go and get ready. Work has to be done. ALL of us need to." She nodded and I rushed of to get ready. I got on my uniform but just holding my blazer. I brushed and did the routine before getting changed.

Before I let, I gave Harry a quick kiss. But as I turned, I felt someone grab my hand. I turned and i was Harry.

"I love you." He said out of randomly. I looked at him confused. He had tears.


"Harry I love you to."  I said as I ran over to him and giving him a hug. Dropping my bag and blazer.

"Whats happened?" I asked as I cupped his face.

"Nothing its noting. Its stupid."

"Please tell me." I said as I looked at him.

"I just have these feelings he does like you Mason."

I was shocked. Why would he think that?

"Harry. You know I love you and not him. The crush it was a mistake. And anyways he likes my friend."

"Yea I know. You better go." We kissed and then I waved to him bye and left.

As I made way to the living room, Shar and the twins were there.

"That was so cute. He is scared of losing you."

"I know I love him." I answered.

"We know." Stephan the twin said.

"We all do." Steven the other said.

"Okay lets go before I do something to you."

We all ran and made our way down.

By now everyone was there. Walking back and fourth. Chaos it looked like. But it wasn't. We found out yesterday that some people were checking out in the frigging morning. Bloody hell. The little kids were sat on the side so they would disturb.

Zac and Ian and Mason came back with everyones breakfast. We all ate and then carried on.

7am came and we all left.

---Skip School day---

School was good. Nothing happened. Mason isn't here and the parents well most of them are. The boys had a concert and wouldn't be back until later.

It was fine. I had work again.

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