Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


25. Drinking blood share

Samantha's P.O.V

It has been a couple of days since Darcy came back home and Harry turning into a vampire. Darcy is still half human half vampire. So today we are going to change her.

All the kids under 15 have gone back to the hometown and some adults as well. The whole top floor is clear and empty since the change is going to be happening now.

I was in my own thought when the sound of crying was heard. Darcy was awake so that means it could be done. Harry was out to train with the others so he wouldn't be back until later.

I made my way to my room to get Darcy.

"Morning Mommy." Darcy spoke as she got up.

"Morning to you to my little angel." I answered as I kissed her temple.

When I did that she giggled.

"Come on brush your teeth eat then get ready ok?" I said.

"Yes." I smiled. Proudly.

After she brushed her teeth, I took her into the kitchen.

Whilst making her cereal, she sat and watched her TV. Her favourite channel being Mickey Mouse. When she saw mine and Harry's matching t-shirts. She was smiling and laughing. So Harry bought her a similar one which was so cute.

I was really glad that Darcy could now come back home. The only thing missing is for her to be a full vampire. She is the only first child in this family to be the first youngest vampire.

"Right Darcy come on. Breakfast is ready. Come have breakfast with me." I called for her.

"Can I have it here please?" She asked.

"Sorry honey no you cant. No mess today. We are busy." I answered.

She said okay not caring and came and sat on the stool.

"Wheres daddy?" She asked after she drank her juice.

"Hes coming. He had to go out." She nodded understandingly.

After eating breakfast, she went back to watch TV. I shook my head laughing. She really loved that programme. After finishing up the washing, I decided to accompany my daughter in her programme.

"Wheres Aunt Shar?" She asked randomly.

"Umm shes gone to visit Uncle Niall's mummy and daddy. She misses Uncle Niall so she has gone. Shes coming tomorrow. We will keep it a surprise and not tell her you are here okay?"

"Yes!" She screamed. We both laughed.

Half hour later, I decided to get Darcy ready.

"Right come on Bella its time to get ready." I said.

"I want daddy to get me ready." She said with a frown.

"Hes going to be a bit late. So I will come on."

"NO I WANT DADDY!" I was shocked this was the FIRST time she had ever raised her voice.


"Sorry. I want Daddy." She said as she hugged me and was about to cry.

"Who wants daddy?" A voice spoke from behind us.

We both turned around to see a smirking Harry.

"Your daughter. Now go and get her ready. She is being stubborn and won't let me bath her." I answered.

"Is that true?" He asked her.

"Yes daddy." She answered.

"Ok. Sure come on honey." He said as he picked her up and took her.

Harry's P.O.V

"Ok. Sure come on honey." I spoke as I picked her up and took her to the bathroom.

After taking of her clothes, I placed her in the bath as I turned the tap on.

"Darcy?" I said.

"Yea?" She spoke as she looked up at me.

"I heard you shout at mummy you know." I said truthfully as I looked up at her.

As I said that, she looked down. Not proud of what she did.

"I said sorry."

"I know you did and that is why I am glad. But don't do that again ok. She loves you and so do I."

She nodded and I gave her a bath. As well as washing her hair.

After getting on her dress, I made my way to the living room.

"Wow Darcy you look beautiful." Samantha spoke. "Harry we need to leave. He is waiting." She said sternly.

"He?" I asked.

"Yea the council. The sooner we do it the better.

"Do we have to get changed there again?" I asked since I couldn't be bothered.

"No this is fine. Lets go. We need to open up the portal. You know how to do it?" Sam asked.


She said okay and we both held on to Darcy's hand. After opening it up we all went in. Normally we would be entering the castle but we were in a different building.

"Where are we?" I asked as I observed the room.

"The council room." She answered.

"Ahh the Styles have come." An unfamiliar voice spoke.

" Hello Don. Harry this is Don the head council." Samantha spoke as she introduced us.

"Your highness. Mr Styles. Princess Darcy." He spoke as he addressed us all.

"Can we start the sooner the better please." Samantha spoke.

Don nodded and started it. e were all sitting on chairs.

"Princess Samantha I need you to bite Darcy's arm and drink just a bit of her blood." Don said emphasising on the 'bit'.

Samantha nodded. Darcy didn't really scream but when she did I calmed her down.

"Mr Styles I need you to do the same." After he said that I looked at Darcy who put her hand out in front of me. I controlled my hunger and stopped.

"Darcy look into my eyes." Don said.

Darcy did what she was told. Her eyes turned from green to red just like ours.

"Okay well done." After he said that her eyes turned back.

"Princess I need to you to bite Harry's hand. I know you drank a bit when you changed him but just again." When that was said she hesitated but did it. No pain was felt.

"Mr Styles please do the same but to the princess." Samantha brought up her hand.

"Now last but not least Darcy I need you to drink both of your parents blood." As he said hat Darcy looked at us both.

"Sweetie the quicker you do it the quicker we can go." Samantha spoke since Darcy looked scared.

"Will you and mummy die if I do it?" Darcy asked as she looked at me.

"No honey. Me and mummy are not going to. If you do this you won't be ill." I answered.

Minutes later, she was drinking our blood.

By now there were marks all over my hand.

"Don't worry the only mark that will stay is the one where  Princess Samantha bit you when you first changed." Don answered as he saw me examine my arm.

I smiled. Honestly you couldn't even really see the bite mark since it was hidden.

As soon as Darcy was done, we all had a group hug. Darcy and Samantha were all better. Not ill. The main thing was, Samantha wouldn't die anymore.

"Darcy Anne Isabella Style. I can now say that you are now one of the first Fully pledged vampire." Don spoke.

"Thank you." Me and Samantha said.

"The pleasure was all mine." Don answered with a smile.

We made our way through the portal and into the hotel. Samantha said that we needed to go to the main hall room since everyone was there expecting us.

As we opened the door, all eyes were on us. I was holding Darcy who was strong but was acting lazy at the moment.

"Well?" Sam's dad asked.

"Everything went well. It was done perfectly." Samantha answered.

Roars of cheers were heard. They all came towards us and hugged us.

Niall and Sharlene were also back.

"Darcy!" Sharlene spoke.

"Aunty Shar!" Darcy said as she squirmed out of me and went to Sharlene.

"How are you my little munchkin." She asked.


"I am glad."

"Wheres Uncle Niall?" She asked looking around the room.

"Here." a voice spoke.

"Uncle Niall!" Darcy said.

"Darcy!" Niall copied. She went to him and gave him a hug.

"I am glad shes home." Sharlene said to me and Samantha.

"Yea me to. I have my family back. All healthy aswell and vampires we are." I answered as I gave my girlfriend a side hug. Her leaving her head resting on my shoulder.

After the little gathering, everyone headed back to work.

Darcy wanted to spend time with Niall and Shar so we let her.

Me and Samantha decided on watching romantic movies such as Love Actually, The Notebook, Grease and others.

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