Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


19. Double Date

Samantha's P.O.V

As I entered my room, I saw Sharlene. It was 5pm and we were leaving at 7. I needed to get ready.

"Sammy you need to get ready." Sharlene said as she came out with a towel.

"Yea I will go shower." I said as I left.

After showering, I decided to get on my clothes and makeup.

This is what I wore and how my hair looked. But my hair is black. I added on red lipstick. Mascara and eye liner.  By the time I was done it was half 6.

I went into the living room to fine my cousin wearing this:

She also had black hair and had the same makeup as me.

"Wow Samantha you look wonderful!" Sharlene spoke as she looked.

"Same to you. You look gorgeous!" I spoke. We laughed and then decided to take picture so we did.

Someone knocked and it was our cousins from our group.

"WOW!" Zac said as he looked at us amazed.

"OMG!"Jordan said.

" You look great!" Seth said

"The boys are really lucky." Ian said.

"Aww thanks guys." Me and Sharlene spoke as we gave them all a hug.

They left and then another knock was heard.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Me and Harry." Niall spoke. I opened the door.

Wow they cleaned up well. As I opened the door, I stepped back and stood beside Shar.

"Wow guys you look good." I heard Shar say.

"Thank love. I love your look." Niall smirked.

He talked to her telling her and whispering cute things.

Harry walked towards me and we stood a couple of steps away from them. When I looked up at him, a smirk was plastered on his face.

"Babe you look dashing." He spoke as he looked at me up and down. I then whispered in his ear.

"And you harry look charming and.... sexy?" I said as I kissed him below his earlobe. This should turn him on.

We all went down and people stared as well as giving us comments on how we all looked. Family also took pictures.

As we made our way to the car, I sat at the passenger seat with Sharlene and Niall at the back.

We all made small talk and arrived at a restaurant.

I knew this was posh.

"Woah." I spoke as I looked head.

"You two like it?" Niall asked.

"How did you get this? Its expensive. Don't spend much on us."

"No but we want to. Show you how much we love you." Harry spoke as he looked at me.

"Both him and Niall opened our door and we went in. We took our seats and talked about tour and school. Niall was next to me and Harry was next to Shar.

"So when are you going back on tour?" Sharlene asked.

"April love. We have enough time." Niall answered with a smile. Sharlene smiled back.

"So Samantha what happened in school. Mind telling me." Harry asked. I didn't know he knew.

"Nothing." I spoke.

"What happened in English ?" He asked with a grin.

I  gave a glare.

"Urgh fine. I walked out." I said.

"Seriously why?" Sharlene asked.

"Oooh you badass rebel." Niall spoke as Sharlene gave him a glare.


"Sorry." He said.

"Well?" Harry asked.

"It wasn't just me.  strike. People were being naughty. So she shouted. last 5 minute I did work. The bell went and I packed up. Everyone did. But she wouldn't let us go. She wanted to check out work. She came to our table then walked off. 10 minutes of my lunch in there. I got fed up. I put it away and walked of. Before I did I looked at her. Some left before some left after. School rang. Some were worse then me." I told them everything.

"Like I said. You naughty rebel." Niall said trying to sound serious.

"Does school know?" Harry asked.

"Yea we complained." I answered. "So I come home and heard she rang. I honestly do not care." I answered truthfully.

We talked for a while and then left. Paparazzi following us along the way.

As we arrived, my dad told me to go to my room. Since he wasn't happy. I said goodbye and went to my room. But me and Ian got sent to one room to reflect our behaviour since he was also in that class.




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