Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


26. Brit Awards 2014

Sharlene's P.O.V

Tonight was the Brit Awards. Me and Samantha are going aswell. Thats why we are in London. The boys had to go and rehearse so me and the girls just sat and talked. We also went shopping.

"I can see that you and Niall are serious." Eleanor said.

"Yea I guess we are." I answered shyly.

"Its not a guess its true because a promise ring is on your finger. He is overprotective AND he shares his food with you." Perrie said.

"I cannot argue with that Samantha spoke.

I laughed.

"So how did you meet the boys anyway?" Sophia asked.

Samantha answered.

"Well the boys were staying at our hotel and well since I am a fan my dad surprised me saying we would be looking after them until they leave. So we hanged out with them and yea it started through there." Samantha answered."

"Yea because the next day Harry took her out for coffee." I said.

"Aawww that's so cute." Perrie spoke.

I saw Samantha blush.

"I actually cannot believe that all the boys are taken." Eleanor spoke.

"Yea. True." Sophia said.

"So Samantha you have a child right? How old? Sorry curious I am." Perrie said. We all laughed.

"Yea a girl. Her name is Darcy Anne Isabella Styles. She is two. Same birthday as her father." She answered.

"He missed her birthdays though because he wasn't there." El said.

"Yea but thats the past. Don't want that to happen.  Even though he wasn't there her first word was 'Daddy'." Sam answered.

"Aww thats so adorable." Perrie said.

"Does she resemble the boys?" Sophia asked.

"She sure does." I answered with me and Sam laughing.

"Zayn well when she sees a mirror she goes along with a brush. Liam well she loves the technologies. Liam makes her watch Toy Story so no wonder its her favourite. Niall well she eats alot. Louis she is a cheeky little girl. Along with that. She sleeps ALOT." Sam said.

"OMG really?" They asked shocked.

"Yup. " I said.

"So if she does any cheeky stuff Louis is to blame." El said which we all laughed to.

Even though us girls haven't hanged out to much, we have so much in common. Plus we get along.

We carried on talking but this time we needed to get ready. So we all changed.


Sharlene's dress.


Eleanor's Dress


Sophia's Dress

My dress

Perrie's dress


Samantha's P.O.V

After complimenting each others outfits, we went to Lou's room since the boys were getting all styled up. I knocked on door and then walked it. At the moment Niall was getting his hair done. We all stood in order with me being last since I was short.

"Wow girls you look amazing." Lou said.

"You sure do. You look wonderful girls."Paul said as he hugged us all.

"Lou when is-" Zayn spoke as he walked in the room but stopped when he saw us.

"Wow guys. Y-you look gorgeous. Perrie you look cute." Zayn said as he approached her.

"GUYS! THE GIRLS ARE HERE!" As soon as Zayn said that they all came running in besided Niall since he was getting his hair done.

They all stopped when they came to our view.

"Wow" Louis said.

"You" Harry said.

"All" Liam said

"Look" Niall said

"Stunning." Zayn said.

Us girls laughed with the boys completing the sentence together. Niall soon joined them. After talking and taking pictures, we all left to go to the cars.

"Babe you look great. Seeing you in dresses is just so shocking."

"Like I said before Harold. Don't get used to it." He laughed and we just made small talk.

---Skip Brit Awards---

The brit awards was the best. I got really worried when Harry didn't turn up because he went to the toilet. Me the girls and Gemma sat on a separate table from the boys but that didn't matter. I was proud. James Corden never failed to make me laugh when he picked on Harry. Hahaha.

It was quite eventful.

"So did you like it?" Harry aked

"No. I didn't like it. I LOVED IT!" I answered back. He just laughed at my excitement.

We were all now on our way back to the hotel in London. Coming back from the after party. Everyone was going to be coming back to the hotel. Perrie had to work so she couldn't. Sophia and El could. So we would leave tomorrow.

Can't wait since they would meet Darcy. I text the boys back at the hotel since they were watching Darcy. She was behaving but was being cheeky.


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