Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


15. Are you?

Harry's P.O.V

Today was Saturday. As I woke up, I had a shower did my usual stuff. Also wearing my black skinny jeans and black shirt.

I thought that I would spend the day with Mase.The real reason why Sam's cousins bought him was because he wanted to see me and I wanted to see him.

As I had finished getting ready, it was 10am. I knocked on the door and a sleepy Mason answer the door.

"Hello mate. Umm come in. Sorry just woke up." He said as he made way for me to come in.

"Hello to you to. I am sorry. Thought you would be awake. I can come back later if you want." I said to him.

"No no its fine. I should be awake by now anyways." He said.

"Oh okay."

"Please take a seat." He said as he gestured to the sofa.

I said thanks and then sat. He sat across.

"So you not with Samantha?" He questioned.

"Actually no. Where are the boys?"

"They had to go out or something." He said not really knowing himself.

"The reason why I am not with my girlfriend is because I want the two of us to get along and hang out. I am also sure that you want that aswell." I said knowing I was right.

"Yea I do actually. I was going to come down but then I thought you would be busy." He said.

"No we are back on tour in April." I said answering his question.

"Oh okay. Well I am going to get ready I won't be long but yea make yourself at home." He said as he left.

"Thanks. Sure." He had left.

10 Minutes later he came back. In normal blue top and pants. Skinny jeans. Converse.

"So since I know you haven't had breakfast lets go Carols."

"Carol's?" He questioned.

"Yea its the Café down the road. Samantha first told me about it when we first went out so I could get to know her. Lets go."

"Now I know why Samantha was smiling soo much during that day. Even if we said something which was not good she didn't care." We both just laughed.

Then made our way to the lift.

"Really!? I am glad to be the cause of that."

"Yea. She is lucky that the lessons we had then were the ones she is good at. If not she'd be in trouble." He spoke as he smiled.

At the front desk were the uncles, we both hello and they did the same but slowly. Looking shocked.Wonder why. It is because me and Mase are hanging out?

As we walked down the path, we just made small talk.

By now we were just entering with the sound of the bell being heard. Carol came and saw us. She then smiled. I haven't been here since ages.

"Harry?" She said as she sounded shocked. "Oh love don't stand there. Give us a hug." She said as she made her way to me. I gave her the hug and she pulled apart.

"What brings you back here? Last time I saw you was after the break up. I use to see you walk about." She said.

"Well yea I missed you so much." I said as I gave her another hug. "Niall gave Sharlene tickets for the concert and Samantha came and that's when we met. Been nearly 2 years. After that I came back and then I saw my daughter Darcy. Im here until tour starts. Which is April. Also we are back together." I answered remembering everything. I had a smile on my face. I could tell.

"Aww its great you're back together. I am glad. And who might this young man be?" She asked as she looked at Mase.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Mason and I am a friend of Samantha. But also Ian, Ian and Yas."

"Aaah okay well lets get your order. Harry you want the usual?"

"Yea please."

"And what about you love?"

"Please could I have tea, but with 2 sugars and a muffin. Thanks"

Welcome. Be right back." She chuckled and left.

We made our way to a booth and sat opposite each other.

"So about the talk about her smiling in school, you love her right?" He said with a small smile.

"A lot. Yes I do with all my heart. I never stopped even when we were not together."

"Neither did she." Mason said as he looked down.

"Pardon? What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"She's going to hate me but I will tell you. As soon as she found out you cheated, she was not herself. Not even one bit. It was like she was invisible. If we asked a question it would either be 'yes, no or I dunno'. We were afraid and scared. As days and week went by, she gave birth and then like her looks had changed. I know she wears a headscarf but when we saw her during P.E, she looked completely different. Her hair was black and she wore red lipstick. She wasn't allowed so one day she had to take it of. When she did, she would walk into class and her lips were still red. The teacher wouldn't believe her so they would send one of us. After wiping it off, it was right but when she walked out it was pure red. Teacher would even go herself! When they witnessed it they were shocked but left it." He took a breath and then our breakfast came. We said our thanks and she left giving us a smile.

"Oh was I the cause of that?" I asked looking at my food.



"Her dying her hair and her lips being red was apparently all natural. She hasn't dyed her hair. Its like that. Well that's what she says. But I believe her. We all do." He spoke as he shrugged.

"To be honest, she has lost A LOT of weight, gone REALLY pale. She looks more prettier." As he said that I gave him a look. He had his hand up as if to surrender. "Don't worry dude. She's yours. She is like a friend/ best friend/ sister to me."

"But she like you in primary?"

"Uhh yea.. she did but for what? Like a month. She is all yours." He said.


After we finished eating, we paid and left to walk around.

Mason's P.O.V

Harry is different. Not what I expected at all. I am glad him and Samantha are together. Darcy can now see her dad more. A proper family.

As we were walking around town, Harry got a text.

Harry's P.O.V

I got a text and saw it was from my love.

S- Heyy babe, where are you? Liam goes you're out. :/


H- Hello my love. I am out yes but with Mase.


I got a text immediately.

S- You are what?!

I laughed at her caringness.

H- Babe its fine. We are getting along so well.

S-Okay fine. Good behaviour from you both!

As I was laughing, Mase asked what was up. I showed him the text and he also started to laugh.

Mason's P.O.V

Harry showed me the text and I couldn't laugh.

"Same old Sammy. A mother she is."

"Yea I can't argue with that." He said as we high fived.

"But you got to love that about her. Without her being like that most times in class, we would be out of control." He said smiling.

"Darcy is lucky."

"She sure is Harry."

"You do know that you can call me Harold or Hazza." I told.

"Yea and you can call me Mase or Dale."

"Ohhh okay. Now it makes sense." He said understanding it.

We made our way back to the hotel and played on the PS3 and other stuff. Fifa 14 was the most common. We had a lot in common. One thing being we were both Manchester United Fans. Sam hated football.

Couple of hours later, the rest of the boys joined us. 3 idiots and the boys. We carried on playing and we ordered. Niall had went out with Sharlene, Louis Niall and Zayn went to see their girlfriends and then went to see the town.

I later received a text.

S- I hope it all went well. Love you. :*

H- It has. Love ya too babe. :* <3

As the hours went by, the three idiots left.

The movie was playing and my eyes were starting to shut. I fell asleep.

Samantha's P.O.V

I was out for the day. Deciding to go back to my hometown and spend it with my friends. As I was making my way to my room, I saw the TV on in the relaxing room. As I peeped in, I saw something which was so funny. One Direction sprawled around the room and Mason also accompanying them. I decided to take a picture to post on twitter.

Boys having a movie night. Wonder how they got into these place. Gob smacked. #Cute.

I tweeted this tagging them all in and placed my phone back. The one thing I found cute was that Mason and Harry were sharing the sofa. Both opposite each other. Louis on the table. God knows how. After all it is Louis. Zayn on the sofa. Liam on the floor. And Niall well lets just say he ate too much! food wrappers were surrounding him.

I wrapped a blanket around them all. Each blanket. I gave two to Mase and Harry.

Before I left, I left a note.

Heyy babe, guys. I can see that you had a lot of fun! Can't believe I missed it. I am glad Harry and Mason got along. Well I hope they did. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

As I arrived, Sharlene was sat on the laptop. Guessing she was doing Uni.

"Heyy. How was your day?"

"It was fine actually. Thanks. Glad I got to spend time with the girls. What about yours?"

"It was great, started doing Uni work then Niall came. He kept disturbing and told me to rest. So I did and we talked and watched TV."

"Sound fun."


I kept her company and then we just sat but then headed to our cousins.

I was always getting calls telling me how Darcy was. She was fine. I had a chance to see her today.

It was amazing.


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