Secrets out?!

It's been nearly two years since darcy was born. A year since harry last saw Samantha. A year since her life turn upside down . will harry find her?.will secrets be reveled.


8. Another chance

Harry's P.O.V

It has nearly been a week since the ceremony. What was uttered from my was all truth. Not even one lie. Today was just any normal day. But the others were in school. It was nearly 4 so they could be here any minute. Right now me and Niall were doing a movie marathon.

Couple of minutes later, I had received  a text. 'Unknown Number'

Wonder who it was

Heyy..xx its me Samantha. I was wondering if you could meet me in my room. I want to talk if that is okay?

I replied back.

Hi yea sure. I would love to. When?

She replied within the minutes

In half hour if that is fine with you.

I replied back by saying sure.

By now I could tell I was smiling

"Heyy Heyy now why is my Harold smiling?" Niall said while teasing me and making his way besides me,

"Uhh nothing really." I said trying to put my phone away. But was to late he had it.

He knew my password. Since I have never changed It. '0109' was the password.


Because it were the dates of mine and Samantha's birthday.

"Aww has Hazza got a date tonight?" Niall spoke.

"Shut up. No I don't she just wants to speak to me."

"Aaah but guess what? You never know. Anything can happen." He said with a wink.

I just laughed. He ended up giving my phone at the end and we carried on watching TV at the end till I had to go.

Samantha's P.O.V

I texted Harry about half hour ago to come here and speak.

I wanted to talk to him about us. Him turning into a vampire could happen at anytime at any place. My parents said yes and gave permission

Minutes later, I heard a knock on the door.I opened the door to reveal Harry who gave a small smile and said hi.

"Hey. Come in."

He entered.

"Do you like need to be anywhere because Sharlene won't be back since she finishes college at 7?"

"No its fine. Niall has gone to hang with your family."

"Oh okaay. That good." After saying that I gave him a smile.

This is what our hotel room looked like. The rooms behind it.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Harry asked as we sat down on the white creamy sofa.

"Us." I said. He looked up straight away.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Harry the thing is I can't do it. I miss you to much. You still know I have feelings for you. And that I love you. Harry I know it is a shocked. You think I stopped loving you right? But I couldn't. Everyday of every single hour of every second hour my mind was on you and just you. Do you fell the same way I do but to me?" I asked with hope and tears in my eyes.

He didn't say anything.

"Samantha. Of course I still feel the same. I still love you. You are my love, my baby, my darling everything I have called you, you are still that. No matter what. And never and I mean NEVER ask if I love you or feel the same way because I do."

By now we were both crying. Not sad but happy tears they were.

After a while, we started laughing. For the past hour we were just staring at each others eyes.

"So what happens now?" I asked him.

He stood up and took a couple steps back.

I gave him a confused look and he just smiled.

Next thing I knew, he was on one knee and he took my hand. Uh-oh what is happening.

"Samantha Stone I have loved you for forever and always. All of those promises I made I would like to promise you them again. So Samantha would you please do the honours of becoming my girlfriend... again?" After he said 'again' we both chuckled.

"Yes Harry Edward Styles I would love to do the honours of becoming your girlfriend... again." We both smiled.

He got up and picked me up and spun me around and then kissed me. Aww how I missed that.

"I missed doing that." He said.

"Me too." He then gave me another kiss.

After putting me down, he got out the promising ring that was also a necklace.

"May I?" He asked unclipping the clip of the necklace.

I smiled and nodded then turned around. I could feel it on my neck. I held the ring by picking it up.

I turned around and gave him a hug.

"I missed you soo much." I said giving him a big hug looking as if I would let go. Neither of us.

"Me to babe." He got out of the hug and continued. "Wait is it okaay if I call you 'babe' now?" He said trying to tease me.

"Shut up. Yes you can. Now you know you shouldn't mess with me if you don't want to see my bad side." I teased back.

We sat back down and talked. You know by catching up. My hand and his hand in the air intertwined and my head resting on his shoulder.

"I like your new look. You look sexy." I laughed but when he said the word 'sexy', he whispered it. This turned me on. He knew that because he laughed.

Whilst we were sill talking, I received a text it was from Sharlene.


Hey I am back from Uni. Just wanted to let you know I am in the lounge.x ;)


Yea ha ha. Be there in ten.x

After ten minutes we left to go to the lounge. Niall was also there. We both meaning me and Harry left with our hands intertwined.

"I see that you guys have gotten back together." Sharlene said as we entered. I gave her a hug and went back toward Harry who placed his hand on my waist.

"Now I can see why you two wanted to talk. I am glad and happy that my little sister is back with my best-friend." Niall spoke. To him I was like a sister he never had. He doesn't have a sister so yea.  He also gave me a hug.

Then I saw the four boys coming forward.






I could feel everyone tense up.

"We want to say congrats but hurt MY sister AGAIN then you will definitely regret it. This time I will not care if she stops me. I- I mean WE will come back for you. Okay?"

I looked at Zac and gave him a glare. He just laughed. I held on stronger to Harry's hand to show him I was here. Him and Harry shook hands. Zac then gave me a quick hug. Let me say it was quite protective.

"Yea I will." Harry spoke

"Dude don't worry. He is just trying to get into your head. But anyway congrats." Jordan said as he did the 'Bro hug'.

"Even though he is joking, he still means it. Congrats mate." Seth said as he hugged him

"Congrats Harry Styles and Samantha Stone." Ian said. We laughed. He hugged me and gave Harry the 'bro hug'.

After talking for a while, we decided to go to sleep, well the young ones did. I had school tomorrow. But before going, me and Harry went to tell my parents and the other adults about us. They were proud and happy for me. Butt told Harry saying if he broke my heart then yea. Something could happen. It was a joke though.

Harry went to his room and I went to mine. I entered and saw Sharlene. We talked and watched a movie. A movie marathon it was.


*Authors Note*

Heyy guys I know this is crap. And that it was a short chapter. Its because I wrote a long one yesterday and couldn't think. Plus alot happened.

Anyways. Read, Cmment, Like, Favourite it.

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